Saturday, April 14, 2012

Important Announcement -- PLEASE READ

Hi everyone. I have some awful news for all of you, again. Once again, my family has ran into major financial troubles. This time around, we're able to pay our rent, but we will have no money to pay any our of our bills, due to someone in our "family" cutting off a government check from us (no, not Social Security this time). So as you all know, with that comes this news: the blog will have to stop. It will not happen immediately, but it will happen.  We're excepting everything to be off by the 1st of May unless my mother, or even myself (because I've applied to places), gets called [back] to work. Basically at this point, we're praying for a miracle.

Once again, I am so sorry to deliver this grim news. This has been the 3rd time in just under three years I've had to do this, and I know to all of you it seems like I'm just crying wolf, but really, I'm not. Our finances have been bad for years now, but times like this is when they sink at an all-time low. So, unfortunately, I will also have to end my involvement in the community once this whole thing takes effect.  I am so sorry, everyone. I really wish there was a way I could continue the blog and be involved.

I will come back if and when our situation improves, but until then, I will have to end the blog once we run out of money. I would just like to thank everyone for ALL of the support over the last three and a half years, all the great things some of you have done for me, and just everything. You don't know much I appreciate all of the support. You guys will forever be in my heart. So on that note, I am going to tell all of you to please, please, please, please keep up the good fight for the community, and I hope to be back soon. Love to all, and God Bless.



Anonymous said...

Dear Timmy,

I have been reading your blog for years now. You do sound like you're crying wolf. You have done this before.

You are not entitled to anything, any form of handout from the government you should consider a gift. And in that you're 18, I believe, you've been receiving handouts for quite a long time. It's time to sink or swim. The baggers at Jewel appear to be worse off than you (in that you can operate a blog and a PayPal acct), and they are working to help their families. I suggest you do the same.

Asking for donations is just pitiful, in that you and your family have sponged off the governent for what I presume, and correct me if I'm wrong, is years now.

Once again, you are not entitled to anything. Welfare was created to be a TEMPORARY assist to those having a hard time to help them get BACK on their feet. It seems from what I read that you have never actually stood on your own two feet, so as far as I'm concerned, I'm not "donating" one dollar to your cause.

You have stooped pretty low asking for handouts from the community. You are not entitled to anything. Just because you were born in this country with a disability, some may argue that you are absolutely due to SSI and other entitlements. Instead, why don't you get down to McDonalds, Jewel, Dominicks, etc and fill out an application so you can finally experience personal pride in helping your family.

It sounds cruel and harsh, but in all reality, I believe that under no circumstances are you out of options. You are able bodied. Less talk more action. Go get a job, or at least try.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...


I'm fully aware I have "done" this before, and I know I do sound like I'm crying wolf. But really, I'm not. You don't know my situation, and you certainly do not know how hard we're struggling.

These "handouts" I get from the government, which I don't really want anyway (do you really believe we LIKE living off the government?), never have, are a right for me, not a gift. I'm not using this as an excuse, but I do have a disability, and everyone with disabilities is entitled to government assistance. Time to sink or swim, you say? We've been doing that for a long time. Sounds like you don't care what happens to me, but then again, do I except you to? Nope. As a matter of fact, I don't except anyone to. Actually, no one besides my own immediate family has ever cared about me, and never will. I don't except anyone to care about or for me anymore. I've accepted the fact I'm on my own in this world, and quite frankly, I rather not be around people and their fake claims that they care. Please spare me that.

My family doesn't like "sponging" off the government, but we have to survive somehow. My mother is unemployed due to medical circumstances my sister had, and now my mother is looking for work, but can't find any. I can't either. Believe me, we're looking. We look each and everyday. I don't know if you people realize this or not, but no one is hiring. Also, my mother is also beating herself up for not being able to get back to work yet. She feels so guilty it isn't funny.

I am aware what welfare is used for, and yes, it should be temporary, but guess what? We're still not back on our feet, are we? Nope. And it's not even our fault we're not on our feet.

