Thursday, August 11, 2011

Important Announcement -- PLEASE READ

Good evening, everyone. I have a very important announcement to make to all of you, and it is not a good one. I wish it would be, but alas, it's not. This is regarding Beat meetings in the community and my involvement in them. This is also regarding me posting addresses.

I have decided that, as of tonight, that I will NOT be in attendance of Beat meetings anymore, unless it's my own CAPS meeting, or if I have at least three requests from the neighbors on a particular Beat. I am sick and tired of having CAPS leaders come in my face only to yell and scream at me at these meetings just because some of you are COWARDS and refuse to tell ME a problem you have with MY blog. Why is that everytime someone has a problem with the way I do things on here, they take it up with the police and CAPS leaders? Why can't you just address me? It's way beyond frustrating, as this isn't the first time I've had this happen to me. I'm getting real tired of coming to every meeting only to have something said to me, negatively. And the latest accusations I've had thrown at me are making me thinking about just stopping this service to all of you, and stop being involved in the community altogether. I do not go to meetings only to get screamed and yelled at, period. If I want to be yelled and screamed at, I would apply for a year-round school. Do any of you realize know how this makes me feel, when you go behind my back and do this to me? This isn't the first time, but it will be the last time. If I have one more accusation thrown at me by a CAPS leader, I will stop everything I'm doing with the community. And this blog will end. I can promise all of you that. You all seem to think I'm required to do everything I'm doing or something. Nope. I do this out of my own time because I care. I could always find other hobbies, and stop caring, though. I have a personal life, too.

This issue is related to people having an issue with their "addresses" published on their Beat meeting posts. Well, guess what? If it was your address, you definitely should've made that clear to me. Talk to me after the meeting or something. All of you have my email address, some of you are on my Facebook fan page, and hell, some of you have my cell phone number. Let me know. But do not go behind my back and report this nonsense to CAPS leaders. That will only make me lose support of CAPS and will trigger me to leave all of this community work behind. And it certainly will prevent me from coming back to any future meetings.

Since we're on this topic, also effective tonight, I will no longer publish reports from ANY Beat meetings on this blog. If you do really want to hear about what happened at your CAPS meeting, you will have to email me and leave your first and last name with me, so I can talk to you more about your request. NO exceptions. If I deem your request to be acceptable, then I will email you about what happened at your CAPS meeting. If you can't do that, then you will have to attend your next CAPS meeting, or find someone else who will report meetings not under any conditions. But I will have no more Beat meetings posts up here, period. I'm not going to get yelled and screamed at about this nonsense, ever again, because if I do, someone will have to take over this blog, because I'll be done with it.

Once again, just so we're clear, if ANYONE has a problem with my blog, you need to email me first and talk to me about it. If you don't get anywhere with me, then talk to your CAPS Facilitator and the police. But don't go behind my back and report me for some nonsense that I could've easily taken care of.

I'm sorry I have to come off this way, but I am beyond pissed that I'm hearing about this again. I am honestly hurt by some of you folks, especially the ones who went behind my back and reported me. If you are reading and you're one of the people who have reported me to the "authorities", I'm going to ask you to stop reading my blog. Just go if you don't like what you see here. End of story.



Anonymous said...


If a person(s) is upset at you, it's because you are doing your job. Those addresses that come up are not up there to be honored, they are there because they are the problem. Instead of taking care of the issues that put their info. up and helping the community, they are coming after you. Just remember what my grandma once told me, "Ignore all the idiots you'll meet during your lifetime and another idiot will come along to deal with him/her and shall eliminate each other". Don't come down to their level Timmy, just continue with what makes YOU happy!

Thanks so much for your service.

Take care and have fun at the party!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thank you for your support :). I appreicate it. And you understand exactly how I feel when it comes to the addresses. I post them because they're the addresses of offenders (or should be), because they're the problem. They are not up here because I just feel like posting them up, or endangering the law-abiding citizens. I have NO intentions to do that whatsoever. And you're exactly right, they're putting their focus on me instead of on the community, which is the complete opposite of what they should be doing. And this is why I step back most times if it isn't the immediate area I live in.

Thank you for your valuable advice, and you're welcome about the service. Readers like you are the reason I keep doing this everyday. There's been a lot of times in these last two and a half years of my doing this blog where I just wanted to throw in the towel, but then readers like you ensure me that you care about the service I provide, and that you appreicate my community efforts.

