Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stumbling Female @ Lawndale And George

Hi, everyone. It's 9:30am. I may be another step closer to ending the blog soon. I'm starting to feel as if I'm just not cut out for this type of work anymore. I feel very limited in what I can report, and I've never seen other bloggers being told what they can report as much as I have. I don't think it's right. Luckily for the naysayers, I don't have the time or day to fight for my rights. This is part of the reason why sometimes I disappear for hours, to tell the truth, because I feel like I'm losing the war against the bad elements in our community, and fast. I just step away from all of it. With all of the limitations I have, what's there left to report? Nothing really. So my involvement in the community and this blog might just become a thing of the past sooner or later. Anyway, the weather's supposed to be nice today. 70s with sun and clouds mixed. Maybe some rain. Also, I might be gone on two separate occasions today, just to enjoy some time to myself. That is all. Here's crime.

9:42am - EMS run. Lawndale and George. Very intoxicated female stumbling all over.

9:57am - An officer is saying she's in front of the building on the southeast corner of George and Hamlin (he gave an exact address, but in fear of being reported again, I won't post it).

10:39am - Parker. On 2525's Beat.

11:15am - Disturbance. 20XX N Kedvale. People drinking.

12:33pm - Criminal trespass. 25XX N Lawndale. Squatters in the vacant building. There was a domestic call there earlier, though.

1:05pm - Traffic accident. 3927 W Belmont. Property damage.

2:01pm - 1) Backlog in 25 at 14:01 hours. 2) Traffic accident. Belmont and Monticello. Car hit a construction sign.

2:05pm - Traffic accident. 3914 W North Ave.

2:19pm - Beat 6751Frank is on a street stop at Belden and Springfield.

2:46pm - Backlog taken out at 14:46 hours.

4:16pm - A unit has a traffic stop at Wrightwood and Monticello.

5:03pm - I was going to go a birthday party, but because of the latest news I've gotten (please look at the post above this one), I won't. Please read that post for further details.


Anonymous said...

Don't give up, I need your reports. Forget those naysayers. I support you 100% , you keep me up to date on things in my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Real writers don't need to be patted on the head every two months. You are always threatening to quit. Just do it. Your constant whining about who doesn't like you is just pathetic. Either be a man and put up with it or quit. Every job you have in life there are going to be people that shit on what you are trying to do. So figure it our once and for all.

Anonymous said...


grow up & quit whining.

either kill the blog, or get used to it.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thank you, anonymous 10:56, but the blog has to end (and I'm not ending because I want to now, I am being forced to make this decision).

Anonymous 4:43, I don't NEED or WANT to be patted on the head. I appreicate when people show their support, but I could care less if I had any support, because I know what I was doing was right for the community. I wasn't in it for any of you people. I was in it to protect my family, my life, and bring peace to the community in general. Unfortunately, now, I do have to end the blog because of a situation my family is in.

Anonymous 5:20, whatever. I'm growing up each and everyday. The blog's gone now anyway.

Anonymous said...

4:43 and to 5:20 totally agree with you's ! Finally some other feel the same! It's one thing to help your community but it another when someone who runs a blog and is a bit of a whiner and can't take comments or critism to well. People are not that grown or mature as they think or say to be. OBVIOUSLY ! He says he dont care but there's a little hypocrisy because of past ranting towards and supporters. This happens quite often. To tell the truth I only enjoyed looking at what went one in the neighborhood, not the whole daily life story that went along with it. It felt like i reading someone's diary. but that was his right because he said that's his blog. Good job for reporting crimes bad jobs with the whining sagas. Hoping someone else creates a more enjoyable crime blog to read without the ranting and whining. Good luck in finding a another hobby .

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Man, bunch of haters ... oh wow. And you think I'm mad because I have haters? Nope. I don't care anymore. After today, I'm just going to let stuff roll off my back. But on a serious note, like I said before, I take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Meaning, people who have suggestions on where I can improve and are sincere about it. Instead of people just telling me, "Oh, you do this bad. You need to stop being involved,". Why don't people make suggestions? Maybe this blog could've improved if there was a team effort here. But nope, I guess not. I would've continue the blog, but now my family is in a horrible situation and we are going to have to move. I won't go into here, since people tell me they don't want to hear my entire life story. And that's another thing I want to talk about. I have NEVER told my entire life story on ANY post. When I make posts, I tell people what I am doing on a day so they know when to except me to be gone. Don't you want to be informed that at a particular time period, I may be gone for something, so you know not to except crime reporting during that time? And, folks, you have to remember something. I have friends and family who read this blog, so that is a partial reason why I kind of go into what I am doing. But no one has to worry about me or my whining for the time being, I've been forced to stop the blog until further notice. Don't know when I'll come back, but I probably will. Unless, of course, I am no longer living in the neighborhood. But I do plan on coming back, if I can. If I don't come back, I hope that someone else does take over, because I wouldn't want the community efforts to stop just because I'm gone. But nevertheless, peace out to you.

Anonymous said...

