Monday, October 18, 2010

Violence This Weekend

Good evening, everyone. Sorry for no live-police scanning today. I've just been in a pretty pissy mood the whole afternoon, but I'm doing alright now. Anyway, since I'm getting a bunch of reports for violence this weekend, particularly last night, I thought I'd share that with you all.

* From the Logan Square, Avondale, Wicker/Humboldt Park blog, October 16th, 2010:
"The residents of Logan Square were awakened by gunshots ... at the corner of Fullerton & Sacramento, Milwaukee & Central Park, and other places in the [14th] district. Police had multiple calls even from credible sources confirming shots had indeed been fired. No word on victims in any of these cases. In cases where multiple calls of shots fired are called in, it is not uncommon for police to find that the shooter has left the scene before they arrive,". Those incidents occurred shortly after midnight. Then, in the 11pm hour, "...014th district police responded to a report of a person shot on the 2900 block of Gresham, near Milwaukee Avenue. The victim was shot twice, with one bullet to the leg and one graze wound. The victim attempted to transport self to local hospital but was intercepted by one CPD citywide unit and one 17th district unit at Pulaski & Cornelia where an ambulance met them and transported the victim to a local hospital. The offenders from this incident were driving a gold colored four door Honda Civic. CPD received leads on the location of the offenders who were observed fleeing in the alley of the 2900 block of Gresham when the offenders reached the end of the alley and fled in an unknown direction. UCR 041A was used to pull an RD Number ... Late in the eleven o'clock hour, 014th district police responded to a complaint of a Battery victim who was transported to a local hospital from the 2100 block of Hoyne,".

Now, here are reports of violence that I've gotten from people, or that I've seen myself:
- A large fight broke out at 3:43pm yesterday afternoon at about 3900 W Diversey between gang members. They were fighting in the street, and even firing off gunshots. I believe one person was hit by a car also. All hell broke loose, needless to say. I confirmed that by going to the scene of the crime.
- There was a gang fight and shooting on my own block last night, at about 10:05. I was getting ready for bed when this guy in the alley, probably a gangbanger, starting throwing garbage cans at about 5 to 10 other guys on the street. Someone was shouting off "COBRA!!", then two gunshots went off. Multiple 911 calls were made, needless to say.
- I had a report for shots being fired at Milwaukee and Central Park around 11:40pm, and a report of gunfire at Belmont and Pulaski. If I'm not mistaken, someone was shot from the Milwaukee and Central Park incident. I'll try to get some more details.

This isn't a violence-related story, but nevertheless, take a look.

Just a lot of craziness to deal with, for all of us. Like I say, we need to form block clubs, keep in contact with CPD, go to meetings, etc. We can help stop all of this, I know we can.

And, now, for some general announcements I'd like to make:
- If you live on the 2900 block of N. Lawndale or the 3600 block of W. Oakdale, please, contact me at my email at Thanks!
- The Avondale Neighborhood Association is having it's next meeting on November 15th, 7pm at St. Hyacinth's (Resurrection Hall).
- For any of you living on Ridgeway, Hamlin and Avers between Diversey and Milwaukee, there's a block club meeting scheduled on Thursday at 6:30pm, at St. Hyacinth's (Resurrection Hall). Just be advised, but the person running the meeting may be a few minutes late.
- There will be limited blogging on Friday, as I've got a lot of errands I need to take care of, and a dance I'm going to Friday night.


Anonymous said...

It's the guns. The city was forced to lift its gun ban and now crime is out of control. We need a national ban on assault style weapons and semi-auto pistols.

Anonymous said...

i hope that you are not really blaming the guns,if so you get a refund on your education

Anonymous said...

It nots the guns its the people with guns

Anonymous said...

"It's the guns. The city was forced to lift its gun ban and now crime is out of control. We need a national ban on assault style weapons and semi-auto pistols.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 10:48:00 AM CDT"

1. the city never had a 'gun ban'.

what the city had was a general moratorium on the issuance of registrations for handguns, with exceptions made for: a) law enforcement, b) certified armed security, c) licensed private investigators and d) anyone with enough political clout to game the system.

2. there is no such thing as 'assault style weapons'; all firearms are. by their very function, capable of being used to 'assault'.

if you have any doubts, ask your friendly neighborhood deer.

3. 'firearm bans', national or otherwise, are the precursor to confiscation, which always precedes the imposition of government dictatorship.

if you have any doubts, ask the Jews.

4. an fully armed society is a polite society.

if you have any doubts, visit Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Only a gun ban will work here. The citizens here are just mindless savages, nothing more. Enough of these gun rights. Thetre's countries like Japan who don't have a gun problem. Because countries like Japan don't have guns. Do it here now.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 10:48, I disagree. How can it be the guns? They're just a weapon that fires gunshots. If anything, like anonymous 7:45 said, it's the people with the guns.

Anonymous 8:07, even if that did happen, the thugs and criminals will still have guns. Because they don't follow the laws.