Friday, February 17, 2012

Gang Fight At Koz Park

Good evening, everyone, it's 5:04pm. It's a warm winter day outside, with temps around 50. It's mostly cloudy, and it will remain that way this evening. .

5:07pm - Battery in progress. Koz Park. Gang fight.

5:11pm - Beat 2540 is over there, says he sees nothing so far, but he'll check. The assigned unit, Beat 2505, is coming from Amundsen Park.

5:12pm - Dispatch is getting another call over there at Koz. They're fighting on the Schubert/Springfield side of the park.

5:15pm - 2540 is talking to several people at the park. There was a fight, but it's over now.

5:16pm - The involved parties are, of course, uncooperative, but other people are saying that they heard that more carloads of gangbangers were coming into the area. Also, a red car was involved in this fight. Great....

5:29pm - Fire. 3716 W Fullerton.

6:03pm - Disturbance. 3640 W George. Older male White is causing a ruckus by the church.

6:09pm - The 6:03pm guy is actually in the church now, cursing at people and standing over them.


bobbo said...

A couple guys fist fighting is NOT a gang fight. Besides, most just pimp slap each other like on Jerry Springer. Stop caling in things which are not what they are. The police keep hearing you cry "Wolf" so they will ignore you more.

bobbo said...

All illegals are criminals and be deported ASAP!!