Saturday, October 30, 2010

Burglar Alarm At Ames

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:38am. It's a cold morning out there. It's only in the low 40s right now. But it's supposed to warm up into the low to mid 60s today. Anyway, today, I'm monitoring from now until 2pm, then will do other stuff until 9pm, then I'll come back for a couple of hours until bedtime. Tomorrow, I plan on monitoring from 2-9pm non-stop because of it being Halloween. Also, the elections are on Tuesday. Hope everyone goes out to vote if they can. Here's crime for parts of today.

8:22am - Burglar alarm. 1920 N Hamlin. At Ames Middle school.

8:40am - Parker. 1818 N Harding.

9:26am - Parker. 3128 N Monticello. AT&T truck on the residential street.

12:02pm - Beat 2520 is doing a gang dispersal from 2854 N Avers. Console time is 12:02 and the event number is 073XX.

12:38pm - Burglar report. 3840 W Palmer.

1:34pm - Beat 2580Eddie needs an RD number for a "1506" (Prostitution; soliciting on public way) from 3800 W North Ave. It's HS590452 with the event number of 08915.

1:59pm - Parker. 1714 N Lawndale.

2:00pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back later. Have a good afternoon, everyone!

9:00pm - I'm back. Good evening.

9:24pm - Beat car 2534 has a street stop at 3959 W Armitage.

9:36pm - Loud music disturbance. 2948 N Hamlin.

9:38pm - Arson. 2500 block of N Tripp. Four male Hispanics in an older Jeep set a garage on fire.

9:52pm - The 9:38pm arson actually occurred at 2504 on Keeler, and an RD number has been pulled from the call. It's HS591119 with the event number of 17195.

10:11pm - Just so everyone knows, Zone 12 (25th District Radio) on Third Watch (1:50pm-ish to 9:50pm-ish) will NOT have it's regular dispatchers. One of them is being assigned to Zone 6 (7th and 8th districts) tomorrow, and the other one is off. There will probably be subs on the Zone, so I'm just putting you all on notice should anything happen tomorrow evening. Also, if all of you can send me in reports of what happens (particularly major incidents, like gunshots, fights, etc.) in your area tomorrow night, that'd be great.

10:39pm - Person calling for help. 3652 W Fullerton. Someone's beating up someone.

10:51pm - Loud music disturbance. 2920 N Avers. Backyard.

11:03pm - Some call at the Shell gas station, 3181 on the Mil.

11:12pm - Battery. 3614 W Palmer. There was a fight.

11:13pm - Assault in progress. 2323 N Harding. Two males are trying to fight the cousin.

11:44pm - Support unit request. 24XX N Lowell. Beat car 1513Robert needs a unit to bring a car owner into the 15th District, because they recovered the vehicle.

11:50pm - Loud music disturbance. 2710 N Monticello.

11:51pm - Parkers. On 2523's and 2524's Beats.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. I plan on blogging literally non-stop until 9pm.

1:31am - Everyone, I think I'm pretty much covered tomorrow night. I'm monitoring 25, and ProdigalOne has volunteered to cover 17, then I'll be copying anything major that LoganSquareReporter covers on their blog for 14


LoganSquareReporter said...

The 1:34PM job gets you an RD and event number for "Prostitution, solicit on public way"

Here's the UCR codes for ya!

LoganSquareReporter said...

Been hearing alot of "Focus" missions. Any idea what these are? POD missions = checking street police cameras and patrol of higher crime pod camera areas. Thanks for any help!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

LoganSquareReporter, regarding the "Focus" mission, I have no idea what that is, actually. Must be something involving street patrolling, though.

Thanks for getting me the UCR code for the "1506". I figured it was for Prostitution, but at the time, I was in a hurry and didn't look it up. Also, thanks for the link.

I actually have a question for you regarding tomorrow (Halloween): Are you monitoring tomorrow evening? If so, whatever major events you get on the blog, could I copy those (giving you credit, of course) on here for a separate post if I need to make one?

Hope you're feeling better!

LoganSquareReporter said...

I'll be monitoring on the portable for safety reasons while I'm out with the family trick or treating, and I'll be putting stuff up if there is anything major and you are welcome to it, as the information is for the community anyway.

With the colder weather lately. it's all just been the usual isolated incidents that have no real news value. Halloween is usually a different night of the year altogether.

A heads up for tomorrow night:

Pay attention to the 025 side of Grand & Harlem, across the tracks in the nicer part of the area. Over the last few years, Sayre Park and the area around Sayre School have been active all the way to North Avenue where it becomes the burbs and Chicago's jurisdiction cuts off. It usually starts with the kids throwing eggs and stuff at the trains, progressing from there.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thanks, LSR. I appreciate that. Also, I agree that Halloween is a different night of the year. Regarding the Grand and Harlem area, I'll keep an eye on it and will write anything down that is really serious (traffic pursuits, emergency assist calls from officers, 10-1s, etc). I usually do pay attention to it anyway, for some odd reason. It just interests me. I think someone should start a crime blog over there for the Galewood neighborhood. I'd like to read about crimes going on over there. But you are right, that area is usually active. It was last year when I was listening in.

LoganSquareReporter said...

no problem! Yeah, 025, 016, 018, 019, 023, and 024 are the most difficult parts of the city for a crime journalist to cover because there is just so much activity, each incident just about trumping the one just before it. I'm sure someone will start up some information source one day. I know the residents of Lincoln Park want one.

I was thinking about the dispatch subs that are working Zone 12 on 31 Oct....I'm placing my personal bets on those dispatchers never working Zone12 again. Officers and Sgt's do not like subs at all because of the obvious problems they encounter. My bet is that 2510 or 2520 will call the Zone sup and tell them never again!

Anonymous said...

Focus missions? It's just a goof off fest for cops. They put themselves on these missions and do nothing.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

You can add Zone 6 (the 7th and 8th Districts) to that list also. I tried covering Zone 6 back in the spring and it was literally impossible. On a somewhat similar story, I have covered parts of the 23rd and 24th Districts for different blogs at times, and they're difficult to cover (particularly the 24th), but certainly not as difficult as covering somewhere like, say, 14 or 25, at least for me. I say 16 is difficult is cover because that District is just about as large as 25 is, and I have yet to try doing 18 and 19. And, about the subs, LOL! I'm thinking the same thing, and most of the time Zone 12 gets subs, I only hear a couple of them at some point again. Most of them never come back. But, on a positive note, the Zone today has one regular on it (who was supposed to be off today), and one sub who can actually work it on there. Honestly, I made a relief sigh where I heard those two.

Anonymous 8:38, you may be right, especially when it comes to 14. I hear cops over there putting themselves on these missions a lot more often the ones in 25.

LoganSquareReporter said...

There are rumors that there is a person or persons covering zone 6 in a very closed group.

I remember the 90's in 014 where all they did was go restaurant hopping. Story has it that the DC found out and made them start doing work and then they would slack off again. The thing about 014 is that every time good officers get in that district, they're gone as fast as they came.

The city seems to like using 014 as a place to put on your resume and that revolving door has hurt the community more times than not.

Ya wanna know something funny? The same people are on the desk at 014 that were there twenty years ago. They REFUSE to do street work, and each time one of them gets promoted, they get 014 desk as their assignment or they get the Commander's office as admins!