Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Burglar Report On Monticello

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:50pm. Boy, what a day. My classes at school were easy for the most part because we had subs, but I'm really, really tired for some reason. I've been like that all day. Anyway, don't know if all of you have heard of not, but as of today, CAPS has literally been dismantled. Nearly all of the officers have been reassigned to the streets, and while that's a good thing, it's not good that CAPS meetings will only be held quarterly now, and it's not good that problem buildings have been given to the Buildings Department to handle. Also, it's a beautiful afternoon out there. Here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:55pm - Burglar report. 2242 N Monticello.

4:01pm - Beat car 2523 is on a traffic stop at 4172 W Wellington. Event number is 11565.

4:16pm - Battery. 3037 N Avers. Friend hit the caller in the face.

4:17pm - An RD number has been pulled from Monticello. It's HS560979 with the event number of 08138.

4:22pm - The 4:16pm job is a code. They're all drunk.

4:43 to 5:10pm - Sort of fell asleep. Sorry.

5:27pm - Either a burglar report call or an animal abuse call at 3101 N Kostner.

5:40pm - Animal abuse. Lawndale and Shakespeare. Teens abusing pit bulls with a belt. They're heading towards Hamlin on Shakespeare.

5:49pm - Burglar report. 4338 W Barry.

6:08pm - Burglar report. 3711 W Wrightwood.

6:52pm - Assist the citizen. 2814 N Lawndale. Caller needs help getting belongings from the ex-landlady.

6:55pm - Battery in progress. 2308 N Monticello. Male beating a female.

7:08pm - Beat 2548 has a traffic stop at Fullerton and Ridgeway,

8:46pm - Battery in progress. George and Avers. People fighting in the alley between Avers and Springfield on George. Multiple calls coming in.

8:49pm - Beat car 2523 is on scene of the 8:46pm calls. Nothing appears to be going on.

8:59pm - Some call in the area.

9:09pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

I made one of the calls for the 8:46 p.m. battery and the call actually came in 20 minutes earlier than it was called out. Also, the police drove down the alley and saw the 2 people involved run out of the alley and into the gang way, but decided to just keep driving. I yelled out the window at them to stop and at least try to look for them. They checked a door, which was obviously locked and they said they could do no more and were leaving. Apathy on the job by our police is one of the things that is killing our neighborhood. Being understaffed is just an excuse for them not to go the extra mile to take care of the problems facing this neighborhood.

DJ Psyko-M1 said...

Burglaries are on the rise...
I've been monitoring the Clear Map and have noticed a disturbing rise in Burglaries in the area.

Just FYI.
Lock your shit up best you can!

Dawn Marie Galtieri said...

...I must agree...I have met a wonderful officer, but our regular crew has been awful...telling me to come to CAPS meetings over and over...and all I am asking is for a decent response to my calls...they want us to be eyes and ears...and many of us are...and then get this relaxed, or at times, rude response...now I am growing apathetic...

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 2:18, about the call, not surprising. As usual, there was a backlog. But it's odd how the dispatcher didn't at least read out the call right when it was made. For calls like that, they are supposed to read it out as soon as it pops up on their board. They didn't do that in this case, and can be disciplined for it. I have that dispatcher's name, too, and I've met him in person. And, about the officers, they can't go the "extra mile" anymore. They really can't. You know why? Because some coward will cry that the police are harassing and abusing people, then they get sued. We don't need that, either. Personally, I'd rather the cops do almost nothing rather than do extra work only to get sued by some douche-bag by it. And, another thing. If you want the police to really do something, leave your name and number. They can't do anything without a complainant who is willing to sign complaints. If you still want to be anonymous, fine, but don't except the police to really do anything. And, these aren't my words. This is what I've been told by the officers. And, as for the police's apathy killing this neighborhood? They're not the only ones. Some of us as citizens are apathy, too. We come to meetings to complain, but no one ever wants to do anything to help. No one wants to join block clubs being made for the blocks (which are virtually the only solution now besides going to your griping CAPS meeting). It works both ways.

DJ, I agree. It is disturbing.

Dawn, part of the problem lately is that, these cops working our Beat aren't the "regulars". Up until about two weeks ago, we've had "relief" officers working the Beat. One regular is back now, but I'm not sure what happened to the other one (and he was great, too). But, I do agree with the officers. Come to CAPS. Be a part of the solution. You're doing a good job by calling problems in, but only at CAPS is where solutions can be worked on, and where you can actually sit down and talk to CPD face-to-face. We want solutions, after all, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey Timmy as I was walking home I seen this plenty of times and havent seen anyone post about it. That theres a couple of gangbangers Im pretty sure there Spanish Cobras that bring the drunks beer 24 packs I seen this before and yesterday around midnigth by Milwaukee and Central Park I also seen them buy crack from them and figth. They calmed down a bit now because its getting cold there staying inside the vacant houses which there are a lot of in Logan. I live by a vacant house and see the dealers sell drugs to the drunks I called the police many of times but they usually never come or come like 20 minutes after the dealer is gone, and they never go inside the vacant houses they just drive around and leave. I been living here for five months and this is my last month living here I had enougth to much crime for me Im moving back to the southside, which is nt all bad and the hood im moving to is way better than Logan.

Anonymous said...

It was me, Josh that made the call and had to call out to the police officers to do something. I have noted during the past month, several times per week, officers driving past drunks drinking on the corners, calls being answered an hour later, police just driving past and making no effort to do something. Timmy, the police could set an example in this neighborhood by doing the job they were sworn to do. I agree with you about our neighbors, but you have to admit that there are many officers out there who would rather sit in their car all night than get out and actually do some real police work. My opinion is not formed from one night, but rather over 5 years of letting criminals run this neighborhood.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Josh, I have no idea what's going on with our officers, then. It seems to me that from the officers I've talked to in the neighborhood, most of them will do what we require of them. Having said that, I don't know who they're sending to your calls, Josh, but it's probably Yahoos who don't have a clue about problems on the Beat, or don't care. So, the next time you get poor service, just let me know and I'll send you their Beat number so you can file a complaint. Also, I would suggest that you make phone calls to the bosses in the 25th, like Commander Velez, or a Watch Commander. And, I'd ask one of them to sit down with you and talk about it. Or maybe we all need to sit down with someone in charge about it, because this isn't the first complaint I've gotten about it. Hopefully, something is done about it. But there's really nothing I can do about officers not responding effectively to the calls. I've done my share of the work getting them to do their job, and I'm not doing it anymore because I'm not their babysitter. That's what they have bosses for.

Anonymous 7:45, that's disturbing. Now we've got Cobras helping the drunks out by buying them liquor? And selling them drugs? I'm shaking my head over here. And, sorry about the police not responding to your calls. I know I probably sound like a time recorder, but they get really busy and there's not anyone available for some of the calls that come in, like the drug dealing, for example. The police are sent to the highest priority calls first. However, I've been getting a lot of complaints as of late about the police doing nothing on this Beat, and it's starting to become true, I think. About the vacant houses, though, they can't legally go in those. I'm also sorry to hear you're moving. I personally wish that you didn't, as we need as many people as we get can get to help save this neighborhood, but it's your life, and you've got to do what feels best for you.

Anonymous said...

Those drunks on the corners are probably too drunk to go to jail. So would you rather have them sitting in the hospital, taking up space that a real medical emergency patient could use? And guess who pays their medical bills? YOU DO! I'd say, lets load them into a van, go to the airport, and ship them back to Poland, Russia, or where ever they come from.