Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beat Down In Car On Belmont

Good morning, everyone, it's 8am. It's another cloudy day with temps in the 30s. It's going to remain this way today. Anyway, I'm going to monitor 25 from now until 9:30am, then I'm going to monitor 14 from 10:50am to 1pm. You're probably asking yourself why I'm not in school today. Well, let's just say it has something to do with the building I live in, and I won't go into that. So I'm home today. I'm going to school for sure for the rest of the week, and actually, I don't plan on taking anymore days off until spring break in April. Here's crime for portions of today.

8:42am - Battery in progress. Belmont and Milwaukee. Car heading east towards Hamlin has a man in it hitting someone in it.

9:25am - Sex offense. 1600 N Springfield. Male Hispanic with a black hoodie and pants, along with a red shirt underneath the hoodie, fondled the daughter and masturbated.

9:29am - Disturbance. 3641 W Fullerton. Male drinking behind the location in the alley.

9:30am - Ok, I'm gone until 10:50. See you all then. Happy Valentine's Day for those of you who celebrate it, by the way.

10:50am - I'm back.

10:59am - Beat 1495 has a traffic stop at 2355 N Milwaukee.

11:08am - Beat car 1434 is doing a premise check at the Western Blue Line station. Event number is 05978.

11:10am - Suspicious person. 27XX W Barry.

11:13am - A unit is doing a Sex Offender check at 20XX N Bingham. Event number is 05996.

11:46am - Theft. Washtenaw and North Ave. At the Aidi. Male shoplifter stole some condoms out of the store. LOL....

11:47am - Burglar alarm. 3501 W Fullerton.

11:49am - Traffic accident. 2800 W North Ave.

12:04pm - Disturbance. Diversey/Elston/Western. Male White, white beard, blue hat and green jacket is aggressively panhandling out there.

12:29pm - Burglar alarm. 23XX N Leavitt.

12:42pm - Disturbance. 31XX W Schubert. Four men loitering in front.

1:00pm - I'm going to switch over to 17, until 4pm. Standby...

1:11pm - Holding the offender. 2939 W Addison. At the Target.

1:28pm - Disturbance. Hamlin and School. Male Black with a cart is in the middle of the street, refusing to move.

2:23pm - Battery in progress. Roscoe and Milwaukee. Kids fighting. Probably the Schurz High School students.

2:28pm - Beat 1777Sam needs a transport unit at Schurz. 1733 is heading over.

3:20pm - Disturbance. 3222 N Milwaukee. At Walgreens. In the parking lot. Car driver and tow truck driver are having a dispute.

3:34pm - Just so everyone knows, if you have a special needs student who rides one of the school buses that serves Lane Tech High School, it was involved in an accident at Whipple and Addison. Everyone is fine, though, and 1733 is just doing a report on it. They will be delayed for a while, though.

4:00pm - I'm going to go for the day. I'll be back sometime during the week or this weekend. See you all then. Have a good night, everyone.


Dan Trost said...

It's time to take back our streets. Timmy have you ever heard of the Guardian Angel organization? It's where a group of concerned citizens walks around the neighborhood protecting it, wearing red berets. I'm not sure what other members do, but we should do this and carry around baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, machetes, and cans of gasoline with lighter fluid to rid 23's beat of gangbangers, homeless polocks, and random packs of negro savages that have been moving in. Perhaps you can contact the CAPS office and see if they would support us?

From the area said...

Sounds like gang banging to me. That's exactly what they do, walk around "the neighborhood protecting it". Instead of wearing "red berets", they are wearing their colors. Gangs been in Chicago since before you and I were born. I thank the CPD and other law enforcement for doing what they can do, but they also know its a never ending war. One guy gets killed or goes to jail, and there is two more young youths ready to take his or her place. @ Dan Trost, ur idea sucks & I personally think you are a racist punk. From the sounds of it, you need to contact the AGLs, not the guardian angel's...lol. I'm staying out of the way, and protecting my own (my family). Let the CPD deal with the street problems, that is their job.

