Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shoplifter @ The CVS On Fullerton, 'Banger Fight On Avers

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 12:18pm. I'm feeling a lot better, but I still have a mini cold that I need to go over. The worse of it has passed, though. So it's another warm day out there. It will be until Monday, and then it'll start to cool off very slowly as the next week goes by and what not. Anyway, I am attending an event this evening. I have to leave just before 5pm, and I won't be back until about 10:30 or 11pm. I won't blog after I leave this evening. Tomorrow, I'll be blogging 14. So with that, here's crime for this afternoon.

12:49pm - Holding the offender. 3940 W Fullerton. Shoplifter at the CVS.

1:35pm - Assault in progress. 21XX N Avers. Gangbangers trying to start a fight with someone.

3:27pm - Backlog in 25 at 15:27 hours.

3:35pm - Battery. 3753 W Fullerton. Caller was beaten up badly by some guy.

4:16pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 39XX W Wellington.

4:28pm - Recover the stolen vehicle. 24XX N Avers.

4:32pm - 1) Suspicious person. 30XX N Haussen. 2) Disturbance. 4000 W Palmer.

4:36pm - Commercial alarm. 2121 N Keeler. At the Nixon school.

4:46pm - 1) Criminal damage. 39XX W Palmer. 2) Disturbance. MIlwaukee and Central Park.

4:47pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone, and be safe.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better! Get well . Hayfever season sucks !

Anonymous said...

Any reason why you usually do the same time patterns? I get off late at night & would like to know what happened between Midnight and 8am???

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thank you, anonymous 4:04. I'm feeling much better now :).

Anonymous 7:26, I usually do the same time patterns because those are my hours I am awake. I'm usually in bed after midnight and awake between 8am and 10am. I'm not a night person. In the next week or so, I plan to do some overnight monitoring, though :).