Thursday, March 8, 2012

Man With Hanger Tries To Open Car Door On Fullerton

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. It's a rainy start to the day, with temps in the mid 50s right now, which are going to fall overnight tonight to around 40, and tomorrow will only get into the upper 40s, which is cold compared to Tuesday and yesterday, but more seasonable weather. Anyway, I took a nap earlier, so that's why I'm awake now. I'm going to monitor 25 until I have to get off my computer or get tired, and then again from 8:09pm to 11:22pm. We'll see how that goes. Here's crime for portions of today.

12:59am - Suspicious person. Fullerton and Lawndale. Male Hispanic in a black hoodie is trying to open a car door with a hanger.

1:06am - I have to go. I'll be back in the evening. Have a good day, everyone.

8:09pm - I'm back. Good evening.

8:19pm - 1) Parker. 40XX W Dickens. 2) Some call on the 4000 block of W Nelson. 3) Information for the CPD. 23XX N Springfield.

8:30pm to 9:35pm - I didn't pay too much attention. I'm sorry. I'll try to get an archive of this time period.

9:45pm - Crowd control needed on the 2300 block of N Springfield. From an earlier call, apparently.

9:52pm - Beat 2552 is reporting that they, whoever that is, just set "the" (a) car on fire again on Springfield. It's an arson. Bomb and Arson is being notified.

10:07pm - Gang disturbance. Monticello and Belmont. MLDs V.S. Latin Kings, they're in a dispute.

11:17pm - Gang disturbance. 23XX N Springfield. Eight of them loitering.

11:23pm - Another car needed on the 11:17pm job per Beat car 2522Robert. 2524R is heading over.

11:28pm - A slow down is being given on the 11:17pm job.

11:29pm - Person w/ a gun. Fullerton and Pulaski. Gray Chevy van has an occupant in it that has a gun.

11:30pm - I have to go. I'll be back either tomorrow or Saturday. See you all then. Have a good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi Timmy,

Long-time reader, first-time commenter. Thanks for the work that you do with this blog!

As a resident of District 014, Beat 1411, I wanted to bring it to the attention of any readers who might come across this comment, there has been a marked increase in daytime robberies here in the neighborhood. Windows have been broken and locks have been picked in an effort to make off with valuables. Please be aware & alert!

Lester Gillis said...

I keep hearing all these search warrants going down on the air. Seems the police are grasping at straws by violating the 4th amendment on a regular basis. How many of these warrants actually turn up anything but a little bit of weed or a rock or two only? For all the damage done to a home the police should be held liable.

Anonymous said...

Timmy, not sure if you know or not but Chicago is planning on decriminalizing possession of pot.Also, less than 1 gram of heroin/cocaine will be a misdemeanor! I think this is a very dangerous thing to do. We will have more druggies in the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

For Anon March 09, 12:00AM: "Robbery" is not what you are describing. You gave the description of "Criminal Damage To Property" and "Attempted Burglary", along with "Attempted Theft".

Anon March 9, 2012 10:51:00 PM, Marijuana is only a drug by legislation, not by medical or scientific fact. The government has no right to have moral statutes such as drug bans because individuals have the right to do what they please with their bodies. Another problem with this is that it forces an underground drug market, which results in gangs and violence directed at anyone who interferes....decriminalize drugs and you stop the underground market, which means you stop a HUGE amount of violence.