Friday, June 8, 2012

Reporting By Wandering Wind: Fire On Winchester

Good evening everyone! Just tuning in from 9:55PM to 11PM tonight. Coverage will be of Zone 3 (13 and 14). The weather is quite warm today, so we'll see if this results in any upswing in crime. 

9:55PM - xx2 N. Winchester has a fire 

9:59PM - 1365C xxx0 W. Maypole Battery In Progress, 1423R 35XX W. North Avenue prostitution call, 

10:00PM - Zone 3 dispatcher says there is no part for the console she is using so it won't ever get fixed

10:01PM - 1372 8XX N. Wood for the loud music      

10:02PM - 1365C gives a slow down for the Battery in progress, 1413R 26XX N. Milwaukee on a missing person who has an unknown illness. The boyfriend went to get the car and never showed up again.  

10:05PM - 1421R North and Spaulding, gang battery in progress. One caller says one kid beat up another and ran into the parking lot across from the store.

10:06PM - 6750 got flagged down and are in the area for North and Spaulding. Now there's a slowdown on it, police units don't see anything.

10:07PM - 1465 wants to be cleared so she can log on.

10:08PM - 1421R now says they have a possible victim at North and Spaulding, and a selling call taken by 1461C in the 30 sector being sent on the box.

10:09PM - 1421R says victim refused reports and medical attention at North and Spaulding.

10:10PM - Fairfield and Augusta has a gang problem. 1361A&D going.

10:11PM - 1424 sent to 20XX W. Pierce for what sounds like parking violators.

10:15PM - Vice complaint about underage gang members on Bingham, they're gonna use Stave Street to catch them at whatever they're up to.

10:16PM - 13?? going to 26XX W. Augusta for people drinking while trespassing and 24XX W. Erie has the loud party and consuming alcohol as part of party activities.

10:18PM - 1442 sent to 10 sector at Drake and Armitage for a bar fight...females throwing down with beer bottles and now there's a person with a knife at the location while also trying to break windows. 

10:20PM - Citywide flashes: 15XX Leavitt crim damage to property , 30XX W. Lyndale gang members drinking and disturbing the peace.

10:22PM - Leavitt and Warren for kids breaking windshields no description and no direction of flight 1465C gives it a code. 

10:23PM - 1365C sent to check the 013 side for the kids on Warren and Leavitt.

10:24PM - 1372 Disturbance on Wood St. at 8XX N. Wood. This is a call back from earlier.   

10:25PM - 1424 riding to 26XX W. Potomac for the loose pit bull.

10:26PM - 25XX W. Grand for people in the park making too much noise. 1361C codes this job cause they are already present and no one is there at all.

10:26PM - 1421R is at 35XX W. Armitage and they pull paperwork for UCR 0460 (BATTERY SIMPLE) RD#HV-325387 Event#21112 they're going in with one.

10:35PM - 1306B is at Dominick's on Chicago Ave. Street stop on a car occupied times two. The plate is clear and valid. 1323R is coming by to help drive the car in, guess someone's getting locked up. 

10:37PM - 27XX N. Artesian gang members drinking and throwing up gang signs, and 1453 has the battery in progress 21XX N. Bingham.

10:38PM - 1433R 12XX N. Ashland at the CVS Pharmacy has their automatic burglar alarm going off and 1421R has one going to the station.

10:39PM - 1424 gives a 19B for a job and 1471R says they are going to the hospital with a prisoner for an asthma treatment.

10:40PM - 1423R going to the disturbance at Homan and Beech. People drinking and enjoying a movie in their own house, the neighbor says they want an arrest for the alcohol possession.

10:42PM - 1365B gets Event#21682 on Randolph. 1422R has one male stopped on Bingham and says one subject ran from them, possibly westbound.

10:47PM - 1361A has a street stop at Francisco and Thomas, says they need a cage car. 1372 going. 1324 is at xx8 N. Greenview for the burglar alarm.

10:50PM - 1431R gets the citywide flash for Lyndale and Wastenaw, Person with a Gun. Info says the gun got thrown in a near by dumpster.

10:52PM - 1323R has more than just a traffic stop and they're going in with someone but they aren't saying anything about what the incident is.1306 and 1312 are also helping out. 1361A has one going in to 013 and 71 is transporting for them.

10:54PM - 1410R wants a callback on the Lyndale and Washtenaw job, slow down issued on this one. The sarge wants to know which dumpster the gun is in.

10:56PM - Dispatch says they got a voicemail on the callback for Lyndale and Washtenaw

10:57PM - 1432 gets the disturbance for an address on Fullerton Ave, possibly a transformer problem, 1424 gets the battery report at a local hospital E.R.

11:00PM - A 014th district unit calls in from the station on reports involving RD#HV-246992. The 013th district units from earlier on the traffic stop, say they have one going in for UCR 1811 (NARCOTICS POSS: CANNABIS 30GMS OR LESS) and that gets them RD#HV325438 with Event# 21585

Goodnight everyone! 

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