Tuesday, February 21, 2012

911 Dispatches, Facts From Saturday Night Homicide

Good morning, everyone. I promised on Sunday that I would try my very best to obtain more information on the Roscoe and Monticello homicide from Saturday night, and I have. But before I share it, just know that the incident occurred around 8:00pm at that intersection, and the victim was a 17 year old teenager named Edgar Delgado, who allegedly belonged to the Latin Kings street gang, from the set that hangs out heavily in that immeadiate area, including Avondale Park. He was killed by an MLD gang member from the area of Belmont and Francisco. Also please note that he was pronounced dead around 8:25pm at Our Lady of Resurrection Hospital, and died alone, after being dropped off.

Well, without further ado, here is the information I have obtained, from Eric at EveryBlock (thanks so much, Eric. Greatly appreicated) and ProdigalOne. To read another viewpoint about the whole thing, from Eric, you can follow his thread on EveryBlock. This information is by means of dispatches from Chicago Police Zone 1 Radio, District 17, from 7:30pm to about 8:30pm. Unless noted otherwise, all information is from Eric. Let's take a look:

  • 7:52pm - The first 911 call of "Shots Fired" comes into the 911 Center for the 3400 block of North Monticello. Several shots were heard, and there was a bicycle laying in the street.

  • 7:56pm - Beats 1705 and 1753 were on scene, and reported that the suspect ran north on Monticello from Rosceo.

  • 7:59pm - There is blood at the crime scene, per 1753, and they ask Dispatch if there's any shooting victims at any of the area hospitals.

  • 8:03pm - The information about the suspect came from a citizen, who did not offer a clothing description.

  • 8:04pm - Beat 1742 reported that at OLR, paramedics had a victim shot in the head who looked like "they're not going to make it". Also, Beat 1710 ask for the scene to be perserved.

  • 8:08pm - Two more supervisors were enroute to the scene.

  • 8:10pm - Further information, apparently there was a fight in area at Monticello/Roscoe. **from ProdigalOne**

  • 8:11pm - The victim was dropped off in a vehicle by two male Hispanics that then fled from the hospital. At the time, it was an unknown kind of vehicle.

  • 8:12pm - A Tac unit was enroute.

  • 8:14pm - Beat 1706Charlie was also going to the scene. Scene was being taped off. One unit is at the hospital. At the time, the victim was in critical conditon. He was dropped off by, possibly, a black Sedan, possibly a Ford Escort.

You can read the rest of the calls/dispatches that I caught after 8:25pm on the post from Saturday night, and you can also read some information on Edgar from Eric's post on EveryBlock. To say the very least, this shooting was a very sad one, that unfortunately was gang-related. Even though Edgar may have been a gang member, he still didn't deserve to die by himself. Guess that's how gang life is, though. You die by yourself.

If I get more information on Edgar, from other sources, I'll make a follow-up post. I certainly will keep all of you updated on this homicide. This is my very first time covering a homicide in our neighborhood, to this detail at least, and I really want all of you to be updated. However, I ask that all of you please remain respectful and cilvized while commenting on this post. We're all adults here. Comments will be highly monitored, as usual.



bobbo said...

We need a worldwide ban of firearms to end the violence.

Anonymous said...

Problem solved!

Undergrounded said...

A sad but true fact, Timmy - the gangs are these kids "family" until it no longer suits the gangs needs, then you are on your own. Even if it means death...

These kids will risk their lives to sell the drugs & carry the guns for their "family" - the ones who are like them & seemingly understand them. To be part of a strong-looking social group (albeit a warped one) is a big pull, especially when you risk becoming a victim yourself if you aren't a member.

Sadly, some parents actually encourage it, having been gangbangers themselves. It's pretty sad to see a father (or mother) openly promoting gangbanging in front of their kids, and perpetuating the cycle. Even worse is when they know about it and just don't care.

Although I was never a member of any gang, I had intimate dealings with them daily for decades, from the street soldier, to ranking "Board Members" who made the big decisions. I learned a lot, including how NOT to be victimized by these thugs.
Am I tough? No, hell no - I can't fight worth a damn, and I'm White & gangly, now in my late 40's. I just know how they operate, and with tools like your blog, I know where as well.
I sincerely believe that 90% of the community's problems could be resolved within the community itself, without the help of the police. The problem is, and always has been, community involvement.