Once again, what do you know about me and my life? How do you know I have never been on my own two feet? You don't. Sure, I may have never lived on my own or anything like that, but I have technically been on my own two feet since I was 10 years old. Not a damn person has helped me learn about life, or how cruel people can be, or the way society works. I haven't had people to care about me when I've been through things in my life. People weren't there in my early teen years when I had all of these feelings about my "classmates" and teachers at school harassing and bullying me, and how I didn't have any friends. The only person who's ever cared about me unconditionally is God. And I can say that with fact.

And as far as I'm concerned, I take back asking for donations from people on this blog. I just thought that from me going through this stuff before, and the way people got fired up last time about giving donations, I thought I would ask. But I should've known better about people on this blog. Don't worry, keep your money. I feel so stupid for asking. Most of you people won't even get involved in your community, much less help a neighbor in the time of need. I'm such a fool for asking in the first place. I'm sorry if I sound harsh here myself, but from my observations, a lot of you are selfish. Before you say I'm selfish myself, which I'm not, look at the things I've done for this community, and not one person is grateful for it. If anything, I get screamed and yelled at for trying to help make my community a better place. But hey, at the end of the day, somebody's gotta do it. I guess that somebody in this neighborhood would be me.

Are we talking about who has stooped low? As far as I'm concerned, I haven't stooped low at all doing this. But maybe I have. Yes, I have, actually. I stooped low because I lowered myself to actually depend on people, which I know I should never do. Well, never again. I won't ask anyone on this blog for anything ever again, but you know what, I don't want anybody ever asking me for something again unless it's community-related either.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

How do you know I'm able-bodied? Just because I can type? I hope you're really not assuming I'm able-bodied just because of that. For your information, I have a problem with my left leg that if I stand for long amounts of time, I get really bad cramps and then it gets in pain. My left leg is three inches shorter than my right one. Also, I'm not able to carry heavy loads of things. Finally, how do you except me to work if I get picked up for school at 6am and don't get back to 4 or 4:15pm? I get up at 5am just to go to school, and then when I get home, I have homework I have to do, along with a few chores. I'd like to have at least a couple of hours to myself from long days at school, you know. I'm stressed out enough about school, especially with graduating this year, so just imagine what my stress level would be like if I had to go to school and then go to a job right after. Oh, but then again, you don't care. That's fine. I'm just telling you the truth, though.

But don't worry about me, and that goes for everyone here. I have applied for a couple of jobs already, and someone has given me a bit of a job offer for a blog. I've also applied for a couple of jobs with the City of Chicago and CPS, and a friend of mine is looking to see if I get some sort of job with CPD (as a civilian employee). So best believe I've been looking. Not many people are hiring, especially when you do NOT have a H.S. diploma yet, but don't worry, I've been looking. Plus, because of my relationship I have with God, I believe I'll be just fine.

One last thing. I don't except you to feel sorry for me, nor do I except anyone else to. I don't need pity, especially at a time like this. What I need is encouragement, but it looks like I won't get that here. I'll go to my church for that.

Have a nice evening.

Anonymous said...

Hi Timmy,
We read your blog and tell others about it all the time. I am sorry to hear about your family struggles and I do believe you and your family will perservere. I actually am quite fond of the personalized messages you write in addition to the insight of your crime/blotter reporting and advise.

Expect is misspelled as "except" sometimes in your communications, but I get it. You've gotta have a thick skin to write about personal things that other people might comment on....
If someone has an opinion, at least you know they are tuning in. Otherwise they wouldn't care at all.
Take care*

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thank you, anonymous 9:56. I greatly appreciate your concern and thoughts.
I believe we'll be fine, too, but encouragement is needed.

I believe I did have a pretty thick skin in my reply to the previous person commenting, as I didn't really get mad in my reply like I could have. Actually, opinions like that aren't worth getting mad over. It's just an opinion, after all.

I'll have to work on that "expect/except" thing, thank you for pointing that out :).

You take care as well. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Timmy, I am a long time reader and care about the hard work you have put into this publication. I hate the word "Blog" because it really diminishes the value of the work done, and especially when it it serious work that has real teeth to it like this publication does.

