Thursday, April 15, 2010

Milwaukee Ave.: Avenue Of Choas

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:23pm. I had a better day at school. But there was a big fight right by the school as I was leaving. Anyway, it's real warm out. That's probably why there's so much violence. I'll keep you updated on all of the violence until bedtime. Here's crime for this afternoon and early evening.

3:47pm - 1) Domestic battery. Milwaukee and Avers. Some woman and her son were hit and maced by a male. EMS en route. 2) Disturbance. 3121 N Milwaukee. At Red Apple.

3:52pm - Battery in progress. Milwaukee and Davlin. Couple of calls for gangbangers fighting outside of Burger King. One of them is trying to suffocate someone.

3:56pm - A disregard is being given on the 3:52pm job. Three units went by and nothing. Though, a citizen says at least some of the parties fled east on Belmont towards Ridgeway in a black SUV.

4:03pm - The 3:47pm jobs are coded. At Milwaukee and Avers, the vitcims walked away. At 3121 N Milwaukee, 2573 dispersed a drunk guy from the Red Apple parking lot.

4:05pm - Domestic disturbance. 1710 N Lawndale. Child's father took the kid.

4:06pm - Child left alone. 2149 N Springfield. 5 yr old says mom's not home and they're scared. Call taker is staying on the line until police arrive.

4:38pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 2321 N Ridgeway. 9 yr old with a mental history needs to go to the hospital.

4:45pm - Battery in progress. Fullerton and Kostner. Several males fighting. Male Hispanic, no shirt and blue jean shorts has a gun.

4:52pm - The crowd from the 4:45pm job is dispersing. Coded out. 2592 thanks 2523.

4:57pm - Gang disturbance. Altgeld and Ridgeway. They're chasing little kids.

5:00pm - Narcotics. On 2525's Beat.

5:03pm - Animal abuse. 3064 N Haussen. Male kicked a dog down the street.

5:21pm - Some job at 3159 N Harding.

5:24pm - 1) Suspicious vehicle. Hamlin and Armitage. 2) Traffic accident. 3819 W Fullerton. 3) Battery in progress. 1648 N Central Park. The son is getting jumped by two men. But the cell tower hits off to 16th Street, so it may be occurring in the 10th District.

5:29pm - Gang disturbance. Mozart Park. They're arguing. Someone who works for the park came out, asked them to turn it down and then they told that person to mind their business and started talking back.

5:46pm - Backlog in 25 at 17:46 hours.

5:49pm - Disturbance with drinkers on 2523's Beat.

6:05pm - Person down. 3613 W Armitage. On the front lawn.

6:26pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:45pm - I'm back :).

6:50pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and Pulaski.

6:51pm - Narcotics. On 2523's Beat.

6:55pm - Wanted from multiple calls of Shots Fired at Fullerton and Menard is four IGs, one in a red hat, in a green '98 Jeep Cherokee that has a plate of K124378 and registers to an address on Davlin (and, Davlin only goes from Wellington to Milwaukee in the entire city). They fired at least four shots.

6:57pm - A Tac unit has the Jeep at Fullerton and Kilbourn. They're following it.

6:58pm - A slow down is being given on the 6:55/6:57pm things.

7:04pm - The backlog is cleared out of 25 at 19:04 hours.

7:10pm - They're calling back on the 5:03pm job.

7:11pm - Beat 2552 is doing a contact card on the 6:55pm offenders.

7:50pm - Vice complaint. 1814 N Monticello. In the park.

7:52pm - 1) Domestic disturbance. 3608 W Shakespeare. 14 yr old daughter is out of control. 2) Burglar report. 4108 W Nelson.

8:00pm - I have to go. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow.

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