Monday, August 16, 2010

Burglar Report On Hamlin

Good morning, folks. It's 9:26am. Another sunny morning, and much cooler, I might add. It feels good to finally have the air conditioner turned off, and feel a breeze from outside. Anyway, the St. Hyacinth's carnival starts Thursday at 6pm. I obtained a complete schedule yesterday afternoon. Also, for you folks on Beats 1412 and 2523, there will be an outdoor roll call at Barry and Central Park at 6pm. I will be there, and I hope to see my neighbors from 2523 come with me. I also hope to meet some of you on Beat 1412 tomorrow! Here's crime for today.

10:33am - Burglar report. 24XX N Hamlin.

10:43am - Battery. 4359 W Schubert. Man and woman fighting, window was broken out.

10:46am - Battery in progress. Wrightwood and Kildare. Two people fighting. Moving towards Tripp.

10:51am - The 10:43am and 10:46am jobs are one in the same. The 10:43am job will have a police report done for it.

11:03am - I'll be right back. I'm just going to run somewhere real quick.

11:10am - I'm back.

1:53pm - Battery in progress. 2511 N Avers. Group of males fighting in front. Screaming and shouting could be heard in the background.

2:13pm - I'm going to listen to the Latino Express school bus company radio for a little bit. I'll be back.

2:30pm - And I'm back.

2:43pm - Some call at 2443 N Pulaski.

3:38pm - Disturbances at 2241 N Monticello and 3607 W Fullerton.

4:48pm - Disturbance. 4154 W Wellington. Motor scooters.

5:50pm - Assault. 2709 N Ridgeway. Caller was threatened by two gangbangers. One in shorts, and one in a red shirt with a baseball cap. They're walking towards Diversey.

6:22pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 2018 N Hamlin. People working on cars.

6:32pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:51pm - I'm back from dinner.

7:21 to 7:42pm - Fell asleep. Sorry.

7:58pm - Some call in the area.

8:03pm - Battery in progress. Pulaski and Barry. Gangbangers beating up someone in the gas station.

8:56pm - Some call in the area.

9:08pm - Barking dog. 1823 N Pulaski.

10:11pm - Gang disturbance. 2911 N Springfield. Report of about 20 of them, loitering all over the street. Uh oh...

10:13pm - Curfew violators? 2658 N Monticello. Three teens walking down the street with a baby in their arms.

10:59pm - Suspicious person. 4181 W Fletcher. Male, 20s, red t-shirt and camouflage pants looking down the alley.

11:03pm - Recover the stolen vehicle. 2020 N Hamlin. Caller wants to recover a vehicle they reported stolen earlier.

11:22pm - Disturbance. 3100 block of N Lawndale. Group walking down the street, slamming gates and looking into cars.

11:26pm - Gang disturbance. 39X4 W Dickens.

12:00am - Good night, everyone. I'll be back in the morning. Be safe!

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