Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shooting In W. Avondale/Northwest Logan Square??

Hello, everyone. I received this following comment on a recent post regarding a shooting that may have occurred at about 7:30pm last night (Wednesday, January 22nd):

"Two Spanish Cobras were shot (1 critical) by IG's. 7:30pm Happened in your neighborhood.
Retaliation expected".

I am just wondering if anyone may possibly have any information on this shooting? "Your neighborhood", which means my neighborhood, is near Diversey between Central Park and Pulaski Rd. I'm in the Koz Park area. Any information would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,
Tim AKA "Timmy"
Author, Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter

Update #1, 6:58am on 1/24/14 - CBS 2 is reporting that there was a shooting around 7:15pm on Wednesday night on the 3700 block of West Schubert. A 19 year old and a 20 year old were shot when a car pulled up to them and an occupant fired shots at them. It was a drive-by shooting. Both victims are in good condition. I'll be pulling the archive tapes from this shooting later and will have the activity in another post. Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

Something was going on at Schubert and the ally of Lawndale last night. Police tape and lots of cars. I live right there, so would really like to hear any updates. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hank Voight said...

It's disturbing that these gangsters are still fighting in this sub zero weather. I fear Summer will be the most violent we have ever had. Something more needs to be done.