Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crime Highlights Of 2013

All right, folks, I'm here with another post. This one is for the crime highlights of 2013 for this neighborhood.

1) Tuesday, January 8th at 8:28pm, 9:43pm, 9:57pm, 9:58pm and 11:32pm - This was a crazy night in our community. The first of events started out with a foot chase, at Bloomingdale and Whipple. Beat 41Nora20Charlie was pursuing two male Hispanics who had just hopped off the Bloomingdale Trail, they were headed west towards Albany. Wanted for possible narcotics. At 8:29, they were still fleeing west, past Albany. They were right along the Trail. At 8:30, it sounded as if they lost the offenders. There were two male Hispanics, one with a black jacket, involved. Finally, at 8:31, an officer was talking to someone in a car at Kedzie and Bloomingdale from the foot chase. The action calmed down for an hour and 15 minutes, until 9:43. At this time, a call at Lyndale and Campbell came out regarding a group of males riding around in the neighborhood, harassing people in the area. There was no further information from this call. Fourteen minutes later, at 9:57, a “person w/ a gun” call came out at the CVS, over at 2044 North Milwaukee Ave. There were three male Hispanics near a white SUV in the parking lot of the CVS who had guns in their waistband. There was nothing heard more from that situation. A minute later, at 9:58, a speed chase erupted in the 12th District that would later play a significant impact in our community. At this time, a traffic pursuit was called in by Beat 1292 at Damen and Augusta. He was in pursuit of a dark gray pick-up truck with a plate of 43724H that ran through a red light and was going really fast. At 9:59, the car was seen turning onto Ashland from Augusta. At 10pm, the car had passed Milwaukee on Ashland. At 10:01, the car was northbound on Paulina from North Ave. At 10:02, Beat 1250 ordered 1292 to terminate. 22:02 on the clock. The car was last seen on the Kennedy Expressway, passing Fullerton. The car was headed for our community at this point. Then, at 10:03, 1292 told us why the chase started in the first place. There was a large group of gangbangers near this car at 2500 W Chicago (where the chase originally started), they were getting out and in. When they observed 1292, four males jumped in the car and took off. He had lost them but saw them again at Damen/Augusta. The car registered back to 4036 N. Troy, on 1724's Beat, and was a dark Chevy Impala. Suspect's name was supposed to be Leroy. Three minutes later at 10:06, Beat car 1523Robert gave information about this chase. Apparently, this car is wanted in a crash that occurred earlier at Pulaski and Division. One of the guys supposedly has a firearm, so officers were advised to use extra caution. At 10:07, we were advised that Illinois State Police had taken over the chase, but we didn't know where they were at. The activity seemed to end at 10:08, only for the flames of crime to rekindle about an hour and 25 minutes later, at 11:32pm. At this time, a traffic pursuit at Kimball and the Kennedy Expressway was called out. 17th District units were in pursuit of a white car that had narcotics in it. The suspect was a male Hispanic, short with a long ponytail. The car was last seen headed south on Kimball towards Belmont. Two minutes later, at 11:34, officers had the car on Rockwell passing Elston, going about 50 mph. There was even a possibly that the same car involved in the earlier chase was involved in this one. One minute later, at 11:35, the car was west on Belmont approaching Sacramento. And it was confirmed that it was, in fact, the same car. Beat 1706Robert is pursuing. Once again, the car is a dark gray Chevy Impala. It's not white as just thought by 1706R. A minute later, at 11:36, the car was west on Wellington from Sawyer. Officers are being advised, once again, that one of the passengers in that car is armed with a pistol. This was right in our community this time. At 11:37, the car had passed Central Park on Schubert, which threw me into a tailspin because it was only about a block or two from where I reside. At 11:38, the car was west on Schubert, passing Avers. All the units had just went by my house. We had 14th, 17th and 25th District officers pursuing, along with State Police. At 11:39, the car was south on Pulaski from Palmer. A termination order was issued per Beat 1701. 23:39 hours on the clock. At 11:40, the car was east on Armitage from Central Park. At 11:41, the car was turning onto Campbell from Shakespeare. He was going REAL fast. The units were three or four blocks from him. At 11:42, the car was west on Fullerton from Maplewood. A minute later, at 11:43, he bailed out of the car on the 2400 block of N Maplewood. Hopped a fence. At 11:44, he was in custody. 2529 on Rockwell. Beat car 1412Robert and Beat 1461Charlie are on scene. The truck is in the alley of 2524 N Maplewood. Thirteen minutes later, at 11:57, a couple of "criminal damage" reports were coming in, along Fullerton and on the 2400 block of Maplewood. Related to the pursuit. At 12:02am the next day, on January 9th, Beat 1410Robert was saying that from the pursuit yesterday, Beat car 1412R is doing the paper on it and Beat 1471R is taking in two offenders. Beat car 1434R is sitting on the car. Finally, to wrap up this crazy event, at 12:05, Beat car 1423R was being assigned to those criminal damage reports.

