Friday, April 6, 2012

Street Stop On North Ave.

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. I'm monitoring 14 today, all day, until midnight. 24 hours. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'm able to stay awake the whole time. Tomorrow, I'm covering 25 tomorrow beginning after my dinner. Here's crime for all of today.

12:17am - Beat car 1432Robert has a street stop at 1590 W North Ave.

12:18am - Assist the P.O. North and Western. State PD needs help with pulling someone over with a warrant.

12:19am - Beat car 1422R has a handwaver at 18XX N Drake.

12:28am - Battery in progress. Central Park and Milwaukee. Lot of people fighting in front of the liquor store.

12:30am - DUI driver. Cortland and Paulina. Dark blue Ford van with a plate of 1067029 has a drunk driver in it. Facing east on Cortland.

12:31am - Traffic accident. The Kennedy Expressway and Armitage. Car crashed into a wall. Possible drunk driver. EMS en route.

12:32am - Beat 1410R is coding out the 12:28am job as a 19Adam. He's there and there's no fight.

12:49am - Beat car 1411R asks for a robbery mission on their Beat. Event number is 00121.

1:16am - Reckless driver. 2500 block of N Milwaukee. Older GMC with a plate of N55642 is all over the road and crashed into several parked cars. Heading towards Sacramento on Milwaukee.

1:30am - Battery in progress. 1610 W North Ave. Fight in the bar.

1:31am - Loud music disturbance. Belmont and Bernard.

1:49am - Disturbance. 26XX W Francis. Neighbor might have locked himself out of his apartment because he's been trying to kick his door down for the last 30 minutes.

2:22am - Assault in progress. 2001 N Milwaukee Ave. Caller's being threatened in front of the Walgreens.

2:27am - A slow down is being given on the 2:22am job.

2:30am - Beat car 1414R is going to relocate someone from the 2:22am job up into the area near Sherdian and Sherwin.

3:26am - Disturbance. North and Wood. Cab fare dispute.

3:41am - Disturbance. Elston/Western/Diversey. Cab fare dispute.

3:42am - Fire. 17XX N Whipple. Trash can.

3:44am - 1) The 3:26am job is being coded 5Frank. 2) Suspicious person. 33XX W Palmer. Male Hispanic in a red hoodie banging on the door of the building, trying to get in. He's unknown there.

3:46am - 1422R has an on-view ANOV at 2741 W Armitage.

3:58am - Robbery. 27XX N Spaulding. 27 year old was robbed and hit from behind in the head. He's spitting up blood. EMS enroute. Oh man, not good at all. I know the caller and the person this happened to. This is a family friend of mine. Thoughts and prayers sent out to the person.

3:59am - Beat 1410R is reporting a fire in the east alley of 17XX N Albany. Right by the 3:42am job. It's a bonfire.

4:25am - Barking dog. 18XX N Richmond.

5:02am - Disturbance. 26XX W Altgeld. Roommate broke down something.

5:16am - 1434R asks for a call back on the 5:02am job, and Dispatch says that the caller is opening the door for them now.

5:18am - They're calling back on the 3:44am job.

5:19am - Suspicious vehicle. 22XX W Dickens. Older vehicle keeps driving up and down the block with occupants that keep jumping in and out, running through people's yards. Unknown what they're up to or doing.

5:27am - 1) Disturbance. 2799 W Diversey. 2) Transport in 14.

5:46am - Burglar alarm. 1733 N Damen.

5:47am - Just talked to my friend that got robbed and they said that the officers that responded, which was 1414R, told them to "avoid bad places at night". Wow, good advice. Really. And I say that with sarcasm. They seem to be okay physically, which is a good thing, but they're shaken up, as anyone would be.

6:02am - Disturbance w/ a mental. Damen/Milwaukee/North Ave. Male in the street, screaming.

6:33am - Burglar alarm. 2047 N Milwaukee Ave. At V Live.

6:38am - Beat car 1431 is reporting that all is secure at the 6:33am job. 14Paul.

