Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Domestic On Wrightwood

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:07pm. School was alright. Just glad to be home. Tomorrow, it's yet another day of school. I'll be taking Thursday off. Anyway, in any event, it's sunny and in the 50s right now. Also, I have a reminder: the 2523 CAPS Beat meeting is tomorrow night at 3160 N Milwaukee at 7pm. I'll probably be there. Here is crime for this afternoon and early evening.

3:35pm - Domestic disturbance. 4236 W Wrightwood.

4:09 to 4:29pm - I fell asleep. Sorry.

4:38pm - Narcotics. Koz Park. Three males doing marijuana on the basketball court.

4:57pm - Assault (in progress). 2437 N Hamlin. Tenants threatened the caller.

5:11pm - Traffic accident. Avers and Diversey. Caller was side-swiped.

5:14pm - Shots Fired. Ridgeway and Milwaukee. Five heard by Avondale liquors.

5:20pm - The 5:14pm job is coded. No shots were fired.

5:40pm - Parker. 1800 block of N Harding. Premits.

6:04pm - Beat 2505 is doing a park check at Mozart.

6:30pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:00pm - I'm back :).

7:26pm - Gang disturbance. Belden and Keystone. Four representing.

8:58pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Good night, everyone :).

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