Saturday, February 18, 2012

Traffic Stop @ School And Whipple

Good morning, everyone, it's 8am. It's a pretty sunny morning with temps right around 30. It's going to be mostly cloudy day with a temp right around 40. I'm monitoring 17 today for those of you who live North of Belmont, and then tomorrow, I'm going to monitor 25 from after my dinner until the first call after midnight. On Monday (since I don't have school), I'm going to monitor 25 from when I wake up until my dinner. Also on Monday, the Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting will be taking place. It will begin at 7:00pm, at St. Hyacinth's Resurrection Hall. Here's crime for today.

11:03am - Beat car 1733 has a traffic stop at School and Whipple.

11:38am - Assault. Sacramento and Addison.

12:02pm - Theft. 3214 N Kimball. At the liquor store. Male White stole some liquor out of the store and ran down Kimball towards the Expressway.

12:37pm - Burglar alarm. 32XX N Richmond.

2:00pm hour - I think there was a call in the area, and if there was, I forgot to write it down. Sorry.

7:47pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

8:17pm - I'm back.

8:22pm - A unit's being requested to go over to 3400 on Monticello. Something about an apparent shooting or something.

8:27pm - A victim is officially dead from this apparent shooting. It's a homicide. The Crime Lab is needed.

8:32pm - Beat 1701 has some pictures of the scene, apparently. 1710 wants those pictures. A unit's going into 17 to get the pics. I'm sitting here oh so confused right now because I have NO clue when this whole thing occurred. Must've happened while I was away eating.

8:36pm - A Tac unit is being requested to come over. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this information for me.

8:40pm - Beat 5590 wants 1710 to hold off displaying any pictures until a detective arrives.

8:53pm - Something about the homicide. Didn't quite catch what was said.

8:57pm - Beat 1763Eddie needs an ambulance at Monticello and Belmont. Three female Blacks, one in pink, just beat up a woman and the woman is hurt. They ran north on Monticello.

9:01pm - The offenders are in custody from the 8:57pm woman being beaten up. EMS is rolling. She was hit with an object, possibly a baseball bat. Dispatch is trying to see if the 25th District wagon is available for the requested transport, since both wagons in 17 are down.

9:19pm - Battery. 35XX W Belmont.

9:40pm - 1701 wants to know if there's "opposing gang" information from the incident. 1790 is saying that the MLDs were involved, and that the Tac units are scoping out the area of Belmont and Francisco for some.

9:54pm - Person w/ a knife. 32XX N Milwaukee. Neighbor pulled a knife out on the caller.

9:58pm - According to 1710, there was no plate information on the vehicle involved in the homicide.

10:04pm - There are three Tac teams from different Districts working in 17 this evening, and 1790 now wants them to be reassigned to the area of where this homicide occurred to prevent possible retailiation.

10:29pm - A unit is being dispatched to OLR to go sit with the other victim from the homicide.

10:41pm - Beat 6757 wants to know if there's still any detectives at the homicide. 5590 wants to know what he needs. They're talking about some family.

11:48pm - The RD number on the shooting is HV163846 with the event number of 16541.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow night with 25. I'll most likely have an update on tonight's shooting sometime tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


Sarah said...

Not sure if you're monitoring, or if anyone else has picked this up. At Monticello and Roscoe, someone was shot just after 6:30 (?) and they're in grave condition. I live right there, the whole area is taped off, there's an abandoned bicycle in the street, and they're combing the area for weapons. The policeman that we spoke to said that the person was likely going to die. Any further info from anyone would be greatly appreciated. stay safe everyone...

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hi Sarah, I was not actively listening at the time as I was taking a nap, but I do have the whole incident on tape. I'm going to be listening to the recorded calls and what not sometime tonight and will have all the information up by tomorrow morning. And yes, the guy has died, unfortunately. He was pronounced dead at 8:25pm.

Sarah said...

So sorry to hear that, but many thanks Timmy for the info. Still so much activity out there - I guess from a what a neighbor reported there were two cars stopped right at the Monticello /Roscoe intersection there, she heard shots fired, and then saw a hooded youth run into one of the cars and both cars took off. You probably have more accurate info, many thanks for spending your spending your time doing this for us all. I'm a teacher, and I can't say I've come across many young people who would willingly do the same.

