Saturday, June 16, 2012

Station Officer Pulls RD Number For Accident

Good morning, everyone, it's 4pm. It's a hot late spring afternoon with temps in the 90s. It's partly cloudy, and actually, some storms are forecasted for later. This afternoon, I'm monitoring 14, mainly because of the Puerto Rican Festival and related events. The festivities started on Thursday, but I didn't monitor on Thursday and I was monitoring 25 yesterday, so my attention will be on 14 today. Due to the many problems there were last year, I'm listening again in case something happens. Just for today, my coverage boundaries of 14 will be expanded just a bit. I will be monitoring all the way to Division today, west of Western Ave., to include all of Beat 1422 as well as Beat 1423. I don't usually cover that area, since it's outside of my traditional boundaries, but I'm making an exception for today. I'll also be covering the 13th District, Beats 1311 and 1312 to be exact, but that coverage will be provided on my other blog. So with that, here's crime in 14 and coverage of the Puerto Rican Fest and related events.

4:05pm - Beat 1402 is pulling an RD number for a "99Boy" (traffic accident) from 2627 N Elston. It's HV337931 with the event number of 13594.

4:07pm - 1) Gang disturbance. 30XX W Lyndale. Several in front gangbanging. 2) Disturbance. 2451 N Milwaukee Ave. Female customer refuses to pay for the food they bought at the restaurant.

4:15pm - Disturbance. 1960 N Western. Males in front loitering and harassing customers.

4:17pm - Alarm. 18XX N Leavitt.

4:24pm - EMS run. 20XX N Kimball.

4:27pm - Disturbance. 1700 N Albany. Group causing a problem, with the barricades over there.

4:28pm - Beat 1300 is saying that traffic on Division can be opened between Western and California, and traffic on California can be opened from North to Augusta. Traffic west of California on Division must remain closed, though.

4:31pm - Beat car 1422 has a traffic stop at North and St. Louis.

4:32pm - Traffic accident. Western and Logan Blvd. Couple of calls on it. Multiple injures, two or three cars involved. Sounds bad.

4:38pm - Beat 1495 is saying that they need an immediate reload from the Western/Logan accident. These cars are blocking the intersection.

4:39pm - Reckless driver. 1700 N Whipple. Green Buick with a plate of 424N202 is speeding 45 mph through the area, it nearly hit several kids in the street.

4:41pm - An RD number is being pulled from the Western/Logan accident. It's HV337983 with the event number of 14125.

4:49pm - The reloads from the Western/Logan accident can be disregarded. The cars managed to pull off to the side.

4:50pm - 1) Battery in progress. LeMoyne and Talman. Two males fighting. 2) Disturbance w/ a mental. 16XX N Troy. Male in the alley blocking the caller's garage, caller thinks he's a mental or is on drugs.

4:54pm - Beat 1410 has a handwaver at 2834 W. Fullerton, who's saying that there's a Main Water break occurring at this location. 1410 needs the Water Department to come out.

4:58pm - Parker. On 1494's PDT.

5:00pm - Gang disturbance. Albany and Belden. 15 of them out there, causing problems.

5:01pm - Assault in progress. North and California. Male with a white cap is punching at people at the bus stop. On-viewed by a TMA.

5:06pm - 1) Check the well being. 1620 N Damen. Elderly woman in the street. I think she's the same one they called a couple of times about on Wednesday in that area. 2) Disturbance. Leavitt and Dickens. Male Hispanic with a shaved head is trying to open up the hydrant. He lives on the 2100 block of W Dickens. 3) 1300 would like to thank all the units that helped during the parade and what not on Division. He advises Dispatch that a lot of citizens are complaining of people hanging out car windows and not having seatbelts on.

5:07pm - Beat car 1414 is coding out the 5pm job for now, but advises that there's an open hydrant nearby at Albany and Medill, so that area's going to be a problem this afternoon and evening.

5:08pm - Beat 8120 needs a car with a car-opening device at the Humboldt Park Fieldhouse, 1440 on Humboldt.

5:15pm - Commercial alarm. 2800 W Armitage. At the National City bank.

5:16pm - Beat 41Nora30Adam has a street stop at North and Talman. Running a name.

5:17pm - 41N30A's name is coming back clear and vaild so far. Also, Beat car 1432 is advising that there's an open hydrant at Leavitt/Dickens.

