Monday, May 20, 2013

Suspicious Person On Belden, Vice Complaint On 1411's Beat

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 12:09pm. Sorry I'm late. It's a warm day with temps in the lower 80s, and today will be in the lower 80s with sun but also a chance of storms, some that could be severe. I'm monitoring the Zone F area (Sacramento to Rockwell, Wellington to Palmer) today, and then I'll be covering 17 tomorrow for residents North of Belmont. I plan on finishing up my Zone F monitoring this week then starting the Zone A area (Armitage to North Ave., Damen to the Chicago River) as well as the Zone I area (Beat 1733). Lastly, I have a few meetings this week in the community I need to attend. First, I have the Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting this evening at 7pm over at St. Hyacinth's (I'll have my microphone record while I'm gone), then I have the CAPS Beat meeting for Beat 2525 tomorrow at 6:30pm over at Mozart Park, and then on Wednesday is my CAPS Beat meeting, for Beat 2523, which begins at 6:30 at St. Joesph's on Belmont. Well, with all of that said, here's crime for today.

4:19pm - Suspicious person. 28XX W Belden. Male Black in red clothing was sitting on the neighbor's porch, refusing to move.

5:13pm - Vice complaint. On 1411's Beat.

6:56pm - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great night, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Can't we just offer one way Greyhound bus tickets to anywhere they want to our homeless? They are a constant problem now that it's warm. I'm tired of seeing them in my neighborhood.

Lester Gillis said...

If they're illegals, how about just sending them back to Poland or whatever country they're from.