Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Foul Odor Prompts Well-Being Check On Wrightwood

Good evening, everyone, it's 6:22pm. It's a clear and warm evening out there. It's really warm for early March, being in the mid 60s right now. This is nice weather, though :). Hope everyone is enjoying it. It's windy, too, but no biggie. I would've been here sooner, but I had to commit to some community work, flyering the area for an upcoming meeting next week. I'm done for tonight and will enjoy my evening. With the warm weather, things should be interesting. Here's crime for this evening.

6:29pm - Check the well being. 38XX W Wrightwood. Caller hasn't seen the neighbor in a few months and there's a foul odor coming from their apartment.

6:37pm - Beat 2548 has a traffic stop at 2043 N Pulaski.

6:46pm - Beat car 2525 needs CFD and a supervisor over on Wrightwood for a forced entry. Beat 2540 is heading over.

7:13pm - It's a bona fide DOA on Wrightwood, per 2540. Person's been there since around Christmas.

7:14pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:28pm - I'm back.

7:30pm - Check the well being. 20XX N Hamlin. Male White, 59, 5'8 and slim build at this location called a crisis center and won't answer any callbacks.

7:37pm - Wires down. 37XX W Diversey. They're sparking. CFD enroute.

7:38pm - CFD is on scene on Diversey.

7:58pm - Beat 2530 is being asked to head over to the 7:37pm call.

8:09pm - Ok, I'm really, really tired, so I'm going to do some other stuff then head right to bed. Good night, everyone. I hope to be back tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So hearing about the dead guy made you hungry?

Anonymous said...

I want to tell you that you do a great job with this blog. You would make a good journalist. The only thing is ya gotta remember not everyone will like you. Don't take it personally. The fact that you have a few critics means you have a lot of readers.

Anonymous said...

Did the cops and firemen steal the dead guys stuff like they usually do?

Anonymous said...

How do the poleeces keep in contact when serving search warrants? They never have it on the air until it's done & they get an event number. I'm assuming cell phones?

Antonio D. said...

No one stole anything. The police and the firemen were onsite around the time the first calls came in and they were very respectful to my family. Some of my other family members came afterward and put flowers on the doorstep. I think everything was handled very professionally. It is never easy when a loved one dies.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a "covert vehicle" and what make/model is it? I assume it's not the typical unmarked tac car. Some of those cops look like ganstas themselves.