In this horrid economy, even people with highly skilled college degrees can't get work. Don't pay any attention to the hard nosed, insensitive, uninformed people who make comments such as the first commenter made.

Many of the professional writers out here like yourself, have disabilities and live on government money. There is NOTHING wrong with receiving disability benefits.

People have no clue what it is like to be disabled and live with limitations, but I DO know what its like.

I am a pro who runs my own site with thousands of readers and I make no income from it, although I am working to change that.

These things take time.

Keep up the wonderful work and know that God loves you, your city loves you, and the community at large loves you.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 12:48, you took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you for your words of encouragement and appreciation. At a time like this, I need all the encouragement I can get to keep pressing on. That's exactly why I especially made sure I went to church today (well, I go every week, but...). Thank you for letting me know that you do care.

This may be just a blog to most people, but for readers like yourself, and especially me, it's not. In my eyes, I see this as a major community website that plays a major role into keeping residents informed and safe in their areas, as well as for them to step up and take back their neighborhoods. I think in other people's eyes, they see this site also as a community website where they can report and get information on crime occurring in the area.

I most certainly agree with you that even people with college degrees can't get jobs in this horrible economy. I know a couple of people in college who are struggling just to make end's meet.

I also agree with you that a lot of professional writers do have disabilities and do live off government money. In my view, I don't think that there is anything wrong with living off government money, either, as long as you're a good citizen, pay your bills, try to get a job, etc.

Thank you for your understanding about the limitations that disabilities sometimes do have on people, including myself. I find that a lot of people think we make excuses about things because we have disabilities, when in fact we're just telling the truth.

Thank you for your encouragement once again, I really do appreciate it. Thank you for reassuring me that I am loved, especially by God.

May God keep you and bless you, and I will have your website in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey man -

It sucks that some folks can't deal with their own issues so they have to try to put down people they see as worse off - try not to sweat it.

I think you perform a valuable service for the community - have you considered a "donate" button or Kickstarter campaign?



Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed your blog. I feel we don't take care about our own in this country. Stay strong and if you have a donate button I will help. Everyone is free to speak their mind, but that doesn't mean the whole world thinks it's right. Sometimes people with attitude is because they have been shot down themselves but to embrassed to admit it. Your very strong person I feel at your age. Keep up the good job. Wishing your family the best.

Jena said...

To that first anonymous saying you deserve nothing, maybe you should stop reading a blog that you've clearly enjoyed for years if you can't get behind his personal situation. Seriously, if you're not donating becuase you think his situation is fake, all due respect, SUCK IT. Seriously, stop reading. Stop taking up the bandwidth that he's paying for (internet).

Timmy, I live around Logan I enjoy reading what you do here and appreciate that someone's on top of things. Maybe anonymous has never fallen on hard times and so can't understand how difficult it is to stand back up after the rug keeps getting pulled out from under them. Clearly they think jobs are free for the taking, when we all know they're not, even at McDonalds and grocery stores. Hang in there, stuff gets better eventually. Keep doin' what you're doin' -- working hard.

Maybe look into setting up a kickstarter or throwing some google ads on here just for some extra help, and honestly if someone is pissed about a paypal donation button, there's one solution - not clicking it. People are rude. Try not to let it get under your skin.

Anonymous said...

To Jena,

Seriously? "Suck it?" I love when liberals such as yourself have no rational argument and regress to childish and unoriginal statements such as "suck it". Someone else raised in la la land where the concept of reaping the benefits of hard work is unimaginable.

"Living off the government," as Timmy puts it, isn't something to be proud of but let's face it, many people do. However, Timmy stated in the previous post that he does not want to get a job at McDonalds because he doesn't speak spanish and wouldn't be able to understand his co-workers.

That's just no argument. None. And Timmy, you posted here that your handouts are a "right". No, dear. They're not. Re-read your constitution. They are certainly not a right. They are a privilege. Let's not forget that.

Jena said...