Dan Trost said...

Well, you sound like a big pussy thats afraid to get involved, to be honest with you. Please stay at home and play with your Care Bears. Let the real men that give a shit about the area handle things. Timmy, what do you think?

Malthor Ogresbane said...

@Dan Trost - I don't think you can buy barbed wire in Chicago city limits. Also, are you fast enough to light gasoline before a young hispaniola gang banger bitch slaps you with a pistol? I prefer to unleash my 2 timber wolves I've raised since birth on the gang banger. Uneducated criminals come near my property and both 165 lb wolves are unleashed. Hell is more inviting than feeling the wrath of a mad adult male Timber Wolf.

Trent Jarvis said...

Let's get with the city and relocate the homeless. These bums are hurting our property values.
Oh, and clean out those rabble types like Mr. Trost. He's as bad as the bums.

Anonymous said...

It's been cold lately. I hope the CPD continues to offer their stations as warming centers for our homeless. Perhaps they could help out more by having the desk Srgt. hand out sandwiches/soup for the homeless??

Sherri Miller said...

@ From the Area - you sound so weak. Get some confidence and stand up for yourself and neighborhood! We can all fight strong!

From the area said...

@ Dan, come within my comfort zone and I'll show you what type of pussy I am. Your a pussy ass racist bitch with a gang-banger mentality idea. Guardian Angels need to stick to harassing taggers. Now go join the WPO FAGLORDS. I like Malthor Ogresbane idea alot better then yours. You are as bad as the bangers in my opinion. P.S, I dont play with care bears, I play with Smith & Wesson... let one of these little punks come on my property. You'll see my "pussy" ass on the news for whacking one. Family First!

Pete Miller said...

The gangbanger is bad enough. We can't have fights amoung each other in our neighborhood. We must stick together and work with CAPS to keep them out of our neighborhood. Also keep the huge fat men with fake bogus tuck pointing and construction trucks with the temp tags for plates. They are thieves.

From the area said...

@ Sherri Miller
Stand up for myself? You dont know me. I protect my FAMILY and could give a shit who is pissing in the bush down the block. Sorry, but the truth hurts. CAPS, CPD, and you are loosing the battle. Like I said before...gangs been in this area since before you and I were born. What makes you think busting some gang-bangers head is going to change that?? All that is going to come from that is, YOU going to jail (pro. for beating a minor), and your property getting foreclosed because you tried to be super hero.... lol. Protecting MY home and MY family is what I do. You can dress up like an idiot and get shot at by a 13 year old while you swing your baseball bat with barbed wire on it. Fucking morons! Let law enforcement handle the streets, before you get hurt out there.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Dan, yes, I have heard of the Guardian Angel organization, and they don't help anything in my opinion. I agree that we should take back our streets, but not the way you described. That's a little too extreme if you ask me, and plus, why target only the Blacks? If we're going to rid 2523's Beat of "savages", get rid of the Hispanic savages as well, as well as any other person of any other race who acts like a savage. If anything, the few Blacks I've seen in our area act like they have common sense, unlike a majority of the people in this area.

From the area, while I agree with you that the CPD are doing what they can and that the gang war might be never-ending, I do disagree with you somewhat saying that the problem is CPD's job. Don't get me wrong, it is their job to protect us (as well as serve us), but we as citizens must do our part. We must call 911 for gang activity, suspicious people, etc., we must attend our CAPS meetings and most importantly, we must work with our neighbors to help the CPD and elected officials get rid of crime issues/concerns in the area. We do have a part in it, and our part is to report anything that happens, as well form block clubs, community watches, etc., so that we can be active on our streets and say no to the gangs, drugs, criminals, etc. I truly believe we all have a part, and quite frankly, if you have the power to bitch and gripe about things happening in our community, you certainly have the power to step up and help your neighbors fight the good fight. I agree with Sherri that we can all fight strong when united.

