Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stop At Kelvyn Park

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:45pm. I'm glad to be home from school and I'm looking forward to the 3 day weekend. Anyway, I'm going to take a nap from 5:33pm until dinner, then I'll come back after dinner. Also, 14 is being mointored tomorrow, all day. Here is crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:49pm - A Gang or Tac unit has a stop at 4438 W. Wrightwood, Kelvyn Park.

3:51pm - Traffic accident. 2213 N Monticello.

4:00pm - Beat 2562Boy is on a traffic stop at 2846 N Central Park.

4:01pm - Disturbance. 2907 N Springfield. Problem with the DCFS worker.

4:10pm - Beat 2561Eddie is going in with one from 2417 N Kilbourn.

4:40pm - Domestic disturbance. 3939 W Wabansia. Problem with verbally abusive husband.

5:15pm - Beat car 2523 is doing some foot patrol at Ken-Well Park in regards to community concerns, probably from the Beat meeting.

5:23pm - Domestic disturbance. 4400 W Diversey. Uncle needs to be removed from the vehicle.

5:28pm - A 15th District unit is chasing a car that was involved in a robbery at Van Buren and Cicero. The car is going west on Jackson, past Lavergne.

5:29pm - Going westbound on Jackson, towards Lockwood.

5:30pm - He bailed on foot. Going south on Lockwood from Jackson.

5:31pm - Two of three suspects went towards Gladys on Lockwood. One offender is in custody.

5:35pm - Police/Dispatch chatter regarding the 5:28pm chase.

5:37pm - I'm heading for the nap now. I'll be back.

7:37pm - I am finally back :).

7:41pm - An outside unit is dispersing four at 3655 W Shakespeare for gang loitering. Council time is 19:41 (7:41pm) hours and the event number is 15699.

7:55pm - A combined mission is being done with the 14th and 17th Districts tonight to I guess combat violence on this end of the district. The event number is 15997.

7:56pm - Person w/ a gun. Avers and Palmer. Male Black, black hoodie, has a gun and he allegedly threatened the complainant with it.

8:00pm - Beats 2552 and 2561 are asking for a call back on the 7:56pm job.

8:03pm - Beat 2548 has a traffic stop at 3622 W North.

8:07pm - Missing from 2906 N Hamlin is a male White, 9 yrs old, 4 feet tall, 88 lbs, brown eyes, black john hat and blue backpack. He was last seen at 08:30 hours when getting dropped off at Mozart Elementary (2200 N. Hamlin). He was supposed to come straight home from school at 14:45 (2:45pm) hours. His name is, what sounds like, Lu De Waldo with the nickname of Danny.

8:34pm - Suspicious vehicle. George and Ridgeway. Two males in a white Lincoln sitting on the corner for the last 15 to 25 minutes.

8:43pm - Missing person report. 3652 W Fullerton. 13 yr old.

8:59pm - The 8:07pm flash is read out again. The kid's name is actually Lucifer De Waldo. He was also wearing a blue polo shirt and white hoodie.

9:04pm - Beat car 2525 gets a suspicious vehicle call on the Beat.

9:13pm - Lucifer De Waldo has been located by police at 3756 W