YEAH, Suck it. I've been working since I as 15 in two different states and can safely tell you that even with a college degree in a useful field, it's hard to get a job.

You're drawing conclusions about a lot of people you don't know and will never meet.

Seriously, stop reading the blog if you don't support him.

Anonymous said...


Don't listen to this angry troll who has nothing better to do than spew their negativity. Timmy, you do have a right, an absolute right, to government disability assistance, I know it, you know it, and "Anonymous" Troll knows it too. The Constitution does not include every right one has by LAW.

You're doing good work here, Timmy, and it's a valuable to the community. And you should put up the Paypal button, and leave it up! People will give not just because they feel for your tricky financial situation, but because they place actual, monetary value on the public service you provide to the community.

Keep plugging along. It means something to more people than you realize.


Alisa said...


It was nice meeting you at the CAPS meeting a few weeks ago at the WPB Library.

I tried calling your cell and hope it's not turned off? :(

The feelings of frustration you feel three years into your blog are the very sames ones I experience while putting together the pipeline weekly e-newsletter which also coincidentally started three years ago, too.

It is difficult to "get a real job" when the one you are doing, Timmy, is far more important to the community than bagging groceries. You have a gift and a talent and you need to use it.

The problem happens when you give and readers merely take/read, leaving you with nothing but "keep up the good work!" emails while you yourself have no $ to show for all of those hours you spend listening to and transcribing the police scanner as you do. Or attending and reporting on meetings as you also do.

I "got a real job" for 5 months last year, all while running a blog and newsletter and website with then three regular helpers. My in-box was flooded with 50 emails when I got home from sitting in a cube all day, cold calling to solicit students for a for-profit university. My hair was falling out from the stress of trying to perform at my job I did not love and then staying up until 4AM working on the pipeline, which I do love, sleeping til 8AM, then going to work at 9. Then home at 6PM, covering events at night, working til the wee hours.

Finally this past May I quit to do my blog full-time. Parted ways with a sick cat I had had for 10 years and could not afford to take care of (the shelter I adopted him from 10 years ago was able to take him, I think about him almost daily), sold my car, moved in with a roommate, and pawned anything left of value.

Though I don't have a donation button like you, I am thankful I do possess a skill set in advertising and sales. It's very tough, though, to sell ads plus write and edit, and the only way I can sustain my blog is to sell advertising to the small business community I report on. Lately the stress has been getting to me and the joy I once had in covering news is usurped by the stress of trying to sell enough advertising to support the existence of a third printed edition.

Perhaps you should make this blog a pay site, or maybe we can get together and host a pipeline-Avondale Logan FUNdraiser? It kills me when I see stories I break show up in mainstream media with no credit to pipeline, or other local blogs simply rip off the news I spend hours walking the streets sourcing on their sites. I do it because I love it. Days are meaningful. Social capital is always better for the soul than financial capital, though without money, it's easy to become bitter and angry.

In past week I have snapped at people who asked me for the 50th time to feature their news (but have never supported pipeline) and I have de-subscribed from emails from shops that I routinely feature for the same reason. Non-profits who receive large grants and pay money to print thousands of post cards want me to spend time featuring their news and when I ask if they can buy an ad, they balk at me, well, they're a non-profit...

At the same time, naysayers like the person who was the first to respond to your post Timmy, also criticize me and are quick to point out my lack of 'journalistic integrity' b/c so much of my content is from advertisers. It just makes me laugh. Those advertisers are the only reason I am still alive and not cold calling in a cube for 'DeFy University.' Then stop reading. You are clearly reading my blog enough to point out all of its flaws and such. Go read the Trib. Oh, wait, they're not paying reporters to listen to police scanners like you are, Timmy, or walk the neighborhood and report on news from the street on up. So who is? I guess that's the question. Do we give up? Or do the content creators get smarter and find ways to attain sustainability?

Yours in HOPE,

Anonymous said...

To the blogger on this site: How do you hear everything that's going on with the police/fire department? Do you have a police scanner? Also, are you authorized to release information like this? Just curious.