Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Station Checks At Western And Damen Blue Line, Parker On Medill

Good morning, everyone, it's 8am. It's a cloudy morning with temps in the lower 50s. It'll remain this way today, but it's also supposed to rain and storm, with some storms possibly being severe. We'll see how that affects crime. Today, I'm monitoring 14 from now until 4pm. I'm off from school again, as juniors are taking their ACT test. Here's crime for this morning and early afternoon.

8:03am - Beat 1484 is doing a station check at the Western Blue Line.

8:12am - 1) 1484 is doing a station check at the Damen Blue Line. Event number is 03459. 2) Parker. 27XX W Medill.

8:14am - Disturbance. Maplewood Playlot.

8:25am - Beat 1402 is asking for a POD mission event number from POD #905 at 1700 N St. Louis. It's 03622.

8:26am - Traffic accident. Armitage and the Kennedy. Truck VS car, property damage only.

8:36am - Beat 1465Charlie is asking for a burglary mission event number. 1465David will also be on the mission. Event number is 03805.

8:38am - Beat 1446 is doing a station check at the Logan Square Blue Line.

8:45am - Commercial alarm. 2647 N Western. At the storage location.

8:57am - Beat car 1422 is doing a station check at the Damen Blue Line. Event number is 04097.

9:02am - Traffic accident. Milwaukee and Logan. Male hit by man on motorcycle.

9:06am - Beat 1495 is asking for a call back on the 9:02am job. Dispatch is doing it now.

9:07am - Voicemail on 1495's call back.

9:08am - The 9:02am job is coded 18Boy. Nobody's out there.

9:09am - Beat 1406Adam is doing an ANOV at 19XX N California.

9:11am - Car alarm. 19XX N Honore. Three have been going off since 8:30.

9:16am - Parker. 2800 block of W Barry. Street cleaning violators.

9:20am - Suspicious person. 16XX N Wolcott. Female Black, afro-style hair, black jacket and blue jeans, jumped the fence to the neighbor's home.

9:24am - A slow down is being given on the 9:20am job, per 1446.

9:32am - The 9:20am job is coded.

9:34am - The 9:16am job is coded 6Mary.

9:37am - The 9:11am job is coded 6Paul.

9:42am - Beat car 1434 is doing a station check at the Western Blue Line.

9:59am - 1434 has a handwaver at 17XX N Wood.

10:21am - Beat 1461Eddie is doing a station check at the California Blue Line. Event number is 05362.

10:27am - 1) Beat 1454 is on a stop at Elston and North Ave. 2) Landlord/tenant dispute. 35XX W Armitage. Problem with a female tenant.

10:35am - EMS run. California and Diversey. Male near the Kennedy Expressway, having a seizure.

10:47am - Beat car 1412 is doing something on the 3000 block of N Allen. Event number is 05757.

10:54am - Traffic accident. 3218 W Fullerton. Truck VS car.

10:57am - Disturbance. 1920 N Milwaukee. At the bank. Male set up a tent on the side of the bank.

11:14am - Burglary in progress. 35XX W Lyndale. Someone could be heard breaking into one of the apartments.

11:18am - A slow down is being given on the 11:14am job. There's just some workers over there.

11:24am - The 11:14am job is a 19P.

11:30am - 1422 is doing a station check at the Western Blue Line. Event number is 06451.

11:50am - Parker. On 1495's PDT.

11:51am - Beat 1461Charlie has a stop at Dickens and Drake.

12:08pm - Traffic accident. California and North Ave. Two cars.

12:17pm - Parker. On 1495's PDT.

12:27pm - Theft in progress. 19XX N Drake. Two male Blacks in the alley taking wood off the windows of the abandoned house. They're both middle-aged and one has on a blue jacket.

1:10pm - Beat 1471 has a traffic stop at 2743 W Fullerton. Running a plate.

1:11pm - Suspicious person. 28XX N Talman. Male White with a black vest is saying he's from UPS but the caller doesn't believe him, or something, apparently.

1:21pm - Commercial alarm. On 1414's Beat.

1:26pm - 1461E is asking for a gang suppression event number. It's 08566.

1:27pm - 1) CSA report. 2845 W Barry. At the UNO school. 2) Disturbance. Palmer and Kimball. Drunk male White, blue shirt and jeans with a baseball cap is panhandling. 3) Burglar report. 21XX N California. 4) Battery. 3444 W Wabansia. At the Stowe school. 12 year old student hit a teacher.