5:22pm - 41N30A now has a street stop at Washtenaw and North Ave.

5:26pm - All kinds of stuff is occurring on the 1600 block of N. Sawyer, per a 911 caller. There's illegal parked cars, people littering and people walking up and down the street smoking marijuana.

5:27pm - Beat 1420 has a traffic stop at North and Kedzie, in the BP gas station. Beat 1400X-Ray is heading to help.

5:28pm - A slow down is being given at North/Kedzie. 1420's fine.

5:29pm - Reckless driver. Central Park and Fullerton. Cars and motorcycles speeding.

5:30pm - 1420 is clearing her traffic stop. 1400X is also clear.

5:32pm - 1400X now has a traffic stop at North/Kedzie.

5:33pm - 41N30A has another traffic stop, now at 2821 W North Ave. Also, 1422 is getting a couple of open hydrant calls on the Beat.

5:34pm - Multiple calls of "Shots Fired" coming in. Here's what I got. Most of the calls are coming in at Washtenaw and Crystal, and there's a couple of calls coming in on the 2600 and 2700 blocks of W Crystal. Also one call over at 27XX W Evergreen. Beat cars 1421 and 1423 are heading over.

5:36pm - 1421 is a block away from the calls and is saying she hasn't heard any shots yet.

5:37pm - Ok, there ARE shots fired. Oh lord. 1421 has a large group at Washtenaw/Crystal, more cars needed. There's a group running towards Division on Washtenaw. Also, there's a call of a "Person Shot" at the intersection.

5:38pm - There's a man shot. At 2657 on Crystal. Officers are on scene.

5:40pm - Off-duty P.O. is calling in "Shots Fired" over there. He says they're shooting out of the white building on the SE corner of Washtenaw/Crystal, which is 2657. Also, a Citywide unit is saying that one of the males involved had on a green t-shirt and red shorts.

5:41pm - An officer is saying that the victim is a gang member, a Milwaukee King to be exact.

5:43pm - Shooting is gang-related for sure. Go figure.

5:45pm - 1) Parkers in 14 on 1494's PDT. 2) 1400X, and some other officers, are going into 2657 to look for a gun. He wants Beat 1460 to send over some Gang units. 1460 will.

5:47pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 1646 N Kimball. Former tenant of the vacant building is trying to tear the wood off of the building so he can get in.

5:52pm - An RD number for the shooting has been pulled. It's HV338081 with the event number of 15338.

5:54pm - Ambulance 44 is taking the victim to St. Mary's. 1423 is ordering up the ET from the location.

5:55pm - 1400X wants 1442 and 1452 to start writing tickets on California for any and all vehicles parked in the tow zones. Also, he wants 1441 to stay on Division to help traffic keep going.

6:02pm - Disturbance. 28XX W Diversey. Male has been loitering there for five hours, possibly high.

6:04pm - Assault in progress. Barry and Kimball. Known male named Carlos, 5'4, glasses and jeans is chasing the caller south towards Allen on Kimball.

6:05pm - EMS run. Francisco and Logan Blvd. Male down in front of the church, under a tree.

6:07pm - Beat 1405 has an on-view accident at Belmont and Kimball.

6:16pm - 1) EMS run. 2901 W North Ave. 2) EMS run. 34XX W McLean. 3) Loud music disturbance. 18XX N California. 4) Narcotics. 14XX N Maplewood. Eight males in front smoking marijuana.

6:29pm - Some call given out in 14.

6:31pm - Battery in progress. 16XX N Sawyer. 20 people fighting in front.

6:33pm - Beat 1400 is closing down Division from Kedzie to California.

6:36pm - Dispatch wants to know if 1400's closing of Division is a scheduled one or was a last-minute decision, and he wants to know if Division will be closed to only vehicular traffic, or pedestrians, or both.

6:37pm - 1400X is saying that any street closures that occur are until further notice.

6:43pm - 1) Municipal ordinance violation. Oakley and Lyndale. People drinking in the park. 2) Beat 6751Adam has a guy running from them at 12XX N Maplewood. Running east into the alley. Male Hispanic, 5'8 or 5'9, bald head, white t-shirt, blue jean shorts is running and is holding his side.