2) Wednesday, January 9th at 12am - A call of a “Person Shot” came out at Barry and Washtenaw. Man in a red hoodie was seen arguing with another man, and then he shot him. The injured man had ran into 3080 N Elston. Three minutes later, at 12:03, an update was given. Supposedly, the guy in the red hoodie had dumped the gun into a nearby garbage can. A minute later, at 12:04, a slow down was given at Barry/Washtenaw. Couple of Tac units were on scene. Four minutes later, at 12:08, Beat car 1431R was asking for a call back over at Barry/Washtenaw. A minute later, at 12:09, dispatch had just got off the phone with the caller from the shooting, who said the guy dumped the gun into the blue garbage can by the auto body shop on Elston. Also, the alleged victim fled. Six minutes later, at 12:14, 1431R coded the whole "shooting" out. There was no victim nor was there a gun.

3) Thursday, January 10th at 7:33am, - This was an insane morning, with two bona fide shooting incidents. No one was hurt or killed, but both incidents rattled the community. At 7:33, a call of “Shots Fired” came into 911 at 37XX W Diversey. Three gunshots were heard. One call only. Two minutes later, at 7:35, Beat 2582 had just talked to a crossing guard over there and she said no shots were fired. Coded 19P. Three minutes later, at 7:38, the incident started again, with a call of “Shots Fired” coming in at Diversey and Hamlin. Male Hispanic, 17 years old, black hoodie, gray jeans and knit hat had just fired shots at a CTA bus. He fled towards Schubert on Hamlin. Two minutes later, at 7:40, 2582 gave a slow dow. He was not seeing anything. Six minutes later, at 7:46, 2582 needed a Spanish speaker at 26XX N Hamlin. He's got a handwaver regarding the "Shots Fired" on Diversey. They shot out a window to a minivan. A silver Nissan was involved. Sixteen minutes later, at 8:02, a flash was given out from the incident. Wanted from this was a 2002 or 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, silver in color, and a male Hispanic, 20 to 22 years old, 5'7, 150 lbs, with a black jacket, black baseball cap and blue jeans got out of the car and fired two shots at the victim's van. He then entered the passenger's side of the van, and the van fled north on Hamlin going the wrong way towards George. Two .40caliber shell casings had been recovered. This incident was over afterwards. However, just two minutes later, at 8:04, the other incident occurred. It should be noted that this is the incident that spawned a high speed chase through Logan Square and the west part of Lakeview. A call of “Shots Fired” came in at 43XX W Altgeld. Two males tried to break into a car and when the caller looked out the window, they fired shots at them. Three minutes later, at 8:07, Beat car 2523 gave a slow down. She didn’t see anything yet, but was asking Dispatch to contact the Fusion Center for the POD camera on the corner there to look at the footage to see if there were shots fired. Two minutes later, at 8:09, another call of “Shots Fired” came in, this time in the parking lot of Kelvyn Park High School. Shots were fired in the parking lot. Also, we found at this time that the Diversey incident was apparently related to the one on Altgeld. The caller/victim from Altgeld says it was a gray Grand Jeep Cherokee. A minute later, at 8:10, someone told 2523 that the car fled south on Lowell towards Fullerton. Two minutes later, at 8:12, another call came in at KPHS. Someone from the school called to say that shots were fired in the parking lot and one bullet hole struck a car window while another one struck a house. 2523 is saying that this has been confirmed, she would talk to the other person after she was done talking to people on Altgeld. Seven minutes later, at 8:19, 2523 was saying that females might have been involved in the incident. A minute later, at 8:20, Beat 2500, 25th District Commander, wanted officers handling this to talk to the school personnel regarding the incident. 2523 says she was doing that as they spoke. At 8:21, Beat car 2522 had a gray Jeep Cherokee at Springfield and Fullerton headed east on Fullerton towards Avers. Beat car 2525 and Beat 2543 were on the way to assist. Four minutes later, at 8:25, Beat car 2521 was at 24XX N Lowell with a citizen who says their car had a bullet hole in it, too, except that those shots fired occurred at 2am or 3am this morning. At 8:26, we found out two things. One, it was a negative on 2522's, 2525's and 2543's car. 2543 will keep looking for the car in the area. Two, Dispatch is saying that there was a call on Lowell for the gunshots. She didn't give a time, though. Another minute later, at 8:27, Beat 2530 was asking if anyone had a name on the victim from the earlier shooting. Dispatch says that 2524 had a victim over on Hamlin. Also, 2530 would be advising the school officers assigned to Kelvyn Park know about this incident. Lastly, it has been confirmed once again that the shooting at Diversey/Hamlin is related to the Kelvyn Park High School shooting. Five minutes later, at 8:32, 2582 had a sliver Jeep Cherokee to go by him real fast at Diversey and Springfield, headed east on Diversey to Avers then south on Avers towards Schubert. He started following it. Might have been the car involved in the shootings. At 8:33, the car was south on Central Park towards Fullerton. Just went through the south alley of Diversey to Central Park, then south on Central Park. The plate on the car was K469610. A minute later, at 8:34, a front taillight on the car on the right side was out. The car was last seen turning onto Fullerton from Central Park. Officers were advising Dispatch to let Zone 3 know. 2582 is saying that the passenger in the car was matching the description to the offender involved in the first shooting. Two minutes later, Dispatch advised officers that the car came back to 3946 W Roscoe, which is an address in Avondale by the way, to Carlos Rodriguez. It also came back to a Nicole who lives at 1446 N Kolin. A minute later, at 8:36, Beat 2520 was taking a ride over to 3946 on Roscoe, and he asked Dispatch to let Zone 1 know also. At 8:37, a citizen told 2522 that they just saw the car head north on St. Louis from the north alley of Wrightwood. At 8:38, 2524 needed a car at Kimball and Drummond. 2543 was coming over. At 8:39, 2523 was telling all of the units to disregard, because it was not a Jeep Cherokee. It's a Dodge Durango. Also, the Jeep in the earlier incident has chrome rims on it. A minute later, at 8:40, 2523 had one additional .40 caliber shell casing on Wrightwood. Twenty minutes later, at 9:00, Beat car 2511 was pulling over a silver Jeep at 3907 W Addison. It had a plate of H814279. At 9:01, 2511 gave a disregard on his stop because the people inside were an elderly couple. Six minutes later, at 9:07, State Police had the vehicle involved in the earlier shooting. East on Hirsch from Hamlin. A minute later, at 9:08, the car was seen going east in the north alley of North from Lawndale. He was going into 14. At 9:09, the car was approaching Sacramento in that alley. Beats 2510 and 2520 are monitoring. At 9:10, the car was coming up to Armitage on Mozart. At 9:11, the car was north on Sacramento approaching Fullerton. A minute later, at 9:12, the car was southeast on Milwaukee from Logan Blvd. At 9:13, the car was turning east onto Diversey from California. Might have been heading for the Kennedy. At 9:14, the car had just passed Western/Elston on Diversey, headed for the river. The driver had a ponytail. At 9:15, 2510 told ALL 25th District officers to terminate. 09:15 hours on the clock. The car was last seen headed west on Fullerton from Clybourn. Once again, the plate was K469610 and it was a 2002 or 2003 gray Grand Jeep Cherokee. Two minutes later, at 9:17, State Police said they lost the car at Fullerton and Ashland. The suspect was last seen headed west towards Paulina. A minute later, at 9:18, one of the rims from the car was left behind in the intersection of California and Diversey. Meanwhile, 2543 had last seen the car east on Wolfram from Ashland. At 9:19, the car had major front end damage and lost a bumper. A minute later, at 9:20, Beat 1906Adam temporary had the car in sight near Oakdale and Racine, but a 19th District supervisor told them to terminate. At 9:21, State Police had the car again. South on Southport, approaching Fullerton. Two minutes later, at 9:23, it was said that the car also lost it’s plate. It hit a hydrant. 