Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dispatch Understands Scratchy Officer On Radio

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3pm. It's a nice afternoon with sunshine and temps in the 70s. Today, I attended my mandatory graduation rehearsal, and it wasn't the best, but it was only a preview, so we'll see. I can't wait tomorrow to just grab that diploma from my principal and cross that stage. Yes, I'm still on blog vacation, and I'm not listening to the scanner. Instead, all scanner activity you see on this post is coming from Wandering Wind, a loyal reader in the neighborhood. Many, many thanks for him listening to the radio and getting the activity. Here's crime for today.

3:09PM - 2523 really scratchy, can't tell what he wanted but the dispatcher seemed to understand him. 

3:27PM - Open key on the zone, dispatch trying to get units to watch their keys.

3:28PM - 2525 going to Monticello and Belmont for a gang dispersal

3:31PM - 2523 Assigned to a battery report on an address on N. Central Ave. 

3:40PM - Citywide call - Fullerton and Laramie: 5 people got out of a gold Chevy Malibu and they have guns. Subjects went into the dollar store. CPD is already there, and they quickly get 5 on the hood. Slowdown issued. 3:42PM Caller says they saw a gun, CPD has no call back number.  

FYI - 015 just had a bona-fide DOA. This is a 52 year-old who had a heart condition. Notifications being made, Removal will be performed.

3:48PM - 2512 down on a station assignment, no address for this assignment yet.

3:50PM - Ten minutes have passed and still no further word about the 3:40PM job, and no disposition code given. 

3:51PM - 6757E runs a plate of N909217. No record on file. 

3:53PM - 2515 Gives a disposition of a 5P and now heading to a wake on Busse Hwy. Not sure which job he was referring to. 

3:56PM - 6757E runs a plate of A430183. Plate comes back expired.

3:58PM - 2531 gets a theft call. Address given too fast to get it down. This has to do with someone stealing food at a residence.  

4:00PM - 2515 is at an accident scene on Pulaski, calling for a tow.  

4:01PM - 025 called to Courtland and Springfield, more broken windows. 

4:03PM - Dispatch says they're stacking jobs. 

4:05PM - 6757E clears from an unknown scene. 

4:05PM - 2530 wants 2434 to report their outside number and if their camera is working. Dispatch says 2534 is in the station on reports. 

4:06PM - Wellington and Pulaski may possibly have an accident. A unit is enroute to check it out. 

4:13PM - No word yet about Wellington and Pulaski. 

4:20PM - The zone is completely quiet on the 025 side. 015 is just a little bit busier than 025. 

4:23PM - 2535 says they "have the car" but asks dispatch to make a call back to see if the people want to meet with them. 2530 going to a car recovery done by 014, looks like this car might have been stolen again. The address was given too fast to keep up. 

4:25PM - 2514 wants dispatch to call a hospital social worker, no clue what this is about since the zone has been quiet on 025's side of the boundary. I'm guessing most messages are being sent via PDT terminal. 

4:27PM - Dispatch says the social worker's line was answered by voicemail. 2514 didn't sound too happy about it. My guess here is that 2514 might have had a psych case and they need the social worker for their paperwork. 

4:30PM - 2522 gets a call about a battery in progress. Address given too fast to copy. 2511 going to a disturbance on 65XX Fullerton, male offender bothering customers. 

2510 30XX N. Lockwood is the address for the stolen car from earlier. The car was indeed recovered by 014 earlier on but has been stolen again. this is a black Ford Explorer withe the plates "Handley7" or similar spelling. 

4:36PM - 2566Charlie gives a 5B for the battery in progress involving the gang battery in progress. 

May have had some missed calls due to leaving the keyboard.  

4:53PM - 2512 has a TVB (Traffic Bond Violator), going in to 025 to process. 

4:57PM - 2523 assigned a hold - up alarm on xx40 W. Armitage. 

5:00PM - 2523 gives a disregard, false alarm. 

5:00PM - Switching to Zone 3 to cover Zone 3, the 014th district now. 

5:02PM - 1422 person with a gun, North and California. 2 Black males driving in a Gold Park Avenue with a "For Sale" sign, westbound from the location. The subjects are said to be waving a gun at people. One subject has dreadlocks and another has some sort of hat on.

5:05PM - A male was beat severely by a man with a cane on Oakley Ave. The offender is a male in his 40s with black shirt, tan pants. Victim is bleeding severely and CFD has an ambulance enroute. 

5:10PM - 1414 Assigned to a Battery report at a nail salon on North Ave. The owners say their tenants refuse to move, and that they want a police report right away, the offender is still on-scene. This is 1421's beat but 21 is tied up. 

Around 5:23PM, a unit on Zone 3 reported a bonafide DOA. Couldn't catch the address. This is a black male, elderly, in his 70s. Unit says they are not sure if this is a natural or what. Notifications are being made, removal will be requested. Not sure if this is 013 or 014. Also, remember that those of you living in 025 will be living in 013 when CPD continues their district changes in the fall.
5:25PM - 1423 Assigned to14xx N. Campbell - CFD wants police to ride with them on a psych transport. This is a patient who has been off their meds. 