6:44am - Beat 1484 is doing foot patrol on Milwaukee from Central Park to Kedzie, and is also doing a CTA check at the Damen Blue Line station. Event number for Milwaukee is 02739 and Damen is 02740.

6:47am - Burglar alarm. 18XX W Cortland.

6:54am - 1484 asks for a premise check at the Western Blue Line station. Event number is 02807.

7:08am - 1484 is now at the California Blue Line station, asking for a check. Event number is 02887.

7:11am - Parker. 27XX W Medill. 4-door vehicle parked in the tow zone.

7:53am - 1484 is doing a premise check at the Belmont Blue Line station. Event number is 03233.

7:58am - Parker. On 1413's Beat.

8:16am - Beat 1463Adam is doing a robbery mission on the 10 sector.

8:23am - There was a commercial alarm in the District somewhere, either on 1421's or 1422's Beat.

8:28am - Burglar alarm. 19XX N Winchester.

8:40am - Burglar alarm. 2550 W North Ave. At the development site.

8:45am - The 8:40am job is coded.

9:01am - Check the well being. 32XX W Diversey. Upset woman, Spanish-speaking only.

9:32am - Commercial alarm. 2839 W Armitage. At the sushi bar.

9:48am - The keyholder of the 9:32am bar is on their way now.

9:51am - Beat 1463David is doing a burglary mission on 1434's Beat.

9:53am - Beat 1463Boy is doing a robbery mission on the 30 sector. Event number is 04914.

10:05am - 1463D has an on-view traffic accident at 2158 N Milwaukee. Paper car needed. 1433 is heading over.

10:22am - Person w/ a gun. Diversey/Western/Elston. 23 year old male Black with freckles is driving a 4-door black vehicle with a pair of red baby shoes hanging out of the window. He's headed west towards the Kennedy on Diversey. He stuck a gun out of the window.

10:48am - 1413 has a little girl by herself at Kimball and Armitage. She's trying to figure out where the child lives now.

10:49am - Alarm. 16XX N Hoyne.

10:51am - The 3:42am job is now being called in as a "criminal damage report".

10:58am - Assist the citizen. California and Diversey. Truck driver stuck.

10:59am - 1412 has a traffic stop at 28XX N Christina.

11:01am - 1434 has a traffic stop at 18XX N Campbell.

11:06am - Beat 1465Charlie is at the 10:49am job, checking it out now.

11:07am - The 10:49am job is being coded out. It's accidental. Also, Beat 163David (from the 1st District) has a stop at 2405 W Fullerton. Event number is 06095.

11:10am - Beat 1463C is taking one in from Cortland and California. Transport unit needed.

11:12am - 1463D is taking one in from 17XX N Mozart. Also, Beat 1465Adam needs a transport unit at Avondale/Oakley and Fullerton.

11:33am - Beat 1482 is doing foot patrol on Milwaukee from Bloomingdale to Wood, and then is going to do a premise check at the Damen Blue Line. Event number for the foot patrol is 06585 and Damen is 06582.

11:34am - Person wanted. 3034 N California. Male Hispanic in a black Pontiac or Chrysler is in front of the store. He's wanted for assault and criminal damage, from threatening the store owner and breaking out a window. This incident occurred last Saturday (March 30) under RD number HV220606.

11:38am - Burglar alarm. 23XX N Lister.

11:54am - Beat car 1411 is going to be down for the rest of the shift (until 2pm). An officer on the desk is going to court and they need an officer to take that officer's place, so 1411 was chosen to do it. So sorry guys on 1411's Beat, but you all have no Beat car for a couple of hours.

11:55am - A unit is over at the Popeye's at 2806 W Diversey, taking a report for someone who had their car stolen out of the parking lot.

12:00pm - Check the well being. 26XX N Sacramento. 12 year old kid was supposed to go to his mom's house up in Wisconsin but never showed up. Mother wants CPD to check on him and call her if they get in contact with him.

12:01pm - Municipal ordinance violation. On 1414's Beat.

12:09pm - Open door. 33XX W Wrightwood. Neighbor's door has been kicked open.

12:22pm - Burglar alarm. 18XX W Cortland.

