Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shots Fired On Kimball

Good evening, everyone, it's 8:50pm. It's a clear but cold night out there. Temps are in the 40s. I'm monitoring 14 from now until 10:30pm. Tomorrow, because it's my sister's 21st birthday, I will not be live-blogging, but I will have a post on 1732's CAPS Beat meeting that I attended this evening. With that, here's crime for this evening.

8:54pm - Shots Fired. 18XX N Kimball. Four heard.

8:55pm - 1) Shots Fired. 18XX N Kimball. Gunshots went through the window. 2) Shots Fired. 18XX N Spaulding. 3) Shots Fired. Cortland and Kimball.

8:57pm - Beat car 2533 is getting flagged down at Kimball and Bloomingdale by a witness who's saying that a Buick was involved. It went west on Bloomingdale towards St. Louis. 2533 heard the shots from Central Park.

9:06pm - More information on the "Shots Fired"/shooting. Wanted from this is a male Hispanic, 20 to 25 years old, 5'7, with a black hoodie and black pants. He fled in either a red Honda or Toyota headed south on Kimball towards Bloomingdale.

9:07pm - Beat 1410 is headed south on Homan from North Ave., following a red Honda.

9:08pm - Another 14th District unit just spotted another red car at Kimball and Wabansia.

9:20pm to 10:30pm - Ugh, I fell asleep. Guess I'll have to monitor 14 again Friday evening. Sorry guys. It's like something's telling me not to monitor 14 or something.

10:30pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back on Friday morning. Good night, everyone.


Mary LaNett said...

We've really got to re-think this concealed carry in this country. Since they've allowed it, shootings are way up. Most folks are not skilled in weapons use and their gunfire is striking too many inoscent victims.

Undergrounded said...

"Striking too many innocent victims"?

Oh my, yes - let's re-think this whole thing...
Hmm...I suppose only the gangbangers/drug dealers should be allowed to carry concealed...that's the way its always been, and that has worked, right?

Timmy, I appreciate your wanting to allow people to express their opinions, but honestly, a lot of the comments seem to come from Leftist trolls, who don't seem to realize that this is a PRO police blog.

Anonymous said...

legalize drugs and you get rid of the gangs.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Mary, it's not the people who are legally carrying guns. It's these criminals and gangbangers doing the shootings. We have to figure out a way out to get guns out of wrong hands.

Undergrounded, I agree with you. These gangbangers and drug dealers should not have guns in any circumstances, but, we all know they get them illegally. We just have to figure a way how to stop that, too. I also agree on the comments things, and believe me, I get quite annoyed with these trolls, and have actually not been posting as many comments they've been making lately. I'm just trying to let everyone have an opinion, though, as you said, so I don't get yelled at again for violating people's "rights".