Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!

Good morning, everyone, and Merry Christmas to all! It's 6am. I hope everyone is enjoying this great holiday and is with their families and friends on this day. Anyway, I'm on a special monitoring schedule, since I'm going to work on my other blog as well and do other things today. I'm monitoring 25 from now until 6:30am, then I'm covering 14 from 6:30 to 7, and then 17 from 7 to 7:15. I'm come back with this blog, starting with 17 at 8:15pm, then I'm covering 14 from 8:30 to 9:00, and finally, I'm covering 25 from 9:00 to 9:30. After 9:30, I'm done with the blog for the night. So with that, here's crime on this Christmas day. Merry Christmas!

6:07am - This isn't in our coverage area, but there's an EMS 10-1 at 23XX N Keating. There is an out of control domestic disturbance going on, and it's getting ugly.

6:08am - A slow down is being given on the 6:07am job. Quite a few officers on scene.

6:24am - Some more cars are needed at the 6:07am job. It's getting out of control again.

6:48am - Switching over to 14. Standby. Yep, I'm late. I'm sorry. I'll make up for it a bit later.

7:00am - Switching over to 17. Standby...

7:15am - I'm gone for now. I'll be back a bit later. Have a great morning, everyone!

9:15am - I'm back with 14 for now.

9:33am - And I'm gone. See you all later. Have a great Christmas, everyone!

8:15pm - I'm back with 17.

8:30pm - Switching over to 14. Standby...

9:00pm - Switching over to 25. I thought I heard maybe one call in 14 while I was listening, possibly on Palmer, but nothing major happened at all. So standby for 25...

9:30pm - I'm done blogging for the night. I'll see you all tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone. Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas!


Greg Giffon said...

Those cops in 025 ran a car off the road on Armitage. Big crash, someone got killed. Where's the justice against the police?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the police, they're gonna have their hands full come this spring. Heard those G-8 protesters will soil the cops at the riots. Probably 500 or more will put in their papers and retire.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Greg, I heard about that accident. That's not true about the police running off the car off the road, either, because I was listening to the radio at the time of that tragedy, and they said the car struck another car, which spun out of control and went flying off the road. The said pretty much the same thing on the news. So if I were you, I wouldn't be calling for justice against the CPD.

Anonymous 12:54, what the hell is this G-8 thing? I've heard about it from a couple of commenters on this blog, but nobody hasn't said what it is. And, why is it such a threat to the CPD?