12:23pm - Disturbance. 1938 W North Ave. Male Black with a checkered shirt in front of the currency exchange refuses to leave.

12:24pm - 1413 has a street stop at 23XX N Drake.

12:30pm - Theft report. 21XX N Campbell. Over $13,000 was stolen from this location.

12:48pm - 1424 needs an ambulance at 2026 N Stave. A car backed up into him as he was getting in his squad car. The officer says he's fine, but he doesn't sound like it. 1410 is being requested to head on over.

12:49pm - 1421 is being assigned to 1424's accident.

12:53pm - Some call at the community center at 2702 W North Ave.

1:08pm - Criminal damage. 29XX N Allen. Caller's garage was tagged and the neighbor has footage of it.

1:09pm - Just wanted to say this, but "happy" Good Friday to all my fellow believers in Christ out there. May you experience God's love and peace today.

1:10pm - 1) Fire. Ashland and Elston. Tree. 2) Beat 1406Adam is on a street stop on the 3400 block of W Wabansia.

1:12pm - Disturbance. 1640 N Drake. At the Simons Park Fieldhouse. Teen girls causing a problem inside. They need to be removed.

1:14pm - EMS run. 2500 N Elston. In front of the Tiger Direct store, there's a man slumped over the wheel of his vehicle.

1:18pm - The RD number from 1424's accident is HV230563.

1:24pm - Burglar alarm. 31XX W George.

1:32pm - 1465A has a street stop at Palmer and Western. Running a plate.

1:33pm - 1465A's plate is clear and valid.

1:44pm - They're calling back on the 12:09pm job.

2:10pm - EMS run. Western and Fullerton. Man down.

2:29pm - 163D is coding the 2:10pm job as a 19P.

2:32pm - Beat 1463Eddie is doing something at Milwaukee and Sacramento.

2:41pm - 1422 is doing a theft from auto mission on his Beat. Event number is 10022.

2:42pm - Parker. 22XX W Wabansia. Construction crew is blocking the street.

2:50pm - Burglar alarm. 20XX N Winchester.

3:01pm - Traffic accident. On 1433's Beat.

3:04pm - Suspicious vehicle. 21XX N Sawyer. Black 2001 Dodge pick-up. No occupants.

3:10pm - Assault in progress. 1938 W North Ave. Someone's giving a tow truck driver a hard time about towing a car.

3:13pm - Theft. California and Diversey. Male Hispanic, 19 years old, 5'9, 140 lbs, curly black hair, red shirt and blue jeans is riding on a stolen red and black BMX bike.

3:14pm - 1433 is coding out the 2:42pm parker as a 6Paul.

3:15pm - Check the well being. North Ave./Milwaukee/Damen. Female White, 7 years old, green hat and black coat is walking in the street.

3:25pm - Battery. 33XX W Armitage. Male White who goes by the name of Ruiz, who has on a thin gray jacket and jeans, battered someone. Something like that, anyway.

3:31pm - Theft. California and Fletcher. Unknown male stole caller's bike. This is related to the 3:13pm job.

3:38pm - 1) Narcotics. 34XX W Diversey. Several guys drinking and smoking in the alley. 2) Disturbance w/ a mental. 35XX W Belden. Autistic brother is having an episode.

3:39pm - 1465C is doing a premise check at the Western Blue Line station. Event number is 11010.

3:54pm - 1413 is doing a premise check at the Logan Square Blue Line station.

3:55pm - Wanted from the 3:31pm job is a male Hispanic, 19 years old, 5'9, 140 lbs, curly black hair, red shirt and blue jeans. He took the victim's red and black BMX bike.

3:57pm - In addition to 1431, 1487 and 1495 are on scene at some sort of big event for children at Sacramento and Palmer. I think it might have something to do with that church over there. 1410 is the supervisor in charge of it.

3:58pm - Stripping the auto in progress. 23XX W Montana. Two males trying to take a boot off of a car.

4:08pm - 1) Criminal damage. 19XX N Humboldt. Male Black wearing a black hoodie broke out the window to the bathroom. 2) Disturbance. 3142 W North Ave. At the Burger King. 3) Municipal ordinance violation. Armitage and Francisco.

