Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Violent Attack At Kelvyn Park High School

Today, October 08, 2013, just at or around 3PM, a 17 year old student was attacked on Kostner Avenue just outside of Kelvyn Park High School after he left the school for the day. The police investigation shows that the victim was possibly attacked in the middle of traffic, picked up and carried from the middle of traffic, to safety by a group of Kelvyn Park Students acting as good samaritans.

So far, it appears as if the student/victim who was attacked, was jumped on by the brothers of a female Kelvyn Park High School student. The offenders knocked the victim unconscious before fleeing the scene. The victim was transported by Chicago Fire Department ambulance 44 to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Chicago Police beat 2575 (school unit) responded to the incident. Offenders in this incident are not in custody as of this time. Moments before this violence occurred, 31st ward Alderman, Ray Suarez, had just left the school grounds for an important meeting. Alderman Suarez had been at the school to plan an event.


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Anonymous said...

What do these "covert units" look like? I think the community has a right to know. I refuse to attend your little CAPS parties because I feel it's useless. Just a bunch of crying & moaning with a CAPS Sergent who could care less.