Friday, October 11, 2013

Males Lurking Around A Van On Armitage, Male Stealing Bike On Spaulding

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. I'm monitoring 25 from now until the first call comes out, then I'm headed to bed until 8am, at which time I'll cover 14 until 3:52pm. After 3:52, until midnight, I will cover 17. Tomorrow, I will monitor 17 from 8am to 3:52, and finally, on Sunday, I'll cover 14 from 8:30 to midnight. With that, here's crime for today.

12:13am - Suspicious person. 37XX W Armitage. Three male Hispanics are lurking around a van.

12:14am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!

8:00am - I'm back with 14. Good morning, everyone.

8:13am - Theft in progress. 21XX N Spaulding. Male stealing a bike in front.

8:32am - Beat 1484 is doing a premise check at the Logan Square Monument and the Prairie Garden. Event number for Monument is 03817 and Prairie is 03818.

9:15am - Unfortunately, something's come up that I need to attend to. I will be back by 1pm. I will be making up this time period missed on next Friday. I'm really sorry about this, guys. Hope all of you have a wonderful morning.

12:56pm - I'm finally back. Good afternoon, everyone.

12:59pm - Beat 1474 is hearing gunshots at Wabansia and Kimball. They don't see anyone shooting but they do hear gunfire. More cars needed.

1:02pm - A slow down is being given on 1474's on-view. A few witnesses are saying there were some shots fired on the street.

1:03pm - 1) Shots Fired. 17XX N Spaulding. Speeding car seen with two occupants in it, fleeing south towards Wabansia, one of which who fired some gunshots. 2) Disturbance. Somewhere in the area.

2:27pm - Some call in the area.

2:42pm - Burglary report. 20XX N Kimball.

2:44pm - Gang disturbance. 1711 N California. At the ASPIRA Ramirez school. In front of the school are two male Hispanics throwing up gang signs and harassing people.

3:17pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 28XX N Mozart. 2) Disturbance. Rockwell and North Ave. At the restaurant  Male Black on a bike with a black shirt and blue jeans .

3:52pm - Switching over to 17, please standby.....

6:21pm - Battery. Eddy and Pulaski. A fight broke out in the bar, some of the parties left but the others are still there.

7:12pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back in a little bit.

7:42pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:56pm - 10-1. 10-1. Rockwell and Addison. 19th District officer is calling a 10-1, according to an officer listening to the Citywide. All available units in 17 as well as 16 are to go.

7:57pm - Beat car 1723, as well as Beats 1751 and 1763Charlie, are en route to the 10-1.

7:58pm - Listening to Zone 2 really quick and apparently, this is stemming from a "battery in progress". Beat cars 1921 and 1923 are pulling up to the scene now.

7:59pm - A slow down is being given on the 10-1. Quite a few units are on scene, they're still flying in hot.

8:00pm - A disregard is being given on the 10-1. Enough units are on scene.

8:02pm - Disturbance. 30XX W Cornelia.


Anonymous said...

Hello I live at Diversey and California. I heard a gun shot at around 2:25 am this morning. Any word on what happened?

Anonymous said...

If you are going to run the blog than keep updated. I don't care about your disability. You are a legitimate reporter that needs to keep up or leave. I value your reporting but am very discouraged with the results.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hi anonymous 11:34, I am so sorry for never getting back to you. I didn't hear anything about the gunshot, but I can check around if you would like.

Anonymous 5:19, it's not so much my disability. I'm also a sophomore in college who is presently going through mid-terms with time-consuming papers and assignments pending. I'm also involved with Student Government at my school, which again has taken up most of my weekdays and now even some weekends. Please believe me when I say I am trying my best to manage everything. I warned all of my readers, however, that this would happen especially with mid-terms, so they knew what they were expecting. Once mid-terms are over and I get some rest, I will be updating more regularly. Lastly, if you are discouraged by my results, and have any kind of time to spare, you can contribute to the blog if you'd like. I could really use assistance in keeping this blog updated regularly. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 5:19, Timmy does not get paid to run this blog. He does it because he wants to. Maybe you should watch your mouth and not be so ignorant when talking about someone and their disability. Not once has he blamed not doing the blog because of his disability, but more so because of time management. If it bothers you, than look somewhere else for your coverage. If not, then don't talk crap and wait patiently like everyone else and be grateful for the coverage he is able to provide.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I could help you out then. But I like to monitor districts 10/11. The Ogden and Harrison area.

Anonymous said...

My apologies, I was under the impression that you got paid doing this service. I value the blog and enjoy following it.