Monday, May 13, 2013

Outdoor Roll Call @ North Ave./Spaulding

Good morning, everyone, it's 11am. Sorry I'm late, everyone. Anyway, it's a sunny morning with temps around 50, and today will remain that way with temps in the upper 50s. I'm monitoring 14 today, all day, and will be covering 25 tomorrow. It feels good to be off from school :). I'm enjoying my break. Here's crime for today.

11:06am - Beat 1410 is holding an outdoor roll call at North and Spaulding. All available units are advised to come over. Beat cars 1422 and 1434 are going so far.

11:58am - A slow down is being given at 3551 W Armitage for something. I didn't hear a job come through for there, though.

12:51pm - Municipal ordinance violation. Palmer Square. Male seen walking through the Square walking a dog that's off its leash.

1:14pm - Hold-up alarm. 27XX W North Ave. At the Family Dollar. This particular Family Dollar is on the north side of the street, so that's why I wrote it down, but I'm not sure of the exact address. I do know it's right off Fairfield on North Ave.

1:15pm - Beat 1406Adam is giving a total disregard on the 1:14pm job. It was accidental.

1:50pm - Some call in the area. It was on the north end.

2:19pm - Some call at the Stove school, 3444 W. Wabansia, about a parent walking off from the school east on Wabansia towards Kimball. I think it might've been a battery or assault.

2:28pm - Disturbance. 35XX W McLean. Homeless man sleeping on the porch of the building.

2:37pm - Theft. 25XX N Kedzie. AT&T employee just stole some money out of the office.

2:44pm - Beat car 1412 is saying that the 2:37pm offender is possibly near the MegaMall at Sacramento and Milwaukee Ave. He's going to check it out now.

2:47pm - Beat 1462David has the AT&T guy stopped on the far north end of the MegaMall.

2:56pm - Beat car 1421 has a traffic stop at 29XX W Wabansia.

2:58pm - Check the well being. 35XX W Dickens. Male White with a blue jersey that has the number 45 on it is walking towards St. Louis with blood on his face.

3:12pm - Suspicious vehicle. 28XX N Drake. Burgundy Ford Escape with three young males in it has been circling the block for sometime now.

3:14pm - Beat car 1411 has an on-view fight at Altgeld and Central Park. They're okay.

3:20pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 2236 N Rockwell. At the Goethe school, in the main office. 12 year old student high risk is off the meds.

3:25pm - 1411 is pulling an RD number for a "0460" from their on-view. It happened on 24XX N Ridgeway. It's HW272570 with the event number of 09662.

3:27pm - Burglar alarm. 21XX W Lyndale.

3:39pm - 1) Sex offense. 3016 W Armitage. 2) Battery. Elston and Homer.

3:48pm - Theft. 2339 N California. At the post office (dispatch said Clemente High School, but read this address out and we all Clemente is not near our coverage area.) Cook County Dispatch is saying that there's an officer on scene with a female who says her purse was stolen five minutes ago from there.

4:13pm - Person w/ a gun. North and Kedzie. Male Hispanic in a green Toyota with a partial plate of G46 just flashed a gun. Headed north on Kedzie towards Wabansia.

4:22pm - Disturbance. Elston and Fullerton. Two males begging in the street, blocking traffic.

4:44pm - Beat car 1423 has a stop on the Bloomingdale Trail at milwaukee leavitt. Event number is 12249.

4:55pm - Battery in progress. 27XX N Kimball. Two nephews are fighting.

4:58pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 23XX W Cortland. 64 year old resident insists on smoking in his room, won't head outside to do so.

5:04pm - Burglar alarm. 20XX N Albany.

5:06pm - Beat car 1412 has a traffic stop at Diversey/Milwaukee Ave./Kimball.

5:10pm - Parker. 2800 block of N Richmond. Cars without stickers on the block.

5:19pm - Child left alone. Diversey/Milwaukee Ave./Kimball. Male Hispanic toddler, aged 2, with a brown jacket was left alone on a CTA bus headed south on Kimball from Diversey/Milwaukee Ave.

5:21pm - Multiple calls on this "child left alone" deal on the bus. Somehow, the initial call-taker wrote it down as a child abduction. The mother just realized she left her kid on the bus.