I will be sure to have fun at the party :).

Anonymous said...

Timmy, you want to push people around when you can buy you run when pushed back. stop endangering yourself and your community.

Anonymous said...

Timmy, your not even wanted at your own CAPS meetings so dont go. Your not the solution your part of the problem.

Dr. P said...

If each before his own door swept, the village would be clean. Don't take it personally that these people can't clean up their own messes.
Thanks for all that you do in the community, Timmy. And ignore those jerks!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Dr. P, thank you for your comment. It isn't easy but I'm learning each and everyday.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 3:04/3:09, I MUST know you from somewhere. You sound like someone I've ran into before. Or maybe you're an angry person from that Beat meeting I went to the other night and supported the CAPS Facilitator getting in my face and screaming at me. All I can say is, oh well. You and whoever else is angry with me will have to remain so, I guess. You guys are mad because I report the truth as into what goes into these meetings? You must be. I don't understand why there's people like you who get mad at me for being informative and helpful to the community. Is it because my readers trust my blog more than some CAPS people? It must be. That's what I think it is. You guys should be ashamed of yourself, but it's no sweat off my back. I'm not going to allow people to drive me away from helping the community. You may have driven me away from some of your Beat meetings, but I certainly will not give up being informative and helpful to the community. I've always exposed the truth, and will continue to do so. People deserve to know about these things. Oh, and I push people? Really? Wow, that makes me laugh. Yeah, maybe I do push people. Maybe I push them because they need to take care of THEIR community. It's not MY job to fix all parts of Avondale/Logan Square ... do you realize how big our two neighborhoods are? They go all the way out to the river! I don't have time to fix everyone's area. But since I do this blog, that's what people except from me. Wrong. Just because I do this blog doesn't mean people should get lazy and wait for me to address their issues. I'm not getting payed or anything for this. I push people because they need to wake up and realize the problems their community is facing. They need to stop being so apathetic. If I can go to school, attend meetings, do this blog and take care of my personal life too, I'm sure they can juggle, too. It's just excuses from most of these people. And I run when I'm pushed back? Hell no, buddy. You don't even know me personally, I bet. Just know this, I don't get pushed back, I back off. I'm not so into this community stuff that I have to be pushed back from people. I back off if I realize people are just continuing to be apathetic and lazy, and if people don't want me around. I don't go where I'm not wanted. Just know that. I have other things I could be doing, and whenever I don't go to meetings, it's not a big problem. I can always find other things to do. And about me not wanted at my own meetings, you're wrong there also. I remember I had to miss a meeting last year, in August, to take care of some other community stuff, and the next day, I had at least four emails from people on my Beat asking me where I was for the meeting. Not to mention I saw some of the people from the meeting on the street, and they also missed me being at the meeting. I came back to the next people, and people were glad to see me. Whenever I go to 2523's meeting, I can tell you just about everytime, at least one person will be glad to know I am in attendance. Sure, maybe the alderman and a few certain coppers don't like seeing me there, but too bad. Unless a majority of people don't want me there, I will continue to go. And one-timer whiners don't count in my book, because as I said, they only show up once to complain and you never see them again.

Anonymous said...

Okay if you want to keep it real, I think it's sometimes you come off a little rude when people do have something to say if you don't agree with it. I understand you have people's support but sometimes I think they kiss ass instead of keeping it real sometimes. Then you start getting mad if you don't like what some people have to say about your blog or comments. It's your blog and you can say what you like but you have o expect agreement and disagreements that's what comments are for right? You come rude at someone because of an opinion that is made instead look at it as something you gotta fix or take critism as a lesson to learn. Some people are "assholes" but some people you think that are "assholes" are sometimes trying to give a point and then you automatically chew them out because you don't like it. Another think just because you have alot of time on your hands doesn't mean you have the right to pressure people to go to these meetings people do work and got things to take care, that's why they go to your blog to catch up. It's great that you go to the meetings and support your community at least you are. You dont take feedback well and become rude at times. Maybe that's why they reported you ? start taking people's comments seriously except for the idiotic ones as for those just ignore them, why waste your time stooping to that level? If you don't like feedback or comments you disagree with why let people comment on your blog ? Welcome to the world of Adulthood. I hope you don't take this message or comment offensive. You did say let you know right? I don't sugar coat what I have to say. Sorry for keeping it real. I do know what you do on this blog is great for the community. Just lay off on the rudeness or trying to get bold sometimes. Cheer up and keep going! Life is a learning lessons!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Keeping it real, are we? I can keep it real, too, you know. And that's what I do with this blog. I keep it real with the community. But obviously, there's people who don't like that. Like I said, they will have to deal with it. The majority of the community supports me, and the naysayers are definitely in the minority.