6:46pm - They have 6751A's guy in custody in the alley. Everything's ok. A disregard's being given. But they're also looking for a large black van with orange stripes that fled south towards Division on Maplewood. Possibly has a partial plate of N17.

6:50pm - 1) Gang disturbance. 1700 N Albany. 15 of them blocking off the street. 2) Theft. North and Fairfield. In front of the Cermak Produce.

6:53pm - The 6:43/6:46pm van is in the alley at 27XX W. Thomas, over in 13.

6:58pm - Beat car 1412 is on a traffic stop at 30XX N Gresham and is running a plate.

7:00pm - Gang disturbance. North and Fairfield. 20 gang members walking west towards Humboldt Park on North Ave.

7:04pm - Battery in progress/Shots Fired. Washtenaw and LeMoyne. Group of 10 people were fighting and then some gunshots were heard. Seconds later, 1400X is giving a disregard. They're over there and nothing's going on.

7:06pm - Beat 1410 is telling all the early cars that they have to have their lunches in and done by 21:00 hours (9pm).

7:11pm - Per 1400, southbound traffic on California is to be shut off at Armitage.

7:15pm - 1400X is taking one in from Hirsch and Washtenaw. Charge is unknown.

7:16pm - Gang disturbance. 2300 N Albany. They're representing out there again.

7:17pm - Per 1400, only CTA buses will be allowed down California from Armitage.

7:18pm - Beat 1400Adam wants to know why there's so many cars headed north on California from the park area.

7:24pm - 1) EMS run. 23XX W Medill. Male down in the bank parking lot. 2) Information for the CPD. Campbell and McLean. The people at the Congress restaurant may be involved in a shooting in the area last night, they carried two black bags into the restaurant, and one might have a gun in it. The manager named Javier might be involved too.

7:25pm - 1) Disturbance. Fullerton and St. Louis. Group of teens running around the parking lot with paintball guns. 2) For the units on the Zone: missing from the Fest is a 16 year old male Black named Darius Kenny, 5'3 to 5'8, slim build, short hair, blue shirt that says "chicks love muscles", brown khaki shorts and blue sandals.

7:36pm - 1) Disturbance. 17XX N Albany. Group loitering and being loud, refusing to leave. 2) Parker. 1900 block of N Humboldt. Permits.

7:42pm - An officer is saying that the fire hydrant at 2300 N Albany is still open.

7:46pm - Disturbance. 13XX N Campbell. Kids throwing a ball, caller thinks it's going to hit a car or someone walking down the street, and would like for them to stop.

7:47pm - Parker. On 1411's Beat.

7:48pm - 1) Gang disturbance. 33XX W Potomac. Three male Blacks, Traveling Vice Lord members, are flashing gang signs. 2) Vice complaint. 32XX W Evergreen. People drinking in front.

7:57pm - Gang disturbance. Western and Armitage. Eight of them holding up Puerto Rican flags, throwing up gang signs and throwing bottles.

7:58pm - Gang disturbance. 27XX N Artesian. Group of them loitering in front.

8:17pm - Person w/ a gun. Wabansia and Talman. Male Hispanic in all red is flashing a gun.

8:21pm - A 14th District is dispersing five from 1700 N Albany for gang loitering.

8:25pm - A slow down is being given at the 8:17pm job, per Beat 1969.

8:26pm - 1) Narcotics. 16XX N Kimball. Male smoking drugs in the alley. 2) Gang disturbance. Kimball and Fullerton. 3) Disturbance. Palmer and Western. Group of males going in and out of traffic, waving flags. 4) Disturbance. Mozart and North Ave. Ten to 12 male teens loitering on the corner. 5) Loud music disturbance. 18XX N California.

8:42pm - Beat 9211 is reporting that there's about to be a large street fight at North and Troy. Couple of units being requested to head over.

8:43pm - 9211 is giving a slow down at North Ave./Troy. Crowd's dispersing.

8:53pm - Person down. 2926 W Fullerton.

8:56pm - Battery in progress. Sawyer and Wabansia. 50 males fighting in the street. Multiple calls coming in.

8:57pm - Battery in progress. 16XX N Sawyer. More than 20 guys fighting.

8:58pm - A disregard is being given at the 8:56/8:57pm jobs. Crowd's dispersing.

9:09pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and California.

9:10pm - Traffic accident. Homan and Division.

