Saturday, December 17, 2011

Early Afternoon 14th Dist. Calls/Evening 25th Dist. Calls

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 2:06pm. It's a cloudy day with temps in the lower 30s. It snowed this morning, as you all can see outside. Anyway, I'm monitoring 14 from now until 3:18pm, then I'll come back with 25 after my dinner until 9:20, which then I'll take a break until 10:30. After that, I'll come back to monitor until around 1am or so. Also, we've got a week until Christmas Eve and Christmas and two weeks until New Year's Eve. I can't wait for 2012 to get here. It's going to be a really important but great year for me, I feel. I will be graduating high school and moving on to college in 2012, so I'm excited about that. Here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:12pm - 1) Gang disturbance. Armitage and Kimball. Group of males in a van chasing two others. They're throwing up gang signs and what not, too. 2) Assault in progress. Campbell and Armitage. Three males chasing one, heading towards Western on Armitage.

3:13pm - Burglar alarm. 25XX N Campbell.

3:18pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back later. See you all then.

8:00pm - I'm back.

8:24pm - Suspicious vehicle. 18XX N Harding.

9:20pm - I'm going to go for a while. I'll be back later.

10:30pm - And I'm back.

11:41pm - Shots Fired. 24XX N Kildare. Two heard in the rear.

11:45pm - Burglar alarm. 4200 W Diversey.

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