2582 is picking up the plate at California/Diversey. Another two minutes later, at 9:25, we had a report of a roll-over accident. Paulina and School. Not sure if it was from the chase. A minute later, at 9:26, it was confirmed that the suspect’s van had crashed. But the suspects somehow got out of the car despite it being a roll-over. State Police was in pursuit. Three minutes later, at 9:29, two things occurred. One, 2511, 2520 and 2521 were all going to Paulina/School to grab the offenders. Two, a 25th District officer was in pursuit of the three males. 1707 W School. They ran through the yard and possibly went into the location. At 9:30, officers were clearing out the location on School. Also, 2524 advised all officers that the three guys were armed with .40 calibears. Six minutes later, at 9:36, Beat 2599, 25th District Watch Commander, said that a weapon had been recovered at Paulina/School. Two minutes later, at 9:38, an RD number was pulled from the first incident. It was HW111592. Another two minutes later, at 9:40, 2599 needed a K-9 unit over on School to search for a third offender. Apparently, two offenders were in custody. Six minutes later, at 9:46, 2599 advised Dispatch to hold all non-priority jobs in 25 until further notice. Pretty much all of 25's officers were at Paulina/School dealing with this situation. Five minutes later, at 9:51, two things happened. One, 2510 was telling Dispatch that 2511, 2521 and now 2533 were on scene. Two, Zone 2 advised that all 25th District officers needed to come out of the yard at 1707 School, as the K-9 officer's were about to come through. A perimeter was being set up around the area. Seven minutes later, at 9:58, 2599 said that a citizen told them the third offender has on a tan jacket. After this, it appears as if nothing else happened with this incident, so it was over. However, here is a comment, as well as the two articles from this, for your enlightenment:
Comment - i don't know if this is related but at around 9:20-:30 am this morning witnessed a wide rangning high speed chase across logan square on the way to work. kept having to pull over while heading east on fullerton as multiple police SUVs with full sirens & lights sped by. was waiting to turn left/north on kedzie towards the circle, when i spied a dark grey SUV w/ tinted windows heading west toward me. as i thought: "gee, looks like he's driving really fast", he screeched around the corner, drifting across the northbound lanes of kedzie. since, this is not that different from normal neighborhood traffic i just made my left + then realized, by the multiple cop cars quickly following onto kedzie, that this is probably a suspect they are chasing! saw the SUV zooming through the circle and but then lost sight. had to stop at every street til western as squad cars criss-crossed logan boulevard. i can't tell exactly as i may have seen multiple vehicles more than once, but i'd estimate at least 10-20 police vehicles racing around the center/east part of logan.
Article #1 - An anonymous parent at Kelvyn Park High School is reporting that Asst. Principal Holly Dacres has confirmed that a shooting has taken place in the parking lot of Kelvyn Park High School today, and that no students have been injured or killed. The parent is also reporting the following: According to Dacres, "All of my school security and other staff are on point" and "we have a climate team coming in". Dacres is reported to have said that a meeting between Chicago Police and Kelvyn Park High School administration will take place later today. There is currently no information as to whether or not Chicago Police have anyone in custody, nor is there any information about the person shot. Further details say that Dacres made this statement: "The shooting was NOT related to the school". The anonymous parent reporting on this incident says that the school did not make any parental notifications even to say that there had been an incident involving a firearm on school property and that the students were safe, nor did the school even do so much as to tell parents that an investigation is ongoing, or if the school would keep parents updated as to any other details. Says the anonymous parent: "Apparently, the school was not locked down, and I am looking into CPS system-wide policies on this, as well as Kelvyn Park High School operations policies. I find it easy to believe that this could have been worse, and easy to believe that if someone would have been able to enter the school to do whatever might have been done in that parking lot today, the school would not have notified the parents." Kelvyn Park High School has a history of security and safety problems that can be verified by a combination of media reports and records that are publicly available, which include union grievances filed by teachers; and records of responses along with general offense case reports kept by the Chicago Police Department.
Article #2 -
Avondale Logan Square Crime Blog Exclusive
Chicago, IL
Earlier today, this blog brought you news of what was said to be a shooting at Chicago's Kelvyn Park High School. New details are emerging in this story. According to several sources at the Chicago Police Department and inside Kelvyn Park High School, all of whom asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak to the media: "At 7:30AM this morning, three individuals in a silver jeep were in the parking lot of Kelvyn Park High School sort of trying to hide with a plan to shoot a victim that they knew would be walking by. The offenders fired their weapon into a house across the street while aiming for their intended victim." An employee of Kelvyn Park High School said the jeep was able to gain access to the school parking lot because it (the parking lot) is never locked, but there are now plans to keep the parking lot locked up outside of school hours. All of the sources speaking on condition of anonymity involved at Kelvyn Park High School and CPD confirm the following details from the Chicago Tribune: "About 8 a.m., a woman looked out her front window on Altgeld and saw two man hear a van, with a Jeep parked nearby. She turned away from the window and then heard a crash and felt something hit the back of her neck, police said. The window had been shot out, and the woman injured by flying glass, with a bullet coming to rest inside the apartment. The Jeep, apparently with the two men inside, fled, and when officers arrived, they found that the van had been broken into, although it’s not immediately clear if anything was stolen. Officers from the Grand Central District heard a description of the Jeep over their police radio, and saw the vehicle speeding away, police said. They pursued, but called off the chase because of the speed of the Jeep. Illinois State Police spotted the Jeep soon after, but also called off the chase, and Shakespeare District officers did the same. Finally, after the Jeep struck vehicles in traffic in the 1900 block of West Diversey Avenue and the 1000 block of West School Street, officers from the Mass Transit Unit spotted it again near Lincoln Avenue and School Street, Mirabelli said. Soon after, about 9:22 a.m., the Jeep apparently hit a curb near School and Paulina Avenue, flipped over and stopped. The three people in the Jeep tried to flee, but only one got away, police said." One officer said that there was a foot chase by a 19th district unit involving a possible match to the suspect still being sought, but a police supervisor in 019 gave an order to terminate the chase before the unit could even say what the emergency was. Every source spoken to is confirming that the incident was gang related, but not related to anyone who attends Kelvyn Park High School. Several police units were observed patrolling the area quite aggressively. The final moments for the two suspects who were under arrest while being treated at Illinois Masonic Hospital, came AFTER the chase had been terminated by both the Illinois State Police and Chicago Police Department. After the chase ended, Chicago Police zone 2 radio started receiving calls about a "traffic accident with a roll-over" that seemed to match the description of the jeep they had recently been chasing. Upon arrival, officers determined that the vehicle involved in the roll - over was indeed the same jeep they were chasing. Chicago Police are confident that the last suspect will be apprehended.