9:13pm - Person w/ a gun. 1905 N California. Multiple calls coming in. First two calls say people were causing a ruckus out in front, then the third one says there's a fight, and the fourth said someone had a gun.

9:14pm - The street lights in the 1800 and 1900 blocks of N California are out.

9:15pm - Robbery. Fullerton and Sacramento. Four male Black teens are robbing someone in the doorway of the Citgo station.

9:16pm - 1) Slow downs are being given at the 9:13pm and 9:15pm jobs. 2) Battery in progress. St. Louis and Fullerton. Group of people beating one near the motorcycle club.

9:22pm - Suspicious vehicle. Campbell and Milwaukee. Several cars with people in them are parked near this location. Caller's concerned due to the amount of shootings that have happened in this area.

9:24pm - Suspicious vehicle. 33XX W Potomac. Lincoln Navigatior is blocking traffic.

9:25pm - 1400X is reporting that units are calling for help at North and Kimball. Need some more units to go. But then seconds later, another unit is saying that they called for a slow down over there.

9:26pm - Shots Fired. Spaulding and Fullerton. Two heard.

9:27pm - 1400X is saying that Spaulding/Fullerton is fireworks, coded 19P.

9:29pm - Narcotics. Armitage and Wilmot. Selling.

9:46pm - Burglar alarm. 2945 N Sawyer. At the Avondale school.

9:49pm - Backlog in 14 is being taken out at 21:49 hours.

9:50pm - Disturbance. 27XX W Evergreen. Large group of teens drinking in front.

9:55pm - Disturbance. Milwaukee/Kimball/Diversey. Aggressive panhandler.

10:05pm - Loud music disturbance. 2400 block of N Francisco. Loud party.

10:09pm - 1413 has a street stop at Armitage and Whipple.

10:10pm - Suspicious object. 30XX N Sawyer. A bag was left on the side of the building.

10:21pm - Person w/ a gun. 16XX N Maplewood. Group of gangbangers just walked up into a party, lifted up their shirts and displayed guns. One has on a blue shirt.

10:22pm - 1) Person w/ a gun. 1600 block of N Maplewood. Male Hispanic, short hair and blue nikey tanktop just lifted up his shirt and displayed a gun. He's across the street from Maplewood Park. 2) Person w/ a gun. Spaulding and North Ave. Male Hispanic, brown hat, blue jersey and white t-shirt has a gun in his waistband. Last seen headed towards Wabansia in the alley between Spaulding and Sawyer. Also came over as a narcotics call and a gang disturbance.

10:23pm - Person w/ a gun. Armitage and Western. Male Hispanic with a blue/white cap is on the corner with a gun.

10:24pm - They're calling back on the 9:55pm job. He's yelling at the cars now and throwng cans on the ground on the SW corner.

10:25pm - Just a heads up, guys, but there was just a PR Fest-related shooting over on the 2700 block of W Thomas in 13. This is about two blocks south of where the earlier shooting occurred. Not really in the coverage area, but FYI. Also, 41N30A is on the 1600 block of Maplewood, and he doesn't see anything going on over there.

10:26pm - 41N30A is coding out Maplewood, but Dispatch is advising 1434 to stay over there a little long, as she's still getting calls of a gang disturbance over there. 41N30A did say that there was a house party over there.

10:27pm - 1) Commercial alarm. 1651 N Elston. General motion. 2) Gang disturbance. Cortland and California. Large group flashing gang signs.

10:28pm - 1) We're getting reports of a battery in progress at Cortland/California. They're all fighting over there now. 2) While a slow down is being given at the Armitage/Western call per 1432, Dispatch is saying that they're still getting multiple calls of a gang disturbance over there. 3) Commercial alarm. 3021 N Elston.

10:29pm - 1) Disturbance. 30XX N Gresham. 2) Loud music disturbance. 21XX N Sawyer. Loud party. 3) Loud music disturbance. 35XX W Palmer. Loud party.

10:32pm - 1) 25th District units are being advised that 14 is starting to sweep Humboldt Park, so the crowds will be starting to head west into 25. 2) Battery in progress. Washtenaw and LeMoyne. People fighting.

10:34pm - Dispatch is still getting calls at Cortland/California, and now at Cortland and Mozart, for a gang fight in the street.

