Monday, March 5, 2012

Open Door At Closed Bank On Belmont

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:45am. It's a sunny morning, with temps in the low 20s. Cold, but oh well. Anyway, I'm monitoring 25 today, but cannot do it all day as I promised yesterday. I have to be at an event today regarding me furthering my education (which, quite frankly, is more important to me at this time than my community efforts). I will make up for all missed time today on Saturday. So, here's crime for portions of today.

7:23am - Beat car 2523 has an open door at the closed bank at 3844 W Belmont. 17 needs be notified of it.

7:36am - 2523 is clear from the bank. 17's handling it, I guess.

9:00am - I have to go. I'll be back later. Have a great day, everyone.

1:40pm - I'm back for the time being.

2:00pm - Again, I have to go. Sorry guys. I'll be back.

3:33pm - I'm back for the remainder of the day.

5:52pm - Burglar alarm. 23XX N Ridgeway.

6:27pm - Battery report. 22XX N Avers.

7:05pm - I have to go eat, and with that, I'm gone for the night. I'll see you all either tomorrow or sometime during the week. Have a good night, everyone.


Mary LaNett said...

Timmy, have you ever loked at that Secondcity cop blog? Man, those cops complain about everything. They're even scared of the possible G8 NATO summit. If they're not happy with their job they should quit.

Michael Uranus said...

How about you monitor a bit more & not attend so many CAP meetings?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Mary, I visit that blog regularly. I don't think a lot of them are real cops, though.

Micheal, I haven't even been really attending CAPS meetings. I've been busy attending college fairs and stuff like that. I'm going to really try and monitor more these upcoming weeks.

Michael Uranus said...

Mary, perhaps you should stop complaining about the worlds greatest police force??

Anonymous said...

Mary, the cops aren't scared they are concerned for the safety of everyone and the city because there are not enough police officers to man the streets and be deployed to maintain order against these organized protesters! I can assure yo that when shots ring out and everyone is fleeing the scene, the police are the only ones running towards the gunfire! By the way, cops complain and whine just like every other profession, it's just a fact of life!

Mary LaNett said...

How about a yearly fitness test for the police? Most can barely get out of their cars. And you wonder why they call them "pigs"?

Sid Webster said...

Yeah, Mary's right. How many of the Chicago police officers really need a fitness program? Lots of them are out of shape. Saw one time it took about 8 to 10 cops to take down "one" gangbanger. He was beating them up left and right. Why even their tazers didn't work on him.