Monday, June 27, 2011

Speed Chase In 15

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 12:45pm. Just got home from summer school. It was fun today, but it always is for the most part. Anyway, temps are in the mid 70s with peeks of sunshine in the clouds. But it is supposed to storm today, and I hear that the storms will be severe, which isn't good. Anyway, I have a meeting tomorrow morning in Downtown, at 121 N. LaSalle, and it's the Liquor Control Commission meeting. At this meeting, the status of Bristol's and Iry's will be updated, and then we'll be bringing up the new problems at Danny's Liquors. Then, I'm attending a roll call in 17 at Roscoe and Hamlin at 6pm. So, with that, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

1:41pm - Beat 1575Sam just had a bit of a traffic pursuit in the area of Harrison and Lotus. They were chasing the car north on Lotus and then two subjects bailed. One was a male Black teenager, with a red/black shirt. They were going to pursue this guy, but 1570 told them to terminate, because the car was headed north on a one-way street going south, and Downtown has given orders to all officers driving Tahoes not to pursue subjects.

2:19pm - I have to go do some community work. I'll be back later.

6:30pm - I'm back. Good evening.

7:17pm - Beat car 2525 has some sort of stop on the 2700 block of N Lawndale.

7:46pm - Gang disturbance. Kilbourn/Altgeld. Three male Hispanics in white shirts armed with bats, flashing gang signs. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call for me.
10:34pm - A unit had a male with a blue tanktop take off from them at Ridgeway and Fullerton.

10:39pm - Suspicious vehicle. 28XX N Ridgeway. Blue 4-door vehicle has been parked there since Saturday. It has tickets and it's windows are rolled down.

10:42pm - Person w/ a gun. Pulaski and Fullerton. Male Hispanic, 20 yrs old, baseball cap, black shirt and shorts waved something in the air and the caller thinks it was a gun.

10:45pm - Beat 2506Adam has a traffic stop at Diversey and Central Park.

11:44pm - Shots Fired. 16XX N Harding. Two gunshots. The offender is a male Black with a red t-shirt and he has a revolver.


Anonymous said...


Anyone know what's going on at Belmont and Monticello? The police have the street taped off and blocked off with cars, to both motorists and pedestrians. Appreciate any info, thanks!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I'll find that out for you, and will have that information for you by midday tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Timmy, we first noticed it at 5:30 pm, and at 8:00pm it was still cordoned off. That intersection has been a hotbed of gang activity before, hope you can shed some light on it for us!

Anonymous said...

I was on my way home this morning around 11:20am and noticed about 8 police cars with Adams St blocked with yellow tape from one side of the street in front of an apartment building on Adams and Central. Do you have any idea what was happening there?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous #1, the following information is per ProdigalOne, who looked the archives up from this time period:

"There was a search at that house with the flower shop on the first floor, but the street [may have been] was blocked off because there was a live wire down at the corner, which it took ComEd quite a bid of time to repair. I picked up that request at 4:58, 6/27 on 17,".

Anonymous 3:53, I'll look into that.