How hard is it, really, to set up an active neighborhood watch? You have people watch over the neighborhood, either from home or by patrol, and report anything unusual to a central point by walkie-talkie or phone. Seriously, the police are under-staffed, and can't possibly patrol every block all the time. It is YOU as neighbors who give criminals the chance to operate when the police aren't around, because you see things & ignore them - either because you fear for your own safety, or because it doesn't effect you in the short term.
I don't care how many gangbangers there are - we will always outnumber them. If you choose to wait for another person to do something about it, then you have ZERO right to complain in my opinion. Nobody says you have to confront them directly, or risk injury. But if you can't pick up a phone, take video/pictures, or be vigilant in protecting YOUR neighborhood in the form of a Neighborhood Watch, then you pretty much deserve what you have to put up with...
I've never advocated violence as a means of solving anything, so no - I am not suggesting forming some vigilante group to hunt them down, as nice as the thought might be to some. I'm saying that if you want to be a neighborhood of friendly, happy families, who can roam the streets without fear of being shot/stabbed/robbed, then each and every one of us, as adults, has to take some measure of responsibility & help protect that ideal. We can't expect others to do it for us.

I really love reading this blog, Timmy. Sometimes it can be informative, and others amusing. (especially all the quasi-political rants)
But as for your readers/followers...they really need to put up or shut up, in my opinion.

And no, I'm no better, dear neighbor. I am a simple businessman, just trying to survive & live my life. I've done my time with the lowlifes & addicts, the convicts & homeless (been every one of those at one point or other), and now I only do good - for me & my community.

Luke Short said...

He was a gangbanger plain and simple. My little brother is a King who hung out with them. Don't sugar coat them. They're just walking targets for the other gangs.

Carolyn said...

First of all thanks Timmy for your blog, I just found it and I find it very informative!

I too find this latest killing in our community outrageous! I also find outrageous how little regard for life these thugs have! Thank goodness there were no little kids playing in the area, for there is a church and a school right in that corner! But right now, what I am most outraged at is how all of these gangbangers are "crying the loss of their fallen one" and you should have seen the church service on Sunday! There were about 40 of these thugs in the church, since Edgar, though he was a gang member, he attended Religious Education classes on Sundays and mass right after. Hypocrites!!

Anonymous said...

The district station closings are set in stone and so is the CPD beat and district re-mapping! Here are all the details:

Received an e-mail fron the FOP and it appears not only the 21st District is closing, but the 23rd District as well as Area 4 Detective Division. Detective Divisions will be split..North, Central, South. This will probably result in Radio Call Sign changes.

It will be some interesting listening in to Zone 2 and Zone 5 as these Districts change, and beat numbers etc. The 1st District will take over the northern half of the 2nd & 21st District (south to 31st...from Dan Ryan to Lakefront) as of March 4th according to the new beat maps i've seen. I haven't received any information on Radio Zone changes.

Here's the e-mail from the FOP:

District and Area Closings Update:

The Lodge has been notified that the 019 & 021 District closings will be effective on Sunday, March 4, 2012.

Officers working the 3rd watch on Saturday, March 3, 2012 will report to their current District of Assignment for roll call to pick up their car and radio. These Officers will check off in the 023rd District or 002nd District. Transport vans will be available to assist these Officers in picking up their personal vehicles.

Officers working the 1st watch on Saturday night for March 4, 2012 will report to their current District of Assignment for roll call to pick up their car and radio. These Officers will check off in the 023rd District or 002nd District. Transport vans will be available to assist these Officers in picking up their personal vehicles.

Officers working the 2nd watch on Sunday, March 4, 2012 will report to their new unit of assignment.

Unit designators will be distributed to those members assigned to a new unit. Officers assigned to the new 019th Town Hall District will receive key cards for access to the building prior to the change.

The 021st District Station will be locked at 0800 hours on Sunday, March 4, 2012. Any locker that is not vacated will have the lock cut off, the contents removed, and those contents inventoried. Officers should make every attempt to notify a member who is on furlough, extended medical, etc.

The Department intends on making the Area changes effective Sunday, March 4, 2012, but has not released any details on the moves. The Department is working with other City services to repair the parking lot at Area 1. Signage will be in place on Wentworth Avenue to designate additional parking spaces. The heliport at Area 1 will be converted to additional parking spaces.
Just wanted to add the 19th District will now extend their northern boundary to Lawrence Ave. (4800 North). This will take a few blocks from the 20th District. Their will be more changes coming as the 21st District will be "re-born" and will take over the 24th District soon. Also, the 12th District is going to become quite large taking a good part of the 13th District (As far north as Division Ave. (1200 North) at some points. The 13th District will take over the 25th District as previously discussed.

From the listener's view here, this is where it will become more interesting. Will the 12th District remain on Zone 13, or switch to Zone 3? The new radios are just a simple switch of the dial, so it's not a major issue. Stay tuned...