5:27PM - 1494 going to Milwaukee and Concord Place for a traffic crash

5:31PM - Just missed a call or two due to a temporary distraction, but a unit was just given an RD and Event# for something. 

5:33PM - 1402 (Desk) just called and wants 1412 to call the desk.

5:40PM - 1414 just given RD#HV-323286. This is probably from the nail salon job. 

5:44PM - For those who want to know and who may have been following this case: word was just received from CBS News that Marci Webber, 45, of Bloomingdale, Illinois was just found not guilty by reason of insanity on 1 count of murdering her daughter, Magdalene -- called “Maggie”. This IS a conviction status, not a regular not guilty finding. Under Illinois law, this woman will likely have to register on the Illinois Violent Offender Against Youth Registry. 

5:45PM - 1423 on a Narcotics mission 

5:48PM - 1422 sent on a gang disturbance at Campbell and Lemoyne. There may be a gun on the floor of a green four door Toyota in this incident. Another unit just waved 22 off since they are closer than 22 is. Also, 1422 sent on 1414's person wanted at 31XX W. North HV-323286. This is from that earlier nail salon job where the husband of a tenant allegedly beat up the husband of the landlady. Suspiciously, no one was transported to a hospital and no E.T. requested for photos on this incident, so it could be that this is an old incident or the incident may have never happened and the property owners are just trying to get rid of the tenants. 

5:56PM - The 013th and 014th districts are heroes once again for rapidly responding to a lost elderly woman walking westbound on Division. Their reports state that this woman is well known for wandering and getting lost. The responding officer had the common sense and sensitivity to call for a regular car instead of using his own cage car to transport her, because he wanted her to be transported home with dignity. The woman refused a squad car ride, and wanted to be followed home instead. CPD said they were willing to follow her wishes. The woman changed her mind at 6:01PM and agreed to be transported by a female officer. Good job to all of you! Someone really should call IPRA to ask for a commendation for these officers, I{RA DOES take compliments, reports for bravery, and actions of valor!

6:02PM - 1422 says the complaintaint and the alleged offender have decided to work things out between each other at the nail salon. A happy ending!  

6:03PM - Fullerton and Damen, East on Fullerton - reckless driver

6:04PM - 1442 on the way to pick up an offender from an unknown location, but he DID ask if the offender is shackled. Maybe a hospital case? 

6:06PM - 1424 cleared from St, Mary of Nazareth (no prior traffic from them)

6:09PM - The following jobs have time on them, per a zone flash: 12XX Bosworth has holding the offender for a battery that occurred, disturbance at Milwaukee & Western, and one other offense that they called out too quickly. 014 is enroute to the disturbance at Milwaukee and Western.

6:12PM - The caller from Bosworth called back and says the offender hit her 4 year old child through the window of a car and fled the scene, that they are now following the offender's vehicle in their own car. 

6:21PM - No further word about the Bosworth incident with ten minutes down on this incident. Could be the police haven't found the involved party yet. 

6:26PM - 014th District citywide flash: Battery in progress Sawyer and Diversey, several gang members fighting in the street.

6:27PM - 1420 wants 1422 to met him for a mission, 4110 gives a disregard and a 19B for the big fight at Diversey and Sawyer.

6:34PM - 1465B has a street stop at Belden and Sapulding. Officer ran the stopped person's info, waiting on the reply.

6:36PM - 1472 riding to K-Mart on Ashland for a theft offender.

6:37PM - 1465B's subject is clear, no wants or warrants.

6:39PM - 41N10A says the job they had on Kedzie and Wellington is a 19P, no gang bangers found. This job wasn't mentioned earlier because this is a special unit.

6:42PM - 014th district sent a flash about a van that just did a hit and run vs. a pedestrian, heading east on Division from California, Multiple calls received. The hit and run happened at Franklin and Kedzie. This van is grey with 2 male Hispanic occupants. 

6:47PM - 1424 sends this flash: Toyota Avalon, 20XX W. North Ave., plate of 880N155 someone in this car has a couple bags of weed in a backpack. This car is tied to an incident that I couldn't catch in time. No arrests made on this

6:58PM - Dispatcher wants to know if anyone is having trouble sending or receiving messages.

7:00PM - 1405 gets event#16375 for Holstein Park tour.
7:05PM - 17XX Humboldt has a person with a knife, per the citywide flash. Someone's girlfriend pulled a knife on them

7:08PM - Shots fired, Wabansia and Kimball, someone fled westbound from Bloomingdale. No description given. Several gang members are said to be involved and several calls on this one

7:11PM - 1423 says he's on scene at the shots fired and no one there heard anything. Looks like a false call 

7:13PM - 1471 sent to a burglar alarm 16XX N. Mozart. This is a motion alarm.