4:11pm - 1413 is taking one in from the Logan Square Blue Line station.

4:14pm - 1410 wants 1411 over at the event too. No, as a matter of fact, he's demanding that 1411 be there. Either that, or he gets "redlined" (coppers, what does that mean?). There's a bit of a verbal exchange going on here.

4:22pm - Holding the offender. 27XX N Spaulding. Something about CTA holding someone.

4:25pm - Disturbance. Oakley and Wabansia. Male harassing people.

4:29pm - Fire. 1637 N Mozart. Abandoned house.

4:33pm - The 4:29pm job is bona fide, per 1421, the assigned car.

4:34pm - 1421 needs a car at Wabansia and Mozart to direct southbound traffic from the fire.1414 is assigned.

4:36pm - EMS run. 2406 W Fullerton. Man down in the alley. Sounds related to the 2:10pm job.

4:38pm - Traffic accident. 2656 N Elston. Two cars in the Target parking lot.

4:40pm - Looks like the people are crossing Palmer on Sacramento from the event.

4:42pm - 1421 wants to know where 1414 is on that traffic control. They're coming now. There's a lot of traffic out.

4:43pm - Residential alarm. 21XX N Bell.

4:49pm - Check the well being. Western and Wabansia. Male Hispanic in a red shirt and white pants acts like he's chasing bugs or something. No idea what that means.

4:50pm - The 4:22pm job is coded.

5:01pm - Wanted for domestic battery to his mom and sister in their household on Mozart is a well-know Spanish Cobra named Ivan. He has an IR number of 1648028. He struck them both. He was last seen wearing jeans and red/white gym shoes. He frequents that area on 1421's Beat. Just putting this out there in case anyone in the community knows who this is.

5:09pm - Disturbance. 30XX N Troy. Homeless male sleeping in front.

5:12pm - 1494 is asking for a call back on the 4:38pm accident.

5:13pm - 1494 is coding the accident as 18Boy. No answer on the call back.

5:19pm - 1412 just got flagged down at Wellington and Albany for a kid who got his bike stolen. Occupants in a white van heading towards Troy took it.

5:21pm - 1410 is saying that the event is over now. The officer(s) on 1495 are being assigned back to the Desk, and 1487's officer(s) are going to 1471, the wagon. 1411 is clear.

5:22pm - 1) 1434 has a traffic stop at Damen and Churchill. 2) Fire. 26XX W Diversey. Rear.

5:31pm - They're calling back at the 19XX N Humboldt job.

5:32pm - Disturbance. 1767 N Milwaukee Ave. Male Black, black hoodie, black shirt, blue jeans and black shoes is loitering in front, panhandling.

5:34pm - Suspicious person. Rockwell and Avondale. Male Black with a gray "dense" hoodie is up to something in the area. He has a video camera. He was last seen headed east on Avondale.

5:44pm - Another on the 5:34pm job.

5:45pm through 5:47pm - Some police/Dispatch chatter regarding the 5:34pm job. The guy left an unoccupied hot car. 1411 is talking to someone now. Looks like it's going to be a report.

5:48pm - Assault in progress. 2500 block of W Cortland. Two brown cars chasing each other. One's a Caddy.

5:52pm to 6:03pm - I missed three calls, including one on Dawson, one on Kedzie and another one on the 1600 block of N Sawyer. The Sawyer one, I believe, was a robbery or theft.

6:09pm - Traffic accident. North and Kedzie. Injures.

6:16pm - 1440 wants 1422 to stay over on the 1600 block of N Sawyer for a gang suppression mission.

6:18pm - Burglar report. 18XX N Kedzie.

6:29pm - 1410 is needed to sign 1411's report from the 5:34pm job.

6:44pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 6:09pm job. It's HV231002 with the event number of 13605.

6:54pm - Disturbance. Marshfield and North Ave.

7:00pm - Burglar alarm. 18XX N Oakley.

7:01pm - Oh, and the 7pm job is a 14Boy.