4) Thursday, February 7th - This can’t really be considered a “crime” highlight, but still. Everyblock closed on this date. This was a date that I really implored the community to be more involved and to read this blog more, since we no longer had our valuable source.

5) Friday, February 8th at about 7pm - A shooting occurred on the 3100 block of North Sawyer.  A man was shot in the right arm. Wanted from the shooting were two cars, one a red Chevy Trailblazer and the other a dark blue car. The shooter from the red Chevy was a male Hispanic with long black hair. The victim is okay, but is being taken to Illinois Masonic by ambulance 20. The victim was a gang member, an MLD to be exact from Barry and Spaulding, and the offenders are OAs, so this is gang-related. The red Chevy Trailblazer fled in the west alley of Sawyer towards Belmont. An RD number has pulled from this and it was HW149370 with the event number of 12910. Forty minutes later, at 7:48, Beat 1461Frank gave a little more information on the shooting. The male who was driving that car was dark complected and has a shaved head. Also, Beat car 1411 was the paper car and 1421 had the crime scene. A little while later, at 8:06, 1461F gave more information on a possible offender from the shooting. A male Hispanic, 5'9, early 20s, slim build with a gray hoodie, medium-length shaggy hair and a hat was involved. He had a silver handgun. Also, a black vehicle, according to witnesses, rammed the red Chevy Trailblazer. At 8:22, Beats 5396 and 5836 were at the shooting now. 5396 was the detective and 5836 was the ET. That was all that was discussed from this incident.

