Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CAPS Program Dismantled

Good afternoon, everyone. I have some serious news to pass on to all of you regarding the CAPS program. I have received word that as of today, the CAPS program is virtually dismantled. I'm not sure what's going to happen in terms of reassignments in other districts, but I know that the 25th District will only have two officers and one Sergeant in the program. All other officers in CAPS in 25 have been reassigned to the streets. But that's not the bad news, at least to me. However, I have also been told that CAPS meetings will now only be held quarterly, effective January 1st, 2011. And, to make things worse, CPD will no longer handle problem buildings. Those will be handled by the city's Building Department. So, if any of you have problems with buildings on your block, I encourage you to not only let the cops know (not that they can do anything about it anymore, but letting them know would be good, still), but to call the city's Building Department as well. I do not have the number, unfortunately, but will look for it and give to all of you if I find it.

At this point, I will strongly encourage that more of you form block clubs, or participate as much as you can if your block already has one. And this goes to EVERYONE reading. We need as many block clubs as we can get, and not only in this neighborhood. I know I have quite a few of you reading from other parts of Chicago, and I'm talking to all of you, too. Without CAPS, we're practically screwed, all throughout Chicago. But if you form a block club, get together with your neighbors, hold meetings regularly, address crime and disorder amongst each other, and call 911 as often as necessary, maybe this can work without CAPS. But until then, I doubt it.

Now is the time that all of us community people stand up and fight for change in our neighborhoods. No more sitting there like a quiet little mouse when drug deals are happening out in front of your apartment, no more only reporting a problem and doing nothing on your part, and certainly no more anonymous 911 calls. Give your name when you call, even if the call-taker doesn't ask you your name. And leave a phone number to be contacted at. People, we've got to FIGHT to take our neighborhoods back. And we have to work TOGETHER. If we don't do this, and with CAPS closing, then all hope is gone.

Oh, and before I close out, I also encourage that more of you comment on this blog/email me when there is a problem you're dealing with on your block, in your surrounding area, etc. Especially for gunshots, drug deals, fights, loiters, gangbangers, drunks and whoever and whatever else is a big problem. I have to be honest, I dismiss things like parking, loud music, kids on bikes, because they're not really a problem to me, but for anything big or even considerably worrisome, contact me. All of you know my email (it's on my profile to your right), and few of you have my cell phone number. Hell, there's even a very few of you who know where I live. So there's no excuse not to contact me. I ask that I get contacted, because a lot of people are reading this blog, and not only they can help you with the problem, but we do even have CPD and elected officials looking at this blog also.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this post/matter, and please remember, DO NOT give up hope. We cannot do that whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

Arm yourselves. The cops around me don't even respond to 911 calls anymore. for the past 2 months it takes them an hour to show up when half our block called about shots fired in the middle of the night or drug deals by gangbangers. CPD is really getting bad. Nobody working for the city cares anymore. They are just disgruntled and hate filled because of the furlough days and pay cuts.

Dawn Marie Galtieri said...

...given some of my recent interactions with our beat cops, I am not so sad about these updates...

Dawn Marie Galtieri said...

...and the problem building issue has had both eyes on it, police and the city...and clearly, given the limitations of the police without a complaint-making owner, the city needs to be involved...

LoganSquareReporter said...

As I understand it, CAPS is still here but certain officers are being sent to street duty and will still serve a CAPS function, CAPS meetings will not change, Court Advocacy will still be as it is now, DAC, and all of the other programs remain intact. That's for 014 anyway.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous, CPD doesn't participate in those furlough days. They're an emergency service, which is essential to the city. But sorry to hear about the officers not responding to your calls. I would have that addressed with a supervisor out of the District you're in.

LoganSquareReporter, glad to know that's the case in 14. It's the complete opposite here in 25. Our CAPS program in 25 has pretty much been destroyed.

Dawn, agreed. Some of this isn't really sad to me, but then again, some of it is.

LoganSquareReporter said...

Just found some news on this subject! 014 is one of several districts giving up one car per watch to the 025th District! This isn't any wonder because it looks as if the city is continuing their freeze on hiring Police Officers, even though there is a test coming up! People are retiring faster than the city can replace them with new PO's! Word around town says that we won't see any PO's until 2012. Click on my blog to see more.

