Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve (2013)

Good afternoon, everyone, and happy New Year's Eve to all. It's 2:10pm. Hard to believe that today is the last day of 2013, but I'm more than ever for 2014 to be here. 2013 has been a roll coaster in my personal life, so the year ending will be bittersweet, but I'm looking forward to 2014 so much, and I hope all of you are as well. I just want to say before the year ends that I'm sorry for not blogging like I used to in 2013 like I did in previous years. Although plenty of times I've been really busy, there have also been times where I just didn't feel like doing the blog as much. Nevertheless, it is my hope that all of you have enjoyed the coverage I have provided and I do hope that the community has truly gotten better. In 2014, I am going to try my absolute hardest to cover a lot more and attend more CAPS meetings, because I hardly made any CAPS meetings this year. I'm also going to try to be more active in the community like I used to be. But, I do have to forewarn everyone for the upcoming year. Because I will be going back to school in a couple of weeks until May, I will be really busy again. I have a full course load for the first time in two semesters and I will be involved in Student Government again. Anyway, today, I will be covering all three Districts in several "batches", or "rounds". My first round of monitoring will be now, starting with 14, until 2:20, then I'm going to go until 2:50, at which time I'll return with 17 until 3. At 3, I'll be going until 7, at which time I'll return with 25 until 7:15. I'll be gone again until 8:15, when I'll come back with 14 until 8:30. At 8:30, I will be going until 9:15, at which time I'll be returning to cover 17, until 9:30. I'm not sure how my monitoring will be after 9:30, but I'll probably be switching back and forth between Districts. Tomorrow into Thursday and probably Friday, I'll be listening to the archives of all three Districts from the times I started monitoring after 6:30 through midnight, so I can document everything that happens in our neighborhood this evening. The information will be a little late, but better than never. Of course, if anyone is willing to help me out this evening with monitoring, I would be more than grateful for anyone who steps up. Please e-mail me at avondalelscrimeblotter@gmail.com or write me on the Facebook page if interested. With that, here's crime for this last day of 2013.

2:12pm - Traffic accident. 2627 N Elston. Hit-and-run in the parking lot.

2:20pm - I'm going to go until 2:50. I'll be back.

2:50pm - I'm back with 17.

3:00pm - I'm going to go until 6:50. I'll be back then. Have a great rest to your afternoon, everyone!

7:00pm - I'm back, with 25. Good evening, everyone.

9:15pm - I'm here with 17 now, until 9:30.

9:18pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Spaulding. Cab hit a parked car.

9:20pm - Parker. 33XX W George. Small gray car is in the caller's handicap space.

9:25pm - Beat 1441 says that the 9:18pm accident happened on 25's side, at 2958 N Central Park. They're doing paper on it now.

9:30pm - I'm now finished monitoring 17.

9:32pm - Robbery. Kedzie and Milwaukee Ave. Two male Blacks robbing a female, they're cross the street from the Logan Theater. One has on a black jacket.

9:38pm - Traffic accident. Armitage and Rockwell. Cab VS a car.

9:55pm - Traffic accident. 2020 N California. Hit-and-run.

10:18pm - 1) Parker. 28XX N Sacramento. 2) Residential alarm. 30XX W Logan Blvd.

10:26pm - Suspicious person. 22XX W Diversey. Male Hispanic dressed in all black is in the caller's backyard, was knocking on the caller's door. Not known if he's still back there or not.

10:55pm - Beat 1400XRay is letting Dispatch know that officers cannot have lunches between 23:30 hours and 01:00 hours (11:30pm to 1:00am).

11:00pm - 1400X is advising Dispatch that Beats 1441 and 1443 need to become combined at 23:30 hours. Also, two units will be riding on jobs once 23:30 comes.

11:01pm - Beat 1442 is being assigned to the bar at 1675 N Elston effective 23:30 hours to wait for the gunfire at midnight.

11:16pm - Shots Fired. 1600 N Rockwell. Five gunshots on the street.

11:17pm - Commercial alarm. 1767 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Aldi.

11:37pm - Loud music disturbance. 34XX W Parker. Loud party.

11:45pm - Burglary in progress. 28XX N Sawyer. Neighbor's apartment is being burglarized, the burglars are walking out with their TV.

11:48pm - Beat 1462Adam says there's an open door at the 11:45pm job.

11:49pm - 1462A is saying that the suspects fled east in the north alley of Diversey from Sawyer.

11:52pm - We're being told that there were two offenders involved from the 11:45pm job. One male Hispanic and one female Hispanic.

11:56pm - Check the well being. Sacramento and Logan Blvd. On the northwest corner. Male White with a beige coat and beige pants is stumbling and leaning against light poles. Headed towards Schubert on Sacramento.

11:58pm - Commercial alarm. 2415 N Milwaukee Ave.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything for 25? All I see posted is that you are signing on and off over and over.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Nothing yet. Will be listening to archives tomorrow and will be returning to cover 25 before midnight.