6) Saturday, March 9th at 4:35am, 5:25am and 3:42pm - A pretty large skirmish broke out on my block at 4:35, and at Diversey and Ridgeway. A couple of calls were made for an “assault in progress”. One call says five of them are arguing on the corner, and the second call, which I called in, says there was a large group of males about to fight (I did see a large group at least 20). A minute later at 4:36, the group was heading down Ridgeway towards George. Looked like they were gangbangers and were really probably going to fight. At 4:37, Beat car 2523Robert gave a slow down. They didn't see anyone. They were heading down the block. Two minutes later, at 4:39, another call came in at Diversey/Ridgeway, for a “gang disturbance”. Group walking north on Ridgeway was causing a loud "disturbance". At 4:40, 2523R had a group stopped, in the middle of the block on Ridgeway. Three minutes later, at 4:43, the group started dispersing. A little while later, at 5:25, a gang disturbance was called in at
Lawndale and Diversey, with Beat 1406Adam shagging the guys at Lawndale/Diversey two minutes later at 5:27. Coded 5Frank. Hours later, at 3:42pm, another gang disturbance was called in at Lawndale/Diversey, with several males throwing up gang signs.

7) Friday, March 22nd at 3:28am - Shots were fired at Armitage and Spaulding. Four to five shots heard according to a 911 caller. Three minutes later, at 3:31, Beat 1430R gave a slow down. Nothing had been seen or heard at that time. Six minutes later, he coded the incident out as 19P.

8) Saturday, March 23rd at 2:46am, 5:46pm, 8:11pm, 9:57pm and 11:03pm - A few things happened throughout Logan Square on this day. The first incident was at 2:46, with a large fight erupting at V-Live, 2047 North Milwaukee Ave. Beat car 1431Robert had on-viewed something and whatever it was,  he needed more cars. LOTS of yelling and screaming was going on in his background. Beat cars 1432R, 1433R, 1434R were being asked to go. Also, Beat car 1421R was going, along with Beats 1480 and 1481Adam. A minute later, at 2:47, it was really getting out of hand at V-Live. Units were being asked to step it up going. At 2:48, 1480 gave a slow down at V-Live. The skirmish was calming down. After that, nothing else was heard from that incident, so moving on to the next event. At 5:46pm, 14th District officers received a “Battery in progress” call at Kedzie and Diversey for 20 people fighting. There was no further information on that, so moving on to the next thing, that occurred at 8:11. At this time, Beat 4564Boy had an on-view accident at McLean and Western involving a taxi. The driver was hurt. EMS was needed. A minute later, at 8:12, Dispatch was getting Western and Armitage on that accident, and multiple calls were coming in. Finally, five minutes later, at 8:17, Beat car 1432 was assigned to the accident. An hour and 40 minutes later, a foot chase broke out at Dickens and Kimball. Beat 1465Adam was in pursuit of a male who's running west on Dickens towards St. Louis. A minute later, at 9:58, the suspect was between 3402 and 3410 on Dickens. At 9:59, a description of the offender was given out. The offender was a male Hispanic, about 5'8, with a black hat and black jacket. Another minute later, at 10:00, Beat car 1412 said that he was hiding in one of the yards. Unknown what he was wanted for. At 10:01, it was said that this might be possibly related to an auto theft call that was called in a little bit prior to this on the 2100 block of N Spaulding. Two minutes later, at 10:03, Beat car 1422Robert had a possible at 3418 W Dickens. Seven minutes later, at 10:10, Beat 1465A had the guy. Witnesses said that they saw the guy break the car window of the car that was stolen. Finally, a little while later, at 11:03, the final incident occurred. At 11:03, Beat car 1413R had a potential traffic pursuit beginning. Kimball and Medill. Red car with a plate of R786909 had just blew the red light at Fullerton and Central Park, and was at Kimball/Medill, headed south on Kimball towards Belden. At 11:04, this car was west on Palmer from St. Louis. Finally, at 11:05, it was announced that 1413R was not in pursuit of the vehicle and had actually lost it. They advised Dispatch to let 25 know about the car, as it's probably crossed Central Park.

9) Thursday, March 28th at around 2:15am - Approximately six gunshots were fired at Point and California with quick succession, then a reader said that they saw crime scene tape up near a house on Point.