So you think I come off rude at times? Maybe I do. Maybe I do because of people getting rude with me first. I'm not a mean person as you think I am. I am actually one of the nicest people in this community. Just ask the readers who have personally met me. I just don't take any B.S. off of people. I've been like that since my early teen years, and that an "attitude" I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I'm not going into my personal life here, but it's been hell. I've been affected by things I've seen in my life, so those things are a part of the person I am. And I'm not going to let people run me over anymore. I am a person just like everyone else, so I do ask for respect. I treat people the way they wanted to be treated. If you're rude to me, I'll be just as rude to you. And, also, maybe I get rude at times because people come on this blog thinking they're going to talk to me any way they want to, and then demand/ask me to do stupid things at times. I'm sorry if I'm a no-nonsense person, but I am. I'm a type of person that just wants things to be orderly and peaceful. Like I said, no one knows my life and knows what I have had to go through. I've had some eye openers in my life that I don't have the time and day to explain.

People shouldn't kiss my ass, as you say, and I don't except them to. But if they're going to keep it real, then I ask not them not to just speak to me any kind of way. I don't respond well to people who just demand things and have an angry tone of what they're saying to me. It's just stuff I've been through in my personal life and like I said, I don't care to explain it right now.

I do listen and respond to people's comments about the blog. If people are asking me to improve something that's within my control on this blog, I will do so. But if someone comes to me saying, "Oh, why the hell do you support the police so much?!" or "stop going to CAPS meetings" or some other dumb shit (excuse my language), then of course I'm going to respond rudely. As I keep stating, I refuse to let people walk over me. That's just a big NO on my part.

I apologize if I'm an ass at times, but like you, I keep it real. I feel that sometimes people need to wake up and know what time it is. They really do. Do you think I'm going to suger-coat the lack of community involvement, or the way community groups are sometimes? No. I'm keeping it real to everyone here. And, about chewing people out, it's like I said earlier. If people are going to be rude with their "point" to me, then I need to check them. It's okay to disagree, but you have to agree to disagree in life. You can't just disagree and say, "Oh, that opinion is SO stupid. Your logic is messed up," or something like that. We all have to be adults (believe me, I may not act like one at times, but I am really trying my best to act as an adult at all times) at some point.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I may be rude to you here, sir, and I apologize if this comes off as offensive, but when did you start thinking I have a lot of times on my hands?? No. You're wrong there. Maybe I have time on my hands right now because I'm not in school at the moment, but believe me, when I go back to school next month, I won't. At all. Hell, I don't even have all that much time on my hands right now. As you may see, there are times this summer when I haven't blogged for hours on some days. That's because I'm taking care of needs in my personal life. I am not cooped in my house 24/7 everyday. And as for pressuring people to come to meetings, I admit that I do. But you know why? That's because they need to. There is way too much apathy in our community from people. There is no excuse why there are only 5 to 10 people showing up for certain meetings. I understand some people have jobs, school, etc., but you can't tell me everyone does. There are people who are at home in the evenings. They just don't go to meetings. Those are the people I pressure to attend meetings. People in our community need to attend meetings because the police and the city can't fight the good fight by theirselves. It's got to be a combined effort. It really does. People complain about the problems in their community, but when there is an opportunity to fix it, they almost never do, and it honestly makes me sick to my stomach. Another thing, this blog should be NO excuse for people not attending meetings. Just because I report things that happen at the meetings (which I'm limited in doing now) does not mean the people at home shouldn't get off their butt and walk/drive to the meeting. And, you have to realize, I CANNOT represent the ENTIRE community. I am only one person. I can't do everyone's work. I have enough I'm dealing with in my own immediate area, much less everyone else's area.

My rudeness isn't the reason I was reported. That's not what that CAPS leader told me at least. They just said people were complaining about "their" addresses being posted up here, when it wasn't their address in the first place (and if it was, they need to clarify that with me).

I need to get going, so I'll close up now. I'll just say that if I've ever been rude to anyone for no justifiable reason, I apologize for it. I'm sorry. I hope everyone has a great day.