Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day Laborers At Dunkin Donuts On Belmont

Good morning, everyone, it's 7:30am. It's a pretty cold morning, with clouds. It's in the lower 40s right now. Today isn't really going to warm up, with temps only getting in the low 50s, with clouds. Anyway, I'm monitoring 25 today from now until around 10 or 10:15am. I have to be in the south suburbs today, so after I leave around that time, I won't be back today. I'll return tomorrow after my dinner. So here's crime for this morning.

9:37am - Disturbance. 3801 W Belmont. Males loitering outside. Day laborers.

9:48am - Beat car 2523 is coding out the laborers and now has a handwaver.

9:59am - Robbery. 29XX N Ridgeway. Purse snatch.

10:03am - Traffic accident. 2400 N Kostner. Car hit the light pole.

10:13am - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great day, guys!

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