7:03pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2300 block of W Wolfram. Car on the block for several months.

7:16pm - 1422 was flagged down at 16XX N Kedzie for something. An RD number is going to be pulled from it.

7:27pm - 1) Battery in progress. North and Ashland. Two males fighting. 2) Gang disturbance. 2900 block of W Lyndale. Four Orchestra Albanies over there gangbanging.

7:28pm - Disturbance. 3024 W Fullerton.

7:29pm - A slow down is being given at North/Ashland.

7:30pm - 1410 wants 1431 to meet him at Mozart and Wabansia for a gang suppression mission.

7:34pm - Suspicious vehicle. 25XX W Moffat. Brown Caddy with busted windows parked in front. Ironically, it was one of the cars used in the 5:48pm incident.

7:40pm - 1410 also wants 1414 over there. Well, no. Again, he's demanding. Wow. Sounds like he don't mess around.

7:44pm - 1405 is asking for park checks at Holestin and Haas. Event number for Holestin is 15516 and Haas is 15555.

8:22pm - Parker. 2900 block of W Logan. Cars violating the permit. Probably because of mass at the church over there.

8:23pm - Battery in progress. 17XX N Sawyer. 10 people fighting.

8:26pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:23pm job. Just a party.

8:29pm - The Mozart/Wabansia mission is coded.

8:40pm - They're calling back on the 2900 Lyndale job. There's a bunch of them up and down the block now, causing a ruckus.

8:46pm - 1411 has a traffic stop at Wrightwood and Drake.

8:50pm - Sorry guys, I can't go any further with this 24 hour monitoring thing. I really can't. I'm real sorry. I'm too tired. I'm going to have to go to sleep. I've probably got to be the worst blogger of all time. I'm really upset about this, guys. I am. I'm tired of falling short on my promises for you guys. But good night.....

11:18pm - I'm back, I guess, until midnight.

11:23pm - Disturbance. Medill and Milwaukee.

11:25pm - Loud music disturbance. On 1431's Beat.

11:30pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 28XX N Francisco. 2) 1424 is doing a premise check at the Damen Blue Line station. Event number is 19539.

11:31pm - Beat 1462David is taking one in from a street stop at 27XX N Drake. 1472 is being asked to go.

11:33pm - 1472 is being given a disregard from over on Drake. 1462D is going to just transport him in theirselves.

11:57pm - A unit is taking someone in from the Logan Square Blue Line station stop.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow evening with 25. Again guys, words can't describe how sorry I am. I feel so embarrassed. Good night, guys.


Jeffery Fort said...

A question to any CPD who reads this blog. Why complain about dealing with the sh!theads of society? Who did you think you were going to deal with when you chose to become a CPD officer? Also, many citizens do not like CPD because of the "us versus them" type mentality. Especially true in the high crime, minority areas.

Mary LaNett said...

Monitor 14? wHY? Since the yuppies have pushed out most of the latin garbage the area's improving. All the crap is going into 25, (yea!) good riddance. Oh, and you've got to think most of those young cops neverhad a real job other than playing police once out of college.

Anonymous said...

I admit I sometimes complain about the cops here. But I realize today they have a difficult job. It must be hard to run from one call to the next for 8-10hrs a day. But blaming Section 8, Link, SSI and "piss bums" is not the answer to this epidemic crime. Yes I'm a Liberal and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Lives!!!good Job young man!

Anonymous said...

Timmy, what does this mean? 3:46am - 1422R has an on-view ANOV at 2741 W Armitage. Thanks.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Mary, despite the fact 14 is getting better (and that's a good thing), it covers most of the neighborhood, so I'm obligated to cover it in a way. A good majority of my readers are in 14. Besides, there's still problem areas in 14 that need to have some attention payed to them, particularly on 1411's and 1422's Beats. But yeah, you're right that the problems are coming into 25 (unfortunately), and with full force I might add.

Anonymous 2:38, I agree.

Anonymous 3:00, yes, He sure does :). And thank you.

Anonymous 11:43, an ANOV is some sort of traffic violation. Not totally sure exactly what kind it is, though.