To everyone here, just so you all know: I will NOT tolerate verbal threats being made on the commentary. If you feel like you have to settle something with someone, ask them for their email, phone number, address, or something. Just don't drag my blog into it, or myself for that matter. Remember, this blog is NOT here for you to argue, but is here for all of us to come together and discuss things related to the community and what we can do to help make it better.

From the area said...

@ AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter,
I apologize, this is your blog and I just pass threw from time to time. Great blog by the way. I DO call 911 when needed... but never attended a CAPS meeting. Maybe I will one day soon. My beef was with Dan and his tactics, I disagree with being a vigilante. You can get hurt out there. Young kids have access to guns and dont think twice on pulling the trigger. I'm Italian and Irish and been living near the area for 25 years & I have learned ever race / color has good and bad people with-in. What I meant was.... Thanks, but no thanks on the red beret deal. Let the law enforcement handle it. Did not mean no harm. I will be protecting my own (my family). Stay safe everyone...

Skippy Miller said...

Everyone please be kind to each other. The tuckpointing trucks with expired temp tags and the pick up trucks with Wisconsin expired plates are a huge problem. We need to watch! Criminals and scam artists!

Dan Trost said...

From the Area, you sound like your overcompensating for lack of manhood. I'm sure your life partner feels very safe with you holding him in his arms. I agree with Timmy, give me your address or phone number and we will make arrangements. I'm not a racist and Timmy knows that. Sounds to me like you need a lesson in respect which I will gladly teach you. Keep up the good work Timmy. Don't let police bashers like this goof get you own. I do agree with you on targeting all the savages regardless of what shitty color they are.

From the area said...

I said what I have to say, your a racist idiot & had / have a stupid idea. Tell you what, since your such a bad ass / tough guy... give me your address and number. I'm such a pussy, you shouldn't have any problems. RESPECT? Learn how to respect other humans. Not all Polish, Hispanic, Black's are bad people. You prove that. Your obviously a white guy and your an idiot. Not all white's are idiots. Sorry again, just my opinion on this gang-bangers (Dan) idea. LOL Berets and barbed wire... fucking homo.

Anonymous said...

Peace to all of you and to your families. My peace I give you and my peace I leave you.

We have to learn to listen and stop talking so much. Look at all this hate! As of this moment, the definition of the word "savage" applies to all of you.

When we talk before we think, when we don't stop to listen, when we don't stop to really hear beyond immediate emotions which blind us into destructive actions and words, we all become savage hypocrites.

STOP the hate, STOP the judging, STOP the attitudes, STOP intimidating each other! If we all truly want to do the best thing, we would all be on the same side and we would come together in a spirit of welcome of each other.

The world around us is out of control, and its scary to all of us, but God is in control in the end and he is the King of Hearts. Each of you in your own way, let the still, small, voice minister and give you peace.

I pray for peace to come out of this chaos. I pray for wisdom and healing in all of your lives. I pray that each of us does our best in each day to live better than we did the day before.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

From the area, thank you for the acknowledgement, and you don't have to apologize. I'm glad to know that you do call 911. I agree with you that being a vigilante can and will get you hurt (believe me, I've seen it firsthand). You're 100% right on that, it's dangerous, and yes, these kids that own guns don't even reconsider pulling a trigger. They'll just do it. I also agree that there is good and bad in every race. You stay safe as well.

Dan, thank you.

Anonymous, I really agree with you. We do have to learn to listen to each other and stop talking so much, and we should all come into agreement with each other. I also agree that God is in control (yes, I'm a believer, folks, despite how I might act on here at times) and yes, He is the King of Hearts. I also pray for peace in the lives of all of my readers, as well as wisdom and healing. Thank you, anonymous, for your message, and peace to you as well.

Anonymous said...


There's a rainbow somewhere, and you were born to be there. You're just running in circles, until you reach out your hand to the King of Hearts!