7:20PM - Switching back to 025, Zone 12. Upon switching back, a caller has been giving the police the run arounds on bogus calls, and now 025 is looking for the caller to lock them up.

7:24PM - 41N10 has a C.R. investigation      

7:35PM - 2512 just cleared from what sounds like a recovery, and is going to lunch

7:36PM - 2535 is going in on reports, and now shots fired on 45XX W. Deming per the citywide flash

7:37PM - there is already a police unit on-scene and they say nothing heard on Deming.

7:38PM - Citywide flash on a Battery in progress. The LeMoyne job is a 19P, and it looks like either the guns are all licensed or there were no guns to begin with.

7:39PM - 2511 clear from lunch on Narragansett.

7:41PM - 2531 is clear and wants lunch, dispatcher calls 2563D for information involving a battery in progress on LeMoyne. This is the same call from 7:38PM, and 025 is in a backlog.

7:43PM - All units told to stand-by unless they have emergency traffic.

7:50PM - 2542 called for information, no response.

7:51PM - 2510 is down with 32 in the station.

7:54PM - Battery in progress 25XX Hamlin where a group of kids pushed a man down to the ground, then we have Milwaukee and Hamlin as well with a group of kids beating a homeless male.

7:55PM - New information says that the kids have a registered sex offender with them who is MAKING them beat the man at Milwaukee and Hamlin. 2520 is going. 

7:57PM - 2563D has a stop on Springfield, is now running a plate.

7:58PM - Unit on-scene says nothing observed at Milwaukee and Hamlin, dispatcher sent the unit to another address on Hamlin where they might be.
8:10PM - Sex offense, other. Two naked males near a garage on Springfield

8:15PM - A unit is going in with one from the Hamlin job, not sure which person they have in custody since they didn't say

8:17PM - Battery just occurred at 23XX Ridgeway, a few other jobs and the dispatcher is talking too fast.

8:18PM - 2565D has one in custody and Ambulance 52 is taking one victim to a local hospital. Half of 2565D is also with the ambulance. This is from a bad accident on North and Pulaski.

8:19PM - 2563B pulls an RD# for UCR1811 1811 (NARCOTICS POSS: CANNABIS 30GMS OR LESS) RD#HV-323595 Event#18008. 2563B couldn't pull the number in AIRA.

8:22PM - Assault in progress and wanted person wanted for Domestic Battery, info given too fast to copy.

8:25PM - Domestic with the intoxicated husband who will not let his wife inside the house. Again, this dispatcher is talking too fast.

8:26PM - 2521 27XX Lockwood Assault in progress due to gang bangers threatening the neighbor in his/her own yard.

8:29PM - 025 in a HUGE. HUGE, backlog. Dispatcher just gave out many jobs all at once.

8:36PM - Just missed some traffic for taking care of something else that required my attention.

8:37PM - RD#HV-321830 is being used to clear the hotfile for a vehicle recovery, both plates recovered

8:40PM - 2530 has a 3P on Lockwood, 2533 going to 19XX Springfield on a suspicious auto with occupants with two different plates parked in a handicap spot, there's also a downer on Central with CFD running to the scene

8:49PM - Domestic Battery at the Auto Zone on Pulaski. Male vs. Female

9:07PM - Had a priority come up that I had to deal with, but I'm back again

9:10PM - 16XX N. Monitor problem with adult daughter, and other jobs still in the backlog. Too many addresses too fast to copy. One involves a young man at 55XX W. North Ave. who was in a fight and his head has been cut open with CFD enroute. 

9:12PM - 2546 runs a plate wanting to know what kind of hit dispatch gets. Sounds like they have something weird going on with this plate. 

9:14PM - 2533 says his Sgt. doesn't need to go to a job on Lotus because the caller was just mad that police don't come immediately. Something to do with people talking about shooting guns.

9:16PM - 2563C has a foot pursuit n on Luna: MB white shirt blue jeans W. on Wabansia now has a blue shirt with khaki shorts. They have him in a yard somewhere, officers screaming in the mic and distorting. Subject now at Luna and Central between Wabansia and ?? he's in the third house back yard, unclear location. Subjects blue jacket has white stripes down the arms or sides. Units have him in custody now at 9:19PM. Slow down issued. 16XX N. Luna is the address of custody. 

9:22PM - 2525 assigned a Battery in progress Karlov and Hirsch. One subject may have a knife or other weapon, per the citywide flash. 

9:39PM - 2525R going for gas, 2535R gets the kids left alone 3, 4, and 9 years old. 2531 says this is a 19P because they are already there with the annoyed babysitter who just needed some help. No address given in this log to protect the kids.

9:46PM - 2525 is awarded the lucky 26XX N. Hamlin for loud music, and it gets a 19P.

10:00PM - Goodnight everyone! See you tomorrow!

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