10:35pm - Traffic accident. St. Louis and North Ave. One car's undrivable, the other party didn't have insurance. Call is an hour old.

10:36pm - 1) Gang disturbance. 16XX N Washtenaw. They're smoking weed and drinking. 2) Traffic accident. Cortland and Humboldt. Property damage only, hit-and-run.

10:38pm - Getting a report of a very, very large gang brawl occurring at Sawyer and North Ave. They're reporting 300 of them fighting.

10:40pm - 1422 just got flagged down at LeMoyne and Homan for an auto accident.

10:43pm - Gang disturbance. California and North Ave. Group throwing bottles and throwing up gang signs.

10:44pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2033 N Milwaukee. A cream-colored car keeps driving around the area.

10:46pm - 1) Reckless driver. Fullerton and Milwaukee. White Dodge Crystler van and a maroon Pathfinder. One of the cars has a plate of L7562215. They're speeding. 2) Gang disturbance. 3125 W Fullerton. They're looking into cars and threatening people. 3) Disturbance. 17XX N Spaulding. 4) Parker. 35XX W Pierce.

10:55pm - 1400 is advising that the gangbangers at Armitage/Western are STILL congregating, now by the hot dog stand. That corner needs to be cleared ASAP. Also, 1400X is saying that the gangbangers on the 1600 block of Sawyer need to be cleared out. They're harassing the "legit" citizens who live on the block.

10:56pm - 1) Beat car 1431Robert has a battery victim at Homan and Evergreen. 2) There's a call coming in on the 1600 block of Sawyer for the punks harassing a landlord over there.

11:01pm - 1431R's victim is refusing medical attention or reports.

11:02pm - Gang disturbance/assault in progress. Evergreen and Homan. Group throwing up gang signs, blocking traffic, throwing stuff at cars, waving flags.

11:03pm - Gang disturbance. 27XX W Evergreen. 15 males in front, flashing gang signs.

11:05pm - Beat 6758Eddie is saying that the group at Evergreen/Homan is dispersing now. They're pretty peaceful.

11:07pm - 1400X is saying that the 1600 block of N Sawyer is cleared out now.

11:09pm - The saturation teams on North from Central Park to Western are released per 1460. He thanks them for a wonderful job tonight.

11:10pm - 1) Commercial alarm. 13XX N Campbell. 2) Disturbance. 24XX N St. Louis. People in the alley are being too loud.

11:11pm - Battery in progress. 2000 N Western. Multiple gangbangers fighting. Oh, lord ... that corner's gonna be a problem all night, I can see.

11:12pm - 1460 is saying that the 16th, 17th, 19th and 20th District teams are also released, as well as Central Gun Team.

11:13pm - Humboldt Park Command Post wants to know if there's a unit assigned to secure the post. A supervisor is saying that 1495R is assigned to do it.

11:14pm - Beat 1405 is reporting that all of the gangbangers from Armitage/Western have finally left the area. It's a 5Frank. Also, 1480 is opening up all traffic on Division, and is releasing his team, the 1481 team.

11:21pm - Beat car 1412R wants the event number for their earlier job at 3021 N Elston. It's 20167. And they just coded jobs out on Gresham, Sawyer and Palmer.

11:23pm - Gang disturbance. 1960 N Western. Group near the bank bothering customers.

11:29pm - Check the well being. Kedzie and Fullerton. Male standing in the middle of the street, wearing no shirt. He was nearly hit by a car.

11:35pm - Battery in progress. Belmont and California. Five males fighting with bottles.

11:42pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. 20XX N Whipple. 2) Disturbance. 30XX W Fullerton. Group of males hanging out on the porch, causing a problem.

11:50pm - 1) Disturbance. 3508 W Fullerton. People drinking and blocking the enterance in front. 2) Disturbance. 3240 W North Ave. People in a white van in front are drinking.

11:53pm - Traffic accidnt. Western and North Ave. CTA bus #1549 was hit, standing southbound.

11:57pm - The hydrant over at 2300 N Albany is STILL open. Per 1414R. Wow. It's flooding the street now.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog... you have me on my toes. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The 5:37 call sounds crazy. Thats the P.R Parade. Nothing new, people been getting shot, stabbed, poked with corn sticks etc for years now over there. I wonder if it will make the news being that Obama's in town. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Puerto Ricans are just ghetto savages of a different color.