Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chicago Police Superintendent Misuses Police Resources For His Daughter's Pickpocket Incident

By Anonymous-
Chicago, IL

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy recently pulled strings to get a team of 4 Detectives assigned to his daughter's non-violent pickpocket incident in the 18th Chicago Police District, covering the downtown area. According to confidential sources at the Chicago Police Department, McCarthy's daughter was out shopping and enjoying herself downtown when she noticed she had been pickpocketed. 

She shows up at the 18th district station and files a pickpocket (theft) report and tells the copper taking the report that McCarthy is her father. McCarthy is then notified by his daughter after the report was made and he then has a team of 4 detectives in Detective Area North RBT at Belmont and Western perform 24+ hours of overtime while they pulled video surveillance of her entire route and did a complete backtrack of everyplace she had been. The report is filed under RD#184000. According to the sequencing and issuance of Chicago Police RD#'s, this incident would have happened on March 06th, 2012.

Police Officers who are close to this investigation say that the RD# has been "Locked Down" and that no one but the involved / assigned Detectives can run the RD# under threat of disciplinary action due to a "flagging" procedure placed on the RD# at CPD Headquarters. This leads a reasonable person to believe that McCarthy's daughter is being given preferential treatment over other victims of the same crime and over and above other citizens in general when it comes to criminal victimization.

Excuse us citizens, but, doesn't that violate every police ethic and every CPD internal policy on the order books? That McCarthy did this so blatantly speaks volumes about his inability to make sound decisions with any sort of concern for ethics and how his decisions affect other current and past crime victims. If anyone under McCarthy were to have pulled a stunt like this, they would be filing a response to a CR#! This proves that McCarthy only has his own back and that of his family, screw the other city citizens and the hard working men and women in blue out here!

Besides this incident involving McCarthy pulling strings for his daughter, he has shown his malfeasance by way of a haphazard police district reorganization that shut down two detective divisions, and two police districts which has left gaping holes in community police coverage. Slower response times should already be the norm on top of the already slow response times due to lack of manpower and lack of leadership at OEMC! We already know that there is a disconnect in two places at the Chicago Police Department: One between the CPD leadership and the citizens, and then the disconnect between OEMC calltakers who route calls to the dispatchers for the police to act on, and then that same disconnect extends between the police and the dispatchers since the calltakers oftentimes get the wrong information OR very little information to the dispatchers to send out to police on the streets.

McCarthy needs to be held accountable for his mismanagement as a form of incompetentcy, malfeasance, and violation of CPD internal policies. Any person would reasonably believe that this adds up to official misconduct somehow. The problem is getting around and through the layers of political protection surrounding McCarthy.

Citizens should be calling their aldermen, calling their state reps, and filing grievances with CPD in regards to McCarthy's misconduct.

Blog notes (from Timmy): Hmmm ... interesting, to say the very least. I'm personally a bit shocked, but not really at the same time. I wouldn't have really excepted this kind of thing from McCarthy, but at the same time, this is nothing new, with higher-ups constantly only looking out for their own interests. It's no wonder police morale is so low nowadays. Our men and women in blue can't trust their leaders, and they already mistrust us, the citizens. So who can they trust? No one. And then people wonder why certain cops act the way they do....

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Mary LaNett said...

So what else is new. Cops always take care of their own first.