Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in 17th:

Report from beats 1731, 1732 and 1733, 7:04 to 9:20 PM.

7:06 3330 N Lawndale Kids throwing eggs at school

7:20 3232 N Ridgeway Man down, can't get up, ambulance called.

7:34 3855 N Kenneth Battery in progress, several teens on corner

7:39 Belmont & Ridgway Kids throwing eggs.

7:46 4251 W Irving Pk Rd Kids fighting out in front of convenience store on corner

7:53 4600 W Belmont Battery in progress, people fighting inside a gold Chevy Impala at the entrance to the parking lot of Tony's Finer Foods.

8:04 3236 N Keeler Assault occurred

8:56 Kennedy & Pulaski Accident, Tac-car requested.

8:48 3640 N Central Disturbance in alley.


LoganSquareReporter said...

Here's commentary about the 014th District Haunted House:

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Good documentary, LoganSquareReporter!

Also, thanks ProdigalOne for doing this! There seems to have been more violence in 17 last night than in 14 and the northeast portion of 25 combined.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice every Halloween, eggs are on sale? Perhaps a lawsuit against these stores for all the mayhem caused by them is justified?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 8:28, that's a good idea, actually! Maybe all of us should take that into consideration.

Best Blog Ever said...

A lawsuit is going overboard. Maybe not selling them to younger kids would be a better solution.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Best Blog Ever, hmmm ... maybe that is going overboard. But, you know, I honestly don't think a lot of store owners would listen to us if we ask them not to sell to younger kids. Besides, now we've got teens and young adults committing egg throwing.

Best Blog Ever said...

I just think lawsuits in this country are getting frivolous. That's all. I do agree that someone should be held accountable though.

ProdigalOne said...

Must be egg-throwing is a regional or urban thing. Where I come from originally in very rural upstate NY, egg-throwing is rarely a Halloween event; however, toilet-paper hanging is the mischief of choice. Not unusual to get up the next morning to curtains of TP everywhere, and a real mess if it rains. Don't think restricting the sale of eggs will help our city; however, as its not practical to do so. Eggs are messy, but I am more concerned about those who throw more lethal or damaging objects, start fights with knives, bats or other objects and do permanent property damage. 17 may have been a bit rocky last night, but 16 was even worse.

LoganSquareReporter said...

A lawsuit vs. a store refusing to sell food products to children. Hard choice to be honest! If the store refuses to sell any food item to a kid, the store can be held liable for age or some other type of discrimination and face a ton of bad press.

If they sell eggs to a kid and the kid causes a traffic accident and someone can definitely link the eggs to the store that sold them, the store can get sued for that too. Seems a bit of a catch 22 no matter what the community does.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

ProdigalOne, I agree that the egg-throwing is a regional thing. This is about the only place in the country where I hear this happening. I also agree that restricting the egg sales won't help. And, I'm surprised about 16. It's NEVER that bad. The kids seem to have been extra mischievous this year.

LSR, agreed.