10) Friday, March 29th at 8:03pm and 8:08pm - Two incidents occurred on this night, approximately five minutes apart in two separate areas of the neighborhood. The first one was a burglar alarm turned brawl, and the second one was the first murder of the year in Logan Square. At 8:03, 25th District officers received a call for a burglar alarm at 29XX N Hamlin. No further information was given on it. Ten minutes later, at 8:13, Beat car 2521 needed more cars. There was a large crowd in front. They were all in front of 2947 on Hamlin, not the initial address that was called in, that was a few doors down. The next minute, at 8:14, Beat car 2533 and Beat 2520 were on the way to Hamlin. Two minutes later, at 8:16, a slow down was given per 2533. Everything was okay. Another two minutes later, at 8:18, someone took off running from CPD. They ran towards Avers from Wellington. They were running from 2533. A minute later, at 8:19, it was noted that the guy went east from the yards at 3023 on Hamlin. Another minute later, at 8:20, the guy was going southbound through the alley. Wanted was a male Black, 5'8, baseball hat, gray hoodie and black sweatpants was the offender. At 8:21, it was said that this guy fled as soon as CPD arrived on scene. Two minutes later, at 8:23, Beat 2573 was taking a few in from this whole thing. The next minute, at 8:24, Beat 2500, 25th District Commander, was on scene on Hamlin. At 8:25, it was noted that 2533 had an O.C. discharge from this. Taser was also fired twice. Two minutes later, at 8:27, Dispatch wanted to know if this whole incident is related to the burglar alarm. 2520 says yes and no, he'll let her know later. Two minutes later, at 8:31, Beat 2599, the Watch Commander, wanted a supervisor to call him. 2520 said he would. After 8:35, everything had cleared up. Moving on to the next incident, a homicide was reported on the 1800 block of North Francisco. At 8:08, it was reported that three people asked a 23 year old man, who was named Eugenio Solano, and a 44 year old man, for directions, as they were walking. Then, one of the three people pulled out a gun and fired several gunshots, shooting Solano in the chest. The older man took off running and was later treated and released from Mt. Sinai Hospital, but Solano was found unresponsive at the scene. Police said that they shooting appeared to be gang-related.

11) Sunday, March 31st at 1:44am and 5:11am - Two incidents occurred on 2523’s Beat. The first one was at 1:44, with a gang disturbance at 29XX N Lawndale. Group was reported to be throwing up gang signs. Then, about three and a half hours later, at 5:11am, there were shots fired at Ridgeway and Diversey. Eight shots were heard. I called this in, as I heard eight shots. The next minute, at 5:12, multiple calls of “Shots Fired” were called in to 911 at Diversey and Lawndale. Two male Hispanics in black were seen running towards Monticello on Diversey, four to five shots had been fired. Three minutes later, Beat car 2534Robert gave a slow down. They didn’t see or hear anything. Another three minutes later, 2534R coded it as a 19P. They drove around and couldn't find anything.

12) Tuesday, April 9th - My co-author, ANON ORG, made a post regarding an armed robbery that occurred on the 2200 block of North Western Ave. Not actually sure if it occurred on this date or not. Fortunately, both offenders that committed this crime were caught and arrested. Their names were Cornell Mack and Keith Owens. Apparently, Mack and Owens came into the store and robbed the store’s owner, Luis Quizhpe, as well as his family, at gunpoint. Quizhpe defend his family and himself with a baseball bat. During the crime, Mack apparently shot his partner-in-crime Owens, and Owens was taken to Stroger Hospital afterwards. Mack was taken into custody on April 18th. Owens was also arrested around the same time, and it wasn’t sure why he was in Chicago, because he is from Minnesota. Mack apparently has had served time in prison five times since 1978 and has been arrested 22 times.

13) Friday, April 12th at 5:36pm and 6:23pm - A large skirmish erupted in the far eastern part of Logan Square beginning at 5:36, followed by a report of “Shots Fired” at 6:23. At 5:36, 14th District officers received a call at Western and Logan Blvd for a group of teens fighting. A minute later, at 5:37, another call came in. This one was at 2600 N Western for teens fighting. At 5:38, multiple calls were coming in. At 5:39, a call came in at Logan and Artesian for a g roup fighting. A minute later, at 5:40pm, multiple calls came in at Elston/Diversey/Western for a large group fighting. At 5:41, a call came in on the 2700 block of N Western for a big fight. At 5:42, multiple calls were coming in along Western from Diversey to Logan Blvd. for the large fight. One caller said they were all in front of the AMC Theater. At 5:43, calls were still coming in along Logan for these teens fighting. Four minutes later, at 5:47, Beat car 1432 gave a slow down along Western for the large fight. Some of them were walking off and the rest were already gone. Assumingly, nothing else happened, so the officers left. However, a little while later, a call came in at 6:20 at Western/Logan Blvd for three males beating up on one. Then, three minutes later, at 6:23, the second incident happened. 14th District officers got a call for “Shots Fired” at 2400 N California. In the alley. Male Hispanic wearing a redish/grayish hoodie and black vest had fired three shots and ran towards Altgeld in the alley.

14) Thursday, May 16th, 2013 at 3am - Shots were fired at Altgeld and Rockwell. Not sure how many, any descriptions or anything of that nature.

15) Sunday, May 19th, 2013 at 10:55pm - A woman (or girl) between the ages of 17 and 30 was strangled on the 3100 block of North Kimball and then her body was dumped into a trash can, and then she was set on fire.

16) Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 2:30am - Around 12 shots were fired near St. Louis and Diversey. No further information was given.

17) Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 7:31pm, 8:01pm, 8:17pm and 10:32pm - There were a few things that happened in the west end of Avondale and Logan Square on this day, and all occurred in the late afternoon/early evening hours. The first incident occurred near Ridgeway and Oakdale. At 7:31, two calls came in for this area. One came in on Ridgeway and the other one was on Oakdale. The Ridgeway call was a “holding the offender” for a man being held in the alley regarding an unknown circumstance. The other call was on Oakdale, for two males beating up on one. Then, at 8:01, the next incident occurred, on the 3700 block of West Palmer. The call was an “Assist the P.O.” call, with an Evidence Tech who was on scene at a burglary, and the victim said the offender was in the alley. Beats 2561Eddie and 2565Adam went to the call. The next minute later, at 8:02, calls came back in for the Ridgeway and Oakdale incident(s). Beat 2546 was on scene and had the Oakdale offender, and this is when it was confirmed that these were two different incidents. Apparently, Ridgeway was some kind of group fight while Oakdale was a battery to a female. There was nothing else heard on that incident. Fifteen minutes later, at 8:17, a call of “Shots Fired” was recorded at Armitage and Central Park. A couple of gunshots were heard. An hour and 25 minutes later, at 10:02, a call of “Shots Fired” was broadcasted for the 3000 block of North Hamlin. Several shots were heard.

18) Friday, July 19th, 2013 at 12:30am - Shots were apparently fired at Diversey and Spaulding. No further information was given.

19) Sunday, July 21st, 2013 at 5am - A homicide occurred on the 3700 block of West Belden. It wasn’t a traditional homicide, as it occurred as a result of an auto accident. Another woman, aged 27, was seriously injured in the accident. 18 year Kassandra Castillo was in the car with the 27 year old when an argument broke out on the street between a group of people. Castillo and the 27 year old tried to drove off when a person in the group attacked them with pepper spray, which resulted in them crashing into two parked cars.

20) Friday, August 2nd at 11:45pm - One of my readers was robbed at Sawyer and Milwaukee, across from an ice cream shop. Three male Hispanics and a male Black jumped the person and took their phone.

21) Tuesday, October 29th at 4:30am - A 23 year old man named Sheldon McCraven was murdered on the 2600 block of North Sawyer. He was shot in the chest and later pronounced dead at Illinois Masonic a short time later.

22) Wednesday, November 27th at 9:31pm - An armed robbery occurred at Hamlin and Milwaukee which involved a stabbing. At 9:31, a description of offender was given out. Wanted was a male Hispanic, 25 to 30, medium completion, with a skill cap with skulls on it. There were two victims, one of who had a stab wound, and the other was punched in the face. The stabbed victim was in stable condition and was transported to Illinois Masonic. This was per Beat car 2522. Beat 2550 was notified. Eighteen minutes later, at 9:49, 2522 was heading over to Masonic. No crime scene. Area North was notified. An hour later, at 10:53, 2522 was clear from Masonic, as well as St. Mary's, where apparently the other victim went to, and was heading into 25 to do the report. No further information on this incident was given.

23) Thursday, December 12th at 4:45am - The fourth homicide of 2013 for Logan Square occurred on the 1900 block of North Spaulding. A 68 year old person was shot to death on the street. There was no more information given on this incident.

24) Saturday, December 14th at 9:19pm - A large fight erupted at the Windy City Fieldhouse involving about 30 to 40 people. The initial call came in at 9:19 for a “battery in progress” with a group fighting. Then, at 9:30, Beat car 1432 was on scene and asked for additional units to come. They were arguing and yelling at each other. Beat cars 1421, 1433 and 1434 all went over. No further information on this incident.

25) Thursday, December 19th at 9:03pm - A “Shots Fired” incident occurred in the most northwestern part of Avondale at Nelson and Karlov. At 9:03, 25th District officers got a call of “Shots Fired” at this intersection. A black or gray Toyota Camry had an occupant or occupants in it that fired shots at the caller's car, which resulted in the windows being broken out and glass hitting the caller's friend in the face. EMS was refused. The car was last seen fleeing west on Nelson towards Kearsarge. Three minutes later, at 9:06, Beat car 2523 was asking for a call back from the "shots fired". A minute later, at 9:07, dispatch had just gotten off the phone with the caller and they were now a block down, on Wellington. Another three minutes later, at 9:10, 2523 said that they didn't see anyone over there, so they were asking for another call back. Dispatch said they'll take a code. 19P. Then, twelve minutes later, at 9:22, 2523 found the victim from the shooting after all. They were on Oakdale. A report was going to be made. Finally, two minutes later, at 9:24, Beat car 2524 was with 2523.

