Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tac Unit Takes One In From Street Stop On Barry

Good evening, everyone, it's 6:48pm. It's a clear night with temps in the 30s, and I guess it'll remain so. I'm monitoring 25 this evening from now until the first call after midnight, and then tomorrow from whenever I wake up until about 6pm or 6:15pm. I have a meeting I'm attending tomorrow night, and that would be for the Avondale Neighborhood Association. That begins at 7pm, and it's going to be held at St. Hyacinth's Church (Resurrection Hall). I don't know if you all know, but there's supposed to be representatives coming from ASPIRA regarding the new school they want to build on Milwaukee. But just so everyone is forewarned, at this meeting, you will NOT be allowed to express your opinions or concerns; this is merely a meeting explaining how ASPIRA is going to build the school, what they're about, and how the community will benefit from the school being here. If you have further inquiries regarding the meeting, leave it in the comments section. Here's crime for this evening.

6:51pm - Beat 1662Boy is going in with one from 39XX W Barry following a street stop. An event number was pulled, but I didn't catch it.

6:56pm - Beat 2563Charlie needs another car at 31XX N Monticello. They're on a street stop.

6:57pm - Threatening suicide. 18XX N Ridgeway. Mental threatening to kill theirself.

7:04pm - The wagon is needed over at 2563C's stop.

7:07pm - By sometime this evening, I'll have a post on the three shootings that resulted in two murders in our neighborhood(s) up. Last night was a very violent night in our neighborhood(s).

7:19pm - A Tac unit wants 2563C to call them, regarding that street stop. 2563C took in five from there. This is related to a couple of disturbances with up to 30 Latin Kings that have been in the area for a few hours due to the homicide that occurred last night.

7:22pm - Per Beat 2590, 25th District units are to pay special attention to the area of Belmont and Monticello. There's been a few calls throughout the day for up to 30 Latin Kings loitering and what not in the area because of the murder last night. Retailation is still probable, so units are to use extra caution in the area.

7:34pm - Reckless driver. Pulaski and Fullerton. Nissan Ultma with a plate of 3256003 is "tailgating" other cars. Heading west towards Karlov.

8:03pm - 1) Vice complaint. 1627 N Pulaski. In the Walgreens parking lot. 2) Parker. 19XX N Ridgeway.

8:17pm - Burglary. 36XX W Diversey.

8:32pm - Disturbance. 23XX N Ridgeway.

9:01pm - Beat car 2535 is doing a premise check at the pumping station, 1747 N Springfield.

9:03pm - Some call on 2523's Beat.

9:26pm - Disturbance. 26XX N Springfield. Neighbors in front being loud, arguing, etc.

10:16pm - Traffic accident. 2731 N Pulaski. Two cars, property damage.

10:31pm - Wanted from the 10:16pm job, which is a hit-and-run is a red car with a plate of 253616 that has a ton of front end damage to it.

10:34pm - Beat car 2525 is giving a flash from a car theft that happened around 21:00 hours (9:00pm) from a handwaver at Armitage and Karlov. Taken was a 2000 Mercedes Benz, black in color, that fled east on Armitage towards Keystone.

10:37pm - Battery in progress. 21XX N Pulaski. People fighting in front.

11:04pm - Disturbance. 44XX W Diversey. Neighbors being loud.

11:48pm - Beat car 2523Robert is doing foot patrol in the area of Monticello and Belmont. Event number is 19065.

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Jim Bridger said...

These street stops by tact cars are civil rights violations. How much of the youth violence is stirred up by the police.