Monday, April 16, 2012

CAPS Beat 2523 Meeting Last Month (3/28/12)

Good evening, everyone. I attended the most CAPS Beat meeting for CAPS Beat 2523, which was last month, on Wednesday, March 28. It was a pretty good meeting with about 15 to 20 people at the meeting. We had no old issues from the January meeting, so let's go straight to the new problems.

New problems:
* On Monticello, there were gunshots fired the Sunday before the meeting, March 25th, 2011. This occurred around 6pm with several gunshots being heard with gangbangers, allegedly Latin Kings from Belmont/Central Park, shooting.
* Ken-Well Park - Late night basketball games.
* Milwaukee and Ridgeway - Problems with prostitutes soliciting near Danny's Liquor.
* 2800 block of N. Ridgeway - There were two incidents of "Shots Fired", along with someone getting attacked on the block on Monday morning, 3/26/12.

For this Beat meeting post, I'd like to say thanks to the residents for being involved in this meeting. Work still needs to be done, however. I ask for those residents who read the blog but don't come to the meetings (because they don't want to), please, go!

Next meeting: July 25, 2012 at Copernicus Center (3160 N. Milwaukee Ave.) at 6:30pm.

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