1:33pm - Beat 1461Boy is doing a premise check at 21XX N Mozart. Event number is 08656.

1:45pm - Hold-up alarm. 1958 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Dollar Plus store.

2:00pm - Battery in progress. 2618 N Milwaukee Ave. Eight males fighting in the alley.

2:02pm - Got another accident near the Kennedy on Diversey. This time it's at 2809 on Diversey. Truck VS car. Non-driveable. It's been there since about 1:20.

2:10pm - 1) Backlog in 14 at 14:10 hours. 2) EMS run. 2400 N Sacramento. Male slumped over the wheel of a car.

2:29pm - Transport car needed at 2400 on Sacramento.

2:43pm - Assault. Logan and California. Male who was driving recklessly down the street got out of his car and started threatening the caller.

3:02pm - The Stowe call is being coded. They'll said they'll call back tomorrow. Call has a little over two hours on it, now.

3:36pm - 1) Parker. 2900 block of N Wisner. 2) Barking dog. On 1413's Beat. 3) Disturbance. California and Lyndale.

4:00pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back either tomorrow, Friday or this weekend. Have a good evening, everyone.

6:57pm - For those interested, in just a matter of moments, Alderman Ariel Reboyras will be on CANTV channel 21 on the show "Political Forum". If you have Comcast or RCN, you can turn your TV to Channel 21, or you can watch it online here.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed today the police dept. seems to be a more friendly softer type of cop. Unlike those of years past. I do like those black bibs they wear for vests.

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for monitoring 14! This makes me happy! Thanks Timmy.

Anonymous said...

Do the homeless still sleep in the subway? Is that what the police are looking for? Or is it those G-8/nato guys who came to town?

Anonymous said...

Timmy, you should apply for SSI Disability. You may qualify. I know a thug who was shot & placed on SSI for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Anonymous said...

Do not scam the SSI please. The educated and hard working people of city fund it. It should not be scammed.

Anonymous said...

3:33PM but my friend was shot & can't sleep at night. He cant work. He use to panhandle 8 hrs a day on Michigan Ave. Now he can pay his own way.

Anonymous said...

Again, I will repeat: Please do not scam the SSI. You will do the right thing here I trust so please pass your name on to the board and contact information and we can talk with the proper authorities to rectify the situation. All parties involved can be interviewed and investigations can be instituted to right the wrongs that are taking place.

Anonymous said...

RON PAUL 2012!!

Anonymous said...

Listening to the scanner & I heard, "units be advised, we are now on stealth mode". And the scanner went pretty silent in District 3. Is this legal? I have the right to monitor the police. I know when they do search warrants they use their cell phones. Do you know what this "stealth mode" is??? Also, what kind of cars do they use as "covert vehicles"??

Anonymous said...

...someone doesn't want their stash house found....

Anonymous said...

Is it true that some calls of drug dealing are sent over the PDT & don't go on the air?? Also, does the City pay for the door they smash down when serving warrants? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Heard that some clean cut gang members may be attending CAPS meetings. Probably to get a "head up" on the latest police tactics?

Anonymous said...

"clean cut" - funny stuff. Who told you that joke?

Anonymous said...

For those who think they have some absolute right to monitor the police or other public safety department radio systems: This is a PRIVILEGE not a right! They have the ability and funding to encrypt their systems at the wink of an eye.

Many public safety departments the nation over are opting to go full time encrypted. There is no constitutional amendment that gives anyone free and unfettered access to monitor public safety activity via radio.

It's here today, gone whenever they decide. Yes, it is legal for the police or fire dept. to go to an undetectable form of communications such as cellular phone, encryption, or even to another available type of radio technology that scanners cannot "hear" other than just garble or white noise.

For those who don't know what SSI / Social Security Disability is for, and what social security fraud really is...people who have these benefits are not scammers. They had to PROVE their disability and had to prove that their disability interferes with daily life. The ONLY way for anyone to "scam" Social Security would be for a doctor to write a false report for the disability claimant.

Timmy has a valid medical disability, and if he so wished, he could very well obtain disability benefits and he would not be scamming the system. Hope I have helped out here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sensitive calls are sent over the PDT or cell phone.