5:22pm - Still getting calls on this incident with the toddler.

5:23pm - Sounds like the child might be reunited with mom now. Someone got off the bus with the toddler and took him to mom.

5:24pm - Beat car 1412 is on scene of the call with the toddler and doesn't see any CTA buses over there.

5:26pm - Gang disturbance. Richmond and Fletcher. Few calls on this. They're on the corner, shouting at passing cars, throwing up gang signs, etc.

5:27pm - 911 just received a call that the mother has been reunited with her child. 1412 once again doesn't see anything, so it's a 19P.

5:28pm - Suspicious person. 17XX N Humboldt. Caller saw three to four male Blacks climbing onto the rooftop by their balcony. There's 10 other males in front riding around on bikes.

5:29pm - Disturbance. 19XX N Mozart. Three males drinking in front.

5:31pm - Narcotics. 34XX W Belmont. Someone's smoking weed in the building and the smell is bothering the other residents.

5:34pm - 1411 is giving a slow down on the 5:26pm job. They've got about seven people stopped.

5:36pm - Battery in progress. 2901 W Armitage. Shoplifter is fighting with the employees.

5:39pm - A slow down is being given on the 5:36pm job per Beat 1420.

5:41pm - 1411 is running several names from the 5:26pm job.

5:48pm - Suspicious person. Belmont and Kimball. At the Aldi. Male walking around the parking lot, looking into the parked cars. 

5:51pm - The toddler incident is officially a 19P. 1412 talked to the mother and some other people, and everyone's okay. The child is safe and back with mom. Thank God for that.

5:52pm - Suspicious vehicle. 28XX N Elston. Car with a plate of R692378 has been in front running for two hours and no one's came back to the car.

5:58pm - Criminal damage in progress. 23XX N Kimball. Three males tagging the building.

6:19pm - Battery. Western and Armitage. Woman was attacked and is bleeding in the face, running towards the Blue Line.

6:24pm - Gang disturbance. 17XX N Kimball.

6:29pm - Gang disturbance. 31XX N Francisco. Six people gangbanging in the alley.

6:30pm - Battery. North and Western. Homeless female hit her mother and brother.

6:40pm - They're still calling on the 6:29pm job.

6:43pm - Suspicious person. 1900 block of N Wolcott. Two males, one Hispanic with a yellow jacket and a light green baseball cap, are walking down the block, going door-to-door and writing things down.

6:55pm - Suspicious person. 21XX N Sawyer. Ten male Blacks and Hispanics trying to get into a backyard. The tallest guy, who's also the oldest out of the group, keeps reaching into his pockets as if he has something. All of them fled west on Dickens towards Spaulding.

7:03pm - Vicious animal. 22XX N Campbell. Green and white pit bull is running around without a leash.

7:10pm - Beat car 1413 has a handwaver at Spaulding and Milwaukee regarding some OA's gangbanging in the area, near Unity Park.

7:19pm - Suspicious person. 17XX N Hermitage. Walking southbound towards Wabansia is a male Black in his early 20s with a clipboard who's asking for money.

7:32pm - Beat car 1412 is doing an "L" check at the Belmont Blue Line station.

8:02pm - Beat car 1422 is getting two things on the Beat.

8:15pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. Armitage and Damen. Man sitting at the bus stop is acting crazy.

8:28pm - Vice complaint. 35XX W Palmer.

8:34pm to 8:36pm - Monitoring these calls now (1:00am, 12/28/14).

8:38pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

8:52pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

9:02pm - Some call at 2645 N Kedzie.

9:50pm - 1) Vice complaint. 2845 W Barry. At the Uno Fuentes school. 2) Car alarm. 30XX W George.

10:39pm - Gang disturbance. 16XX N Mozart. Several males in front engaged in gang activity.

11:26pm - Some call on Shakespeare. I believe it was a "battery in progress" with a group of people fighting.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone, and I'll be back in the morning!

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Julie Ramone said...

I see "lights" near Parker and Kostner (lights =police presence)(Kelvyn park) noticed them about an hour ago do u know hats going on over there?