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of guidelines for any property vacant for 30 days or more.

Vacant Property Guidelines

If a building is vacant for more them 30 days, the owner must:

1. Secure all openings as may be necessary to ensure against any unlawful entry.

2. Register the vacant building as a vacant property with Department of Buildings.
a.) a $250 registration fee is required each time the building is registered
b.) each registration lasts only for a period of 6 months
c.) maintain and provide proof of ‘Liability Insurance” coverage in the following amounts:
i. $300,000 minimum liability policy for residential structures
ii. $1,000,000 minimum liability policy for commercial structures
3. Post a sign with the Name, Address, and Telephone number of the current owner (or the agent for the owner) in a conspicuous location on the building.

4. Keep the premises clean. Cut the grass, remove weeds, garbage, debris, dead trees or any fallen limbs. In winter, shovel any accumulated snow to allow public use of the adjacent sidewalk and keep the property free from pests such as rats and other rodents. Bait the property as necessary.

5. Maintain foundation, basements, crawlspaces, exterior walls, exterior windows and doors, roof, gutters, downspouts, scuppers, flashing, chimneys, flues outside stairs, steps, decks, verandas and balconies. Keep exit areas continuously lit from dusk to dawn.

6. Keep the vacant building’s interior free from junk, debris, trash, rodents and pests. Keep plumbing free from leaks and winterize the structure. Maintain the foundation, floors, walls, stairs, and ceilings. Exit doors should be secured with an internal deadbolt lock. Maintain interior stairs and risers in a safe, usable condition.

7. Buildings Security Standards:

a. Building doors, windows and openings may be secured with plywood for the first six (6) months.
b. After 6 months, all plywood must be removed and replaced with commercial- grade steel security panels or,
alternatively, replace the plywood with secure doors, glazed windows and an operable 24-hour burglar alarm

Dawn Marie Galtieri said...

RE: "Keep the vacant building’s interior free from junk, debris, trash, rodents and pests....Exit doors should be secured with an internal deadbolt lock..."

This has been the issue at 2941 Avers. Vagrants can get in, so the place is trashed...from the police version, really disgusting. Last month 2933 finally got the board upgrade, but 2941 is just plywood, and not secure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sir, are you monitoring also what is going on just east of California, north of Diversey, south of Belmont and east of Western. It's a part of Avondale and was hoping on more news regarding stuff going on. Believe me, dope dealing, shootings etc are getting rampant.

Anonymous said...

East of California - West of Western - North of Diversey - South of Belmont is Beat 1411 in District 14. I believe he is monitoring on this site on Friday. I live in this area and you are right it's getting worse here. Mostly because of gang bangers living on Washtenaw. There are two brothers there that need to be watched.

Anonymous said...

If the shooters are gone what can you do? Do any of the callers ever wish to sign complaints when crime occurs? No. They just say, "It's not my business" Or they didn't see anything. The police don't do magic and if they do too much folks complain about "BigBrother" minding their business.

Anonymous said...

I've left my name & phone #.Met with with officers... the indiffference on display was disheartening.
Also, gang affiliates at CAPS mtgs makes people go mute... This leads to adversarial behavior between cops and citizens wanting to do the right thing

LoganSquareReporter said...

I have a thought and a question on this whole buildings issue! What we know is that the police can enforce city ordinances, state criminal laws, and federal criminal laws, right? So, why can't the police have their part to play in some of the city ordinances that are involved in this? When it comes to city ordinance, and those buildings that are allowed to sit vacant, inviting crime, why is teh city handcuffing those who have some authority to deal with it? Also, what ever happened to th enforcement of what is on the state books as "Criminal Housing Management"?

Anonymous said...

I have reported vacant building on 2800 block of Avers on website and called. They will send inspector. Also emailed alderman not there problem have to report to city bldg inspector. It is the alderman's job to help the people in his ward with these dangerous vacant bldg. But please post them on the website so when something does happen you can confirm city was notified. Remember this next time you vote.