Saturday, August 21, 2010

Roll Call @ Milwaukee and Belmont

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:18am. It's been a cloudy day so far. Glad the rain let up, though. Anyway, today is Day #3 of the St. Hyacinth's carnival. It starts at 2pm today and goes until 11. No special coverage on it today, though. The special coverage will be done again tomorrow night, for the final night of the 2010 carnival. I have nothing else to say, so here's crime for today.

10:31am - Beat 2510 is doing an outdoor roll call at Milwaukee and Belmont.

11:36am - Suspicious person. 3604 W Schubert. Three males hanging out in a car in front, probably involved in gang activity. There was a lot more information that the 911 caller gave, but I didn't listen to all of it.

11:43am - Beat car 2523 has four on the hood at the 11:36am job. 2514, the back-up unit, is coming from Central.

11:48am - Person wanted. 3912 W Wrightwood. Offender on scene is wanted for domestic battery and home invasion. Beat car 2521Robert did paper on it last night.

12:26 to 12:54pm - Took a little bit of a nap. Sorry.

1:49pm - 1) Disturbance. 4425 W Montana. 2) Disturbance. 3109 N Ridgeway.

2:47pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 3067 N Milwaukee. Male screaming inside of a white truck.

2:49pm - 1) Domestic disturbance. 4137 W Barry. 2) Assault. Milwaukee and Ridgeway. Methinks this is related to the 2:47pm job.

3:36pm - Person w/ a gun. Diversey and Lawndale.

3:42pm - A slow down is being given on the 3:36pm job per Beat 2561Eddie.

4:44 to 5:30pm - Didn't pay much attention. Sorry. Was talking with mom this time.

6:08pm - Loud music disturbance. 2700 block of N Central Park. Loud party.

6:13pm - For those of you with block clubs, would you mind sending me the links of your block club website(s)? That is, if you have one. I would like to link them to my blog, so other neighbors can join the clubs if they live on the blocks. Thanks.

6:31pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 4100 W Fletcher. 11 and 12 yr olds riding on motor scooters.

6:33pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:48pm - I'm back from eating.

7:45pm - 1) Battery in progress. 3037 N Milwaukee. Two drunks fighting. 2) Information for the police. 3040 N Milwaukee. Illegal aliens living in the building. 3) Burglar alarm. 2314 N Central Park. 4) Burglar alarm. 2607 N Hamlin. 5) Disturbance. 4433 W Montana. 6) EMS run. 2204 N Kedvale. Male passed out in his car for several hours. 7) Vicious animal. Wrightwood and Kostner. 8) Loud music disturbance. 2835 N Lowell.

7:58pm - Traffic accident. 1600 N Central Park.

8:37pm - Suspicious person. 2550 N Hamlin. Male standing in front, casing the place like he's going to break in.

8:53pm - Suspicious person. 3925 W Armitage.

9:29pm - EMS run. 3974 W Barry. Male passed out.

9:40pm - 1) Domestic battery. 4400 W Altgeld. There's a domestic fight going on. 2) Loud music disturbance. 2700 block of N Ridgeway.

9:48pm - Battery in progress. 1656 N Central Park.

10:22pm - Domestic battery. 3657 W Wabansia. Husband hit the crying caller.

10:39pm - Battery in progress. Karlov and Fletcher. Report of about 7 to 8 people in the street fighting.

10:54pm - Gang disturbance. Lawndale and George. They're congregating and about to fight. Off duty PO working security at the carnival called it in. I KNEW this was going to happen, I freakin' knew it. I'm listening for details...

11:02pm - Beat 45Tom71Eddie is on scene of the carnival. He's got a bit of a crowd, is dispersing them. Beat car 2525Robert just pulled up on the scene and is helping to disperse the crowd.

11:17pm - Disturbances. On 2525R's Beat.

11:20pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. 2638 N Avers. Loud party. 2) Parker. On 2524R's Beat.

11:59pm - Beat car 2524R gets some jobs on 2523R's Beat.

12:00am - I'm gone for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

i got a question why would the police care if theres ilegal aliens living there? Shit this is logan square its full of latinos and blacks.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Exactly. But you know, the police didn't really check out that call. They just went by there, then drove off.

Timothy Fitz said...

I, too, was wondering why someone called 911 to report illegal aliens living at 3040 N. Milwaukee. What did they want the cops to do?

Thanks to our very liberal laws on immigration, the cops aren't allowed to arrest criminals that break our immigration laws. That's the federal government's job, and they don't want any help.

Craig said...

Unless they called the police because they were those guys that bring illegal aliens from mexico to us and brings them in a large amount 20+ in a back of a semi trailer. If that was the case then yeah i would understand when they see alot of people getting off the back of a truck does seem pretty weird but I still the police cant do nothing because of the laws like Fitz said. Not from the area but live in a mexican neighborhood and im pretty not all of them are legal but that doesnt matter were all the same.