Everyone goes through rough stuff and has to learn how to deal with it. Not soak on it and then people start to feel sorry . Haters or once supporters? Sorry I would never hate on you , there's nothing to hate on. That's what we're talking about "comments and backlashes like that" instead of seeing why or the real reason people say stuff like this on your blog. We're just tired of the whining . And for us to help you make your blog better or give ideas how, for what to be called a hater or some other rude comment? You can't take critism well or take it as a learning lesson yet obviously! You're still whining! You care if you can call people" haters" right? Was once your supporter and that changed completely when I started to see how you were coming back at people on here or the way you were handling it. You probably dont care what I'm writing but hey someone gots to keep it real! Anybody can make a blog like yours but people just don't have the time because they work or just don't have time too! Not because they don't want too! So what's to hate on again? Not saying your blog is bad just the way you take stuff is bad instead of taking some of that and learning from it! I can say thank you for the times your blog was good and I'm sure you're a great guy but not the way you come at people on here!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 7:11, I can't believe we're still talking about this. LOL. It's been what, four days since that confrontation happened at that CAPS meeting? Yeah, I was pretty mad that night and the next day after, but I've gotten over it for the most part. I'm not mad anymore. Now I just know not to post Beat meeting reports, and that's the end of it. There, I learned something. But you know what? I would've never been mad if that CAPS leader didn't approach me the way they did. There is a such thing as being polite and calm when you're talking to someone. You weren't there that night at that CAPS meeting, were you? That person got within 10 inches with me and screamed at me. They stopped short of a verbal/physical assault. That's what I didn't appreicate. I didn't go to that meeting to nearly get threatened by someone who can't control their emotions. But it's whatever. I don't care anymore. I just know not to head back to that CAPS meeting or nor post Beat meeting reports.

As for "backlashes" and "comments like that", it's like I said, people aren't going to come on here and just talk to me any kind of way they wish. I'm not a punching bag, nor am I a child. I am a young adult. I don't take demands from people, either, unless that person is my mother. You're going to ask me for something first. I don't listen to demands, nor respond to them well. I admit that. Also, maybe the "backlashes" and "comments like that" go to people who respond to something on this blog using profanity and talking to me like I have to listen. I am always open for most suggestions on this blog. I could improve, I know that. But like I said, there's a such thing as constructive criticism, and just downright insults. If I'm insulted by someone for something I write here, I will insult back.

Unlike you, maybe I "whine" because I have real life, grown-up problems I'm dealing with. You don't know my situation, so don't judge. Only a few people on this blog know what I'm going through. I'm certainly not going to tell you because of the way you're talking to me. Then again, you don't probably care to know, so I don't care to tell you.

Where's the evidence that I've been rude to people? I want some evidence from you. Yes, I've been rude to you, but you got rude with me. And I admit that I'm rude to the idiots who post on here occasionally. They deserved to be checked. But I don't recall a time where I've been rude to a regular reader who asks a question or gives me some information or something like that. So like I said, show me some evidence. If you can prove it to me, I'll man up and apologize. I'll even apologize to everyone reading if I've ever been rude to them. But until then, I don't see any reason why I should apologize.

About the way I handle stuff, you do realize I'm human, right? And have a disability? That's not an excuse for you, that's the truth. I do admit that I don't handle all things so well, but I'll tell you that I've been through a lot more than what I've talked about here, and have handled it fine. I'm sure you get upset at times, like everyone else. You can't tell me you're always upbeat and happy. We're all human here.

I've had A LOT of people reading this blog tell me that they can't believe how well I run this blog, with everything going on at once. And those people have told me they wouldn't run a blog like the one I do if you payed them a million bucks. So a lot of people don't want to do a blog of this nature. I'm fine with it, for the most part. Sure, I could use another helper or two, but I manage to somehow find time to do this blog. I don't know how I do it, but I do.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

To be honest, I think you're kind of whining here. Why? Because you're not letting this go. I'm already over it for the most part. You're mad because I may have been rude at a time or two to someone, and you're still mad at me even when I've been pretty nice to you in these comments. I could be a lot meaner, but I won't be. So, just let this go, man. Please. It's not worth our time to be arguing about something like this.

Have a good day.

Dr. P said...

I posted this originally, on a different feed, but it should have gone here. I'm posting it again, because I can't stress enough how ridiculous it is that GROWN PEOPLE are giving you a hard time considering you are 18. 18, and not shooting people, shooting police or in a gang. The following is my original post:
If I have read correctly, Timmy is 18 and has Autism. It is remarkable - his maturity - and willingness to engage in all types of public, emotionally charged, and community based endeavors. For an 18 year old and for someone actively dealing with something like Autism. Any grown people giving him grief here should really check themselves and take a good look at where the real frustration is coming from. I wish you luck and admire your will, Timmy.

Piper Alexander said...

I think a lot of people forget when they're typing away at a computer that there is a HUMAN BEING on the receiving end, not just another computer without emotions. Funny how these people post as "Anonymous" - own your words. Don't call someone pathetic when you're hiding behind anonymity. THAT'S pathetic. And another thing, a blog is a lot like someone's diary, by definition. If you don't like it, why are you reading it? I don't even think people should be giving criticisms. If you know how to do it better, then stop bitching and do it better. I don't see that happening, so... I could go on, but I'll stop here. Sorry, this is making ME angry. I can only imagine how you feel. And I'm sorry you have to deal w/this shit.

I appreciate what you do in the community and I'm sorry to see your blog come to an end, but I understand that it's necessary given your circumstances. I hope everything works out for you.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Piper, you've taken the words right out of my mouth. We think alike. That's exactly what I am thinking. I'm so tired of ANONYMOUS fellas saying this stuff. Give me your name if you want to talk some B.S. And like you said, Piper, if they think they can do a better job, then let them step up. I think I'm doing a damn good job, despite all of my circumstances I'm currently facing.

Thank you for your wishes, and thank you for understanding. I truly appreicate that in a time like this. I really hope everything works out for my family.