26) Friday, December 20th at 12:51pm, 3:32pm and about 9:50pm - It was a very active day in the Avondale neighborhood, with three incidents, the last one resulting in a homicide. The first incident occurred at 12:51 at Springfield and Diversey. 25th District officers received a call of “Shots Fired” at this intersection with four gunshots fired. Four male Hispanics were last seen fleeing on Springfield towards George. The one with the gun had on a puffy jacket, green shirt and brown pants. Six minutes later, at 12:57, Beat 2563Adam gave a slow down. They were talking to a couple of citizens, who said they hadn't heard anything. Nine minutes later, at 1:06, 2563A coded out the job as a 19Boy. Then, the second incident occurred at 3:32. At this time, Beat car 2523 was going over to ASPIRA High School over at 3986 W Barry. He was being sent their per Beat 2599, the Watch Commander. He had to be there from this time until 4:15. Two minutes later, at 3:34, a call of a “gang disturbance” was broadcasted at
3121 N Pulaski Rd., over at the alternative school. Twenty kids were flashing gang signs. Another two minutes later, at 3:36, a call of a “battery in progress” came out at 4000 W Barry. There was a large fight on the street, probably involving the ASPIRA kids. A minute later, at 3:37, 2523 gave a slow down. There was a big group but they were not fighting at the moment. Another minute later, at 3:38, 2523 said there was about 75 to 100 kids at Pulaski and Barry. Another car was needed. Beat car 2525 was headed over. Six minutes later, another call of a “battery in progress” came out, this time at Barry/Pulaski. There were a couple of calls for a large on-going fight. Five minutes later, at 3:49, a call of a “battery in progress” came in at Wellington and Pulaski Rd. A minute later, at 3:50, Dispatch informed officers that there were about 30 calls coming in at Wellington/Pulaski about this fight. Three minutes later, at 3:53, it was said that a group of males that were involved in the fight at Wellington/Pulaski fled west towards Karlov on Wellington in a blue van. Dispatch had 40 or so calls on the fight in total at this time. A minute later, a group was fighting at Pulaski and Diversey. Finally, at 3:57, 2523 said that the crowd was starting to disperse on Pulaski but that he was going to stay over there for a little bit because there is still a group on scene. Next, and finally, at about 9:50, the third incident occurred, which would be Avondale’s third and final murder for 2013. At about 9:50, according to the Chicago Tribune, 29 year old Jeffrey Anderson was standing outside on the 2800 block of North Talman when two males approached him, with one of them opening fire on Anderson. He was shot in the shoulder, and then he ran into a home and collapsed. He died at the scene.

27) Monday, December 23rd at 5:10pm, 7:39pm and 8:58pm - Two shootings occurred in Logan Square within blocks of each other on this day. The first one occurred at 5:10, according to the Chicago Tribune, on the 2500 block of North Avers. A 29 year old man was shot in the leg as he was sitting in a car when someone on the street opened gunfire at him. He was taken to Illinois Masonic. At 7:36, in relation to the shooting, a gang unit was doing a post-shooting mission on the block. Then, three minutes later, at 7:39, the second shooting occurred. This is the one that resulted in the murder. At 7:39, 25th District officers received a call of a man shot at 23XX N Ridgeway. Two minutes later, at 7:41, a “Shots Fired” call came in at 23XX N Lawndale. Female caller screamed that gunshots were fired. A minute later, at 7:42, it was announced that the shooting was bona fide. Man shot in the abdomen. In a backyard. Another minute later, at 7:43, officers said that the victim was in critical condition. A minute later, at 7:44, officers said that the victim was a gang member, an OA to be exact. He frequented Koz Park. Beat 2554 was handling the paper on the incident, and Beats 2561Boy and 2561David were on scene. Beat 2550 was also coming. Victim was unresponsive. Five minutes later, at 7:49, tape was needed for crime scene and there was a shell casing in the backyard there. Four minutes later, at 7:53, a unit was needed to protect the crime scene, because 2554 had to go to the hospital. Beat car 2531 was coming over. A minute later, at 7:55, 2554 gave 2531 a disregard, because Beat 2542 handled it instead. Another minute later, at 7:56, Beat 2599 wanted 2550 to call him in 25 for some information about this shooting. Seventeen minutes later, at 8:13, it was announced that the shooting was a homicide. The man had died. He was taken to Illinois Masonic. Finally, about 45 minutes later, at 8:58, a call of an “assault in progress” was recorded at Koz Park. Group of gangbangers were about to fight near the pool. Not sure if that was related to the homicide or not. No further information was given on the incident.

28) Thursday, December 26th at 8:01pm - An incident of gunfire broke out near Koz Park, with numerous calls to 911. At 8:01, 25th District officers got a call for “Shots Fired” at Schubert and Harding. 10 or more shots were heard. Two minutes later, at 8:03, another call of “Shots Fired” came over, this time at 27XX N Harding. Multiple gunshots were heard. A minute later, at 8:04, more information was called in. Group of males were on the corner by Schubert/Harding when the gunshots rang out. A few fled north on Harding in a silver SUV towards Diversey. Another minute later, at 8:05, Beat car 2522 gave a slow down. At 8:06, another call came in, this time on 2900 block of N Harding. Units were also being advised that multiple calls were still coming in on this "Shots Fired". Some people were saying the shots were fired right by Koz Park. Two minutes later, calls were still coming in, one at Harding and Diversey. Finally, three minutes later, at 8:11, Beat car 2522 coded out all of the calls as 19Eddie. Nothing was seen.

There you have it, the 28 crime highlights of this neighborhood for the year of 2013. There are probably more but I don't remember or know about them. If there was and you know about it, please share in the comments section and I'll add it to this list. Thanks for reading this. Look out for the crime highlights of 2014 at this time next year.



Anonymous said...

Why is #21 a highlight of 2013? He's dead, that's far from a highlight.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

It's a highlight because it was a homicide that occurred in the community. Doesn't matter to me if he's dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

We need to come together as a community and end this violence. Innocent individuals are losing their lives. Families are torn forever. These gangbangers are - COWARDS!!! If they like guns so much, why not join the army. Oh, that's right - they are "COWARDS", they're too scared to be at the frontline of combat. There is a God up above and someday they will get their own share of hurt & pain.