Luke Short said...

Another Latin King bites the dust.

Anonymous said...

Why does DunkinDonuts/Starbucks
allow these bums into their stores? Every morning I hear multiple "disturbances" where polece have to respond to this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Timmy, sort of off topic but are you aware of a meeting at St. Hyacinth Church Resurrection Hall on Monday the 20th at 7:00 pm regarding the proposed Aspira High School on Milwaukee and Monticello? I'm not sure what your position is on the subject?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Just so everyone knows, but that shooting at Monticello and Roscoe occurred around 8:00pm, not 6:30pm as intially reported.

Luke, how do we know he was a King? I didn't see this anywhere in news reports about the incident.

Anonymous 10:08, they can't just ban these people from their stores. They do have rights, too. But I wish they would ban them from their store because no one's interested in their nonsense.

Anonymous 5:11, I am fully aware of the St. Hyacinth's meeting with ASPIRA coming to it. In fact, I am a member of the organization that will be conducting the meeting. The Avondale Neighborhood Association will be conducting the meeting. This is NOT a special meeting; this is our monthly meeting, and ASPIRA wanted to come to explain what the school is about, how the community will benefit from it, etc. Per the President of the organization, people will NOT be allowed to voice their opinions or concerns because ASPIRA is merely just there to talk about the school. However, if you do have opinions or concerns on the school, you can forward them to a woman named Sonia Sanchez. I'll get her contact information up here by sometime this evening. Also, the organization is just that, an organization, so therefore we do not have an opinion about the school. The organization does not support nor opposes the school. Personally, I am totally against the school coming here, in which I'll talk about another day.

Anonymous said...

These bums do not have the right to smell up my Starbucks. I pay $4 bucks for a Latte & I would like to enjoy my surroundings. I told the manager he needs to hire a security guard for my Starbucks.

Sarah said...

Sorry everyone, the 6:30pm was a mistake on my part -was so flustered at witnessing everything that was going on. Today there has been a lot of police presence; there was a collection of candles /gangbangers on Monticello -the police made them dismantle their 'alter' and have been circling all evening. I know two youths were shot, the one who died lived on Central park, did the injured one live on Monticello? There is a house right next to Reilly Elementary, where the vigil took place today, that is suspect. Thanks again Timmy for spending your time informing us all, you're one in a million!

Hector Romas said...

@ Anonymous 7:45:00 PM - What Starbucks is yours? If you own it why do you have to ask the manager to hire security?

Anonymous said...

Timmy, Zone 1 Archives are suspiciously unavailable at the moment. The page for the zone at RadioReference isn't even accessible. The page comes up but has no graphics and all the other pages for CPD zones are loading just fine.

I'll keep trying to get those archives for you. I already have the 025 archives for you from the night after the shooting from the late part of the 6PM hour to almost the complete end of the 7PM hour if you need them.

Anonymous said...

Timmy, I got the archives from Zone 1 from about an end point of 6:02PM to 11:30PM where the entire archive for the day ends.

Anonymous said...

@Timmy, I am now late-blogging the Zone 1 dispatch recordings here:

Feel free to quote verbatim or summarize if you'll link the thread and credit eric on everyblock.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

@Sarah, it's ok :). With all of that choas occurring at the time, it's easy to make a small error. I heard about all of the police presence, and it continued into the evening, mainly because of reports of large groups all up and down Belmont mourning the loss of the kid shot. I think sometime tomorrow, I'm going to do a walk-through on Monticello from Barry to Cornelia. I mainly want to be at Roscoe/Monticello and Belmont/Monticello to see if the gang presence continues. If I can, I might try to get pictures.

Anonymous 12:59/1:12, great! I already have the archive of Zone 1 from 8:00pm to 8:30pm on Saturday night, and I was listening in after 8:30pm, but could use the 7:45-8:00pm block. I could also use the Zone 12 archives. Send me an email at with what you have. Thanks again, I greatly appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

Which date and time do you need zone 12 archive for?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I could use the Zone 12 archive from the 17th of February from 4:00pm to 5:00pm and again from 6:10pm to 6:48pm, if possible.

Thank you again. Greatly appreciate the help.