Thursday, August 19, 2010

Outdoor Roll Call @ Milwaukee and Avers

Good morning, everyone, it's 10am. Today starts the St. Hyacinth's carnival. I'm not happy about it, really, because I think it's just going to be a gang festival and I have to live close to it. I think there may be problems tonight. Having said that, I'm kicking into "Special Coverage" gear. From 8:30pm to 11pm, I will only be covering a small area. The boundaries are Oakdale to the north, Ridgeway to the west, Schubert to the south and Central Park to the east. That is to focus on the carnival. I'm told there should be officers assigned there, but I'll go by there at 6:30 to see. In any case, for those of you who live in the area I gave, have 911 on your speed dial just in case. Anyway, it's going to be a pretty warm day. 87, to be exact. Also, any naps I take today WILL be before 5pm. Here's crime for today.

10:11am - Beat 2599, the Watch Commander, says an outdoor roll call's going to be held at Milwaukee and Avers. He does NOT sound happy about it, either.

10:48am - Just a reminder: The CAPS meeting for 2524 will be held at 7pm tonight, Our Lady of Grace Church, 2446 N Ridgeway.

10:50am - 1) Parker. 3084 N Davlin. Blue Ford F150 is on the fire hydrant. 2) Parker. 2800 block of N Ridgeway. Blue car, that appears to be stolen, is blocking the alley.

11:30am - Beat 5587 needs a Spanish speaker at 4141 W Dickens. 2525 is going.

11:45am - 1) Beat 6232 needs a car at the CVS at 3940 W Fullerton for an investigation. 2521 is going. 2) Vicious animal. 2130 N Pulaski. Loose dog out there.

11:47am - Gang disturbance. 36X8 W Diversey. Two females, one male, 16 yrs old, white t-shirts loitering. They appear up to no good.

12:01pm - Suspicious person. Lawndale and Altgeld. Two males in white t-shirts standing by a Lexus. They look like they're going to steal it.

12:07pm - Beat car 2524 has one stopped at 3711 W Altgeld. He's doing a contact card on the person.

12:14pm - Backlog in 25 at 12:14 hours.

12:15pm - Beat 6232 is executing a search warrant at 3815 W Diversey.

12:19pm - A K9 unit is needed on the 12:15pm warrant. It's for drugs.

12:25pm - 1) Beat car 2524 is doing a quick Community Concern at 4000 W Fullerton. 2) Suspicious person. 4023 W Diversey. Male acting strange in front.

1:02pm - 1) Suspicious person. 2500 block of N Monticello. Two males on bikes in the alley. They don't live in the area. Caller is concerned because the rash of garage burglaries. 2) Disturbance. 2000 N Pulaski.

1:14pm - A unit is doing burglary paper over at 4123 W Barry.

1:26pm - Theft. Koz Park. Male Black, 19 yrs old, 6'1, slim build, white t-shirt and ponytail just stole a bike from someone.

1:51pm - Reckless driver. Armitage and Central Park. Car with a plate of 329425 is speeding towards Drake. Dispatch is sending this over to 14.

1:57pm - Renewed backlog in 25 at 13:57 hours.

2:44pm - Animal abuse. 3927 W Belmont.

3:55 to 4:14pm - Once again, the dumb RadioReference radio cut out on me. I think I'll just be sticking with my scanner.

4:18pm - Some call for 3700 W Armitage. I believe it was a domestic.

4:27pm - Some call for Armitage and Pulaski.

4:36pm to 4:56pm - Took a quick nap.

4:59pm - Disturbance. 3607 W Fullerton. Four males drinking open liquor in the parking lot.

5:24pm - Gang disturbance. Karlov and Armitage.

5:51pm - Disturbance. 3076 N Milwaukee. Update: This call was just dispatched at 8:51.

6:13pm - Domestic disturbance. 3854 W Diversey. Family fight on the 1.

6:21pm - I'm going to check out the carnival at St. Hyacinth's. I mainly want to see if there's any police actually there.

6:51pm - I'm back from there and from dinner. As I suspected, there are NO police at the carnival. So, anyway, I took a walk through it. It seems peaceful for the most part. There are four or five security guards on scene. But what I'm concerned with is that there is a group of at least 10 loitering in front of 2830 N Lawndale, and they're gangbangers. I really wish the police were there, keeping an eye on things. But, I guess those of us in the area can only hope (and/or pray) nothing goes down tonight when the carnival lets out. The thing that I'm a bit angry about now is that I was told there were going to be police there. I guess I'll be sending some emails around to find out what's going on.

7:29pm - Assault in progress. Milwaukee and Central Park. Two males, one female arguing.

7:47pm - An RD number has been pulled from 4339 W Altgeld for possession of weed. It's HS471239 with the event number of 15584.

8:04pm - 1) Battery in progress. 2120 N Karlov. Couple in the basement was fighting. Update: This was dispatched at 9:34pm. 2) Vicious animal. 4403 W Altgeld. 3) Loud music disturbance. 2025 N Kedvale.

30pm - My special coverage has started. The boundaries are Oakdale to the north, Ridgeway to the west, Schubert to the south and Central Park to the east. This will go until 11pm. This will allow me to monitor any and all activity around the immediate vicinity of the carnival much easier. I'm paying particular attention to when the carnival lets out at 10. Unless there's anything major (large groups loitering, fights, gunshots, etc.) elsewhere in the area, don't except to see calls outside of the boundary area.

9:48pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3604 W Schubert.

9:55pm - Carnival lets out in five minutes. Still no police on scene.

10:00pm - Carnival should be letting out now. Let's see what happens...

10:10pm - So far, so good. I'll keep listening, though.

10:33pm - Everything seems fine. The only thing I can hear is the occasional shouts of little kids leaving with their parents.

11:00pm - Special coverage of the carnival is over for tonight. I'll do it again tomorrow night, from 9:30pm to midnight. So, everything seemed to be ok this evening, despite no police presence. That's good news. Hopefully, things will remain peaceful the next three other days. Well, having said that, back to covering the entire area.

11:28pm - Assault. Belmont and Tripp. Caller was chased by a vehicle with gangbangers in it.

12:00am - I'm gone for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Good night.


Timothy Fitz said...

I hope there is no trouble at the carnival. I know you have your concerns, which are completely justified. But let's keep our fingers crossed.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, Timothy. I really am. Thanks for dropping by, by the way. I saw your comment on my last post on UU and I appreciate it.

Timothy Fitz said...

You are very welcome. You do a wonderful job of keeping us informed! Keep up the good work! :-)

Anonymous said...

Timmy I noticed that you delete posts that have a landlords name and telephone number on it. This is public information that is supposed to be displayed on the building. If there is no management sign with contact information then that building can be cited with a building code violation. I dont think its necessary to delete these posts as I think it would be a good idea for everyone to have contact info on problem buildings.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous, that's because I'm not supposed to have that information up here. I've been told by the police not to put information like that up here. There were a ton of complaints from residents. I can get in legal trouble for stuff like that, and I don't have the money to fight off lawsuits. Besides, I doubt these buildings are all full of bad people. I'm sure good people live in them, too, and I will not have them getting hurt because of information being up here if I can help it. Like I said before, if people want the information, they can email me for it. I have it saved on my computer.