Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beat 1414 CAPS Meeting This Evening (6-30-11)

Good evening, everyone. I attended 1414's CAPS meeting on this evening. This was my first and only visit to that meeting. The first thing we did at the meeting was introduce ourselves, than we went to the old problem that came up at April's meeting, which was graffiti. From what CAPS Officer Lopez said (remember folks, Sgt. Velgara is now retired), there were seven reported incidents with 40 arrests. Now, I'll move on to the new problems:

* There was a shooting at Fullerton and Sacramento on May 21st.
* There are problems with a crowd of teens, and a couple of adults, who gather at the corner of Richmond and Dickens, and are possibly doing drugs and may be involved in gang activity. NW corner building is where they hang most. It's a condemned building.

Other observations:
* This meeting had a pretty poor attendance rate (2 to 4 people).
* The most common crimes on Beat 1414 were theft (41 reported incidents), criminal damage (13 reported incidents), and battery (10 reported incidents).

For this Beat meeting post, I ask for those residents who read the blog but don't come to the meetings (because they don't want to), please, go!

Next meeting: August 25th, 2011 at the corner of Sacramento and Lyndale at 6:30PM. It will be an outdoor meeting, with a positive loitering. If it rains, they'll meet at the Logan Square Library on Fullerton.

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