Monday, April 12, 2010

Truth About The CPD: Manpower Shortage

Hey, everyone. Yesterday morning, I recieved a comment from a cop who works for the CPD. I'm sure you're all like, 'oh my god, CPD's gonna say something about Timmy blogging!'. But no, this cop actually supports me. I know him from Craig Gernhardt's "The Broken Heart Of Rogers Park" blog. We've talked on that blog several times before so I'm convinced he works for CPD. He really seems to know what he's talking about.

Anyway, this cop, who's screenname is Big Daddy on Blogger, left a comment for me yesterday morning under a shooting post about getting more foot patrols. Behind this comment, folks, lays the truth about CPD. In this comment, he tells why there's a shortage (well, obviously, we all know who's the fault for it ... or we should) and how dire the CPD's shortage situation really is.

WARNING: For all of you cop haters out there. I know you're going to flip a can and say nasty things or call my source a liar. But no, this is the truth, and it's tough if you don't like it.

Without further a do, here's the comment:

"Timmy, the problem with posts about people wanting a foot post here or there, more patrols by the officers is this: THERE IS NOBODY LEFT TO DO THOSE THINGS ANYMORE! The mayor has let this department go so far down that it's not even funny anymore. He loses about 500 officers a year due to retirements and then hires about fifty or so to replace them. There is a class in the academy right now that consists of 85 recruits. To replace the hundreds that have retired last year. Now I'm hearing that there will be no more classes for 2010 and 2011!
025 is one of the busiest districts in the city. It is also one of the largest. When I was there it the guys usually went from job to job. There was no time to do aggressive, preventive patrol. Sometimes I didn't even get a lunch break. Compare 025 with lakefront district, say 019 or 020. You will notice that those districts are much smaller, way less busy but yet have the same number of officers as 025! So as much as I'd like to agree with some of the posts about foot patrol and more patroling by the officers assigned to 025, I doubt we will ever see that happen. At least not until we rid ourselves of Daley, Weis and his wannabe members of his command staff that are responsible for all of this."

There folks, now you know the truth. I've been telling you some of this, but it's so much better coming from a cop's mouth rather than mine. Well, folks, the bolded parts of this post is what sticks out the most, I think. I have heard this first hand over the scanner. I hear first hand of all the trouble CPD is going through these days. And all of it is the truth. However, I am shocked by the fact there will be no classes this year or next year. Mayor Daley is out of his mind. So is Jody Weis. They've done it now. I really sympathize with CPD at this point. They shouldn't have to go through all of this.

So, you citizens are saying "it's not our problem" or "what the hell are we going to do about it?" at this point. Well, what I think I should personally do is write a letter to Jody Weis and Daley, expressing anger at those two of the way they're treating our boys in blue. And maybe some of you should, too. I know, I know, there are A FEW bad cops out there (looking at you coppers in 14 and a couple of you in 25) who deserve whatever mistreatment comes their way. BUT, I know for a fact that most of the CPD consists of cops who want to protect and serve us. I've seen it personally. I have met cops who want to do exactly what they get paid for. But the problem is, Jody Weis and Mayor Daley think that's a bad thing and insist on firing cops every chance they get it seems like. You see all the time when a cops shoots someone, they're always right there to say something (especially you, Weis).

Then you got these little teeny boppers and gangbangers who scream racism everytime a cop gets tough. Or these little yuppies claim that cops beat them up for no reason (sorry, my yuppie readers. I'm not talking about all of you. Just the ones who are drama queens when it comes to cops). You know what? Screw that! Let CPD do their job and get off their ass. Seriously. Maybe they wouldn't have to get tough if you just obeyed them.

I personally think this manpower shortage concerns all of us. We citizens need to say something to the mayor and Mr. Weis. And, we need to vote the pig (Daley) out. He's doing nothing for our city anyhow. Stop looking for the cops to defend theirselves when it comes to this. We need to help them out here, I think.

Comments/questions? Send them here. But be warned. This post will be highly moderated. I'm not accepting any hate towards Big Daddy because he always tells me the truth and nothing but the truth. But, if you have any honest questions towards him, please, do ask them here. I may be able to answer some of the questions, but again, I don't work for CPD so I really don't know everything of what they're going through.

Thank you,


Colin Bayer said...

this has been pretty much the same stance on manpower given by Second City Cop. Sad state of affairs. is it a budget thing? do less people want to be cops?

any rate, keep up the good work on this blog. i enjoy reading it.

Therese said...

Great post, Timmy!

You should forward a copy to the editorial boards of all the local news media. Maybe your powerful heartfelt plea will shame them out of their silence on this.

Keep up the excellent writing!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Colin, I don't think it involves the budget or less people wanting to be cops (but it could, who knows). I'm thinking the cops are fed up with Weis because of he way he's made their department.

Therese, thank you! I think that I should, too. I'd like to embrass the mayor and Weis, and make them stop doing these kind of things to our cops. It's uncalled for, I think, and maybe Weis and Daley should be punished for it.

grib said...

why do you think the 14th and 25th district commanders were removed?! Because they didnt agree with pretty boy weis thats why

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Grib, not to be rude, but how can you confirm this (unless you're a cop who knows the real, real story)? I was told the former 14th District Commander was actually promoted to a position in Area 5. And, as far as the former 25th District Commander goes, I can't actually blame Weis for removing him. He was a goof if you ask me. He didn't do his job (I should know, I emailed that guy three times last year and he only responded once, and when he did, he had no idea what I was talking about). But yeah, Weis is a pretty boy.

Big Daddy said...

Hi Timmy, me again. Commander John Escalante formerly the Commander of 014 was NOT moved because of any scandal or incompetence. He was moved because he is an up and coming shining star. He really does a good job and is what all Commanders should be.Plus, Weis wanted to promote as many Hispanics as he could because Daley was getting heat from the Hispanics so he promoted about four. Escalante is probably the only guy in the whole group of the promoted that deserved promotion. The rest are simply.......Hispanic.I'm not sure about Lopez. He is starting a new Hispanic group, AHLE, IIRC. Daley may have wanted him gone because of that. Or it could have been because he voiced his opinion and told the truth at a command meeting a few weeks ago and the last thing heaqdquarters wants to hear is the truth. I suspect the truth however is that Alderman Regnar Suarez wanted him gone. Regnar views the 025th District as his own little Army to be used as he see's fit and available for whatever he wants. He has the Mayors ear and I tink that is the real reason Lopez got the boot. But in any event, when Lopez was dumped back to Lt., the Hispanics went nut's and threatened Daley. Lopez was then brought back out of retirement something I've never seen before and is now the Commander of the Cold Case Squad. He's really not a bad guy, actually he is a good guy. But his claim to fame is being Hispanic, not as being a Policeman.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hey Big Daddy. I am aware that John Escalante was moved up. Yes, he is a shining star and I'm happy that he was promoted.

I also think Suarez wanted him removed. They were both at 2523's CAPS meeting in January and they eyed each other pretty intensely from what I saw.

I honestly thought that Lopez was a pretty nice guy, but he didn't really seem to be into his job all that much while he was the commander in 25.