Monday, June 11, 2012

Pedestrian Hit By Car

Good morning everyone! It's a sunny, beautiful 72 degrees today! Winds are SSW at 9MPH with 71% humidity. We currently have a heat index and wind chill of 72 degrees, barometer of 29.9. I'm sorry I've not had anything for the last couple days, but I'm here now!

Zone 12 (25 and 15) has been eerily quiet so far this morning, as has Zone 1 (16 and 17) so, we're hearing from Zone 3 (13 and 14) until 9AM.

7:50AM - At Thomas and Western as well as Division and Western, complaints are coming in about a mentally challenged person in the street PLUS a pedestrian hit by a car. 1446 is going on this, as is a unit from 013. 

7:56AM - 1414 riding to a burglar alarm that has been going off now for the past 3 days.

7:58AM - 1323 asks if 33 has the paper on an incident and then says he "has him". This could be from the 7:50AM job or something else before monitoring started today.

8:01AM - 1323 says he's clear and everything is in capable hands. 

8:08AM - 1331goes on 1313's beat at 24XX W. Ohio has the burglar alarm with an authorized employee on scene who forgot the code.

8:10AM - 1310 rolling with 1323 to 15XX Chicago for the Battery in progress. Seems like there was a struggle on the phone and someone may have possibly hit a dog with a car, and now something else could be happening.

8:11AM - 1431 gets 20XX Honore on the suspicious person

8:12AM - 1323 needs a Spanish speaker on the Chicago ave. job. That unit is enroute, coming from another job.   

8:15AM - 1323 for the mobile with 1333: Turns out the cyclist hit the dog and he needed to know if it's a traffic accident or something else. Turns out this is NOT a traffic accident report.

8:17AM - 1434 catches the citywide flash on a panic alarm, 12XX N. Ashland. 1414 is the back-up

8:18AM - 1331 gives their job a 14P

8:20AM - 1412 and 33 issue the slow down on the panic alarm. This job gets a code of 14P

8:21AM - 1423 goes to 26XX w. Division MH no shirt or possibly a white shirt, and burgundy pants yelling at people.1446 called for an assist. This is a mentally challenged person having a hard time this morning. This person was last said to be North on Rockwell, possibly from Division. The officer working this one has a radio with a bad mic.

Missed a call or two while taking care of something. A slow down was just issued on a job on Honore.

8:33AM - 51XX Kedvale, a 13th district unit is assisting a team of U.S. Marshals on what sounds like warrant service at various locations. It's a round up!!

8:36AM - 1324 being assisted by 5846 who says they spotted the mentally challenged person at Haddon and California walking North. 1471 has a traffic stop, ran a plate and it all comes back clear.

8:38AM - 1422 has a TVB (Traffic Bond Violator) going in with one. 1423 is at California and Division asking for a wagon. She has the mentally challenged person in custody in the park. Not clear if this is a jail trip or going to a local hospital for treatment. Wagon (1471) is not available, and is the only wagon working this morning.

8:41AM - 1446 gets the commercial alarm at 32XX W. Armitage   

8:42AM - 1323 with a bad radio says this guy has not hurt anyone, so they are wanting to know if the wagon request can get canceled. Not sure what dispo they are looking at or what they wanna do with this guy. Two districts handling this is making things more confounding. Looks like there won't be anything further on this over the air. 

8:50AM - 1433 relocating to 019th district West (Detective North??) He said whatever happens there will determine where he goes next.

8:52AM - street stop at Washtenaw and Bloomingdale in 014. Unit number given too fast and officer was speaking like he was whispering.

8:54AM - outdoor roll call, 1423 is clear with a 19P, 1414 at 22XX N. California for the CTA Blue line check and outdoor roll call attendance. 

8:58AM - 1331 sent to 28XX W. Fulton on the EMS run, elderly male is unresponsive.

9:00AM - See all of you later! Have a great day! 


Anonymous said...

What happened last night at Western & Armitage? There were 12 police cars with lights blocking intersection and crowds of people around 11PM.

Anon ORD said...

Thanks for this question. The Radioreference feed labeled as Zone 3 is only playing Zone 4 which is 001 and 018. Trying to find out from the feed provider when Zone 3 will be back.

Anonymous said...

My cousin lives over there & he heard there were 3 bodies at Arturo's Tacos. Not sure if it's true or rumor but that would explain why there were so many police.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain the difference between calling 911 and calling 311?? Thank you for your dedication.

Anon ORD said...

Anon June 11h 10:42PM....

The difference is that 911 is ONLY for real time life threatening events such as a crime in progress,someone is planning a crime with the ability to follow through, a fire, a medical emergency, etc.

311 is for city inquiries such as getting non-emergency police reports, operating hours and addresses to city attractions, getting through to city departments that you don;t have the number for, etc. 311 is a NON_EMERGENCY LINE. I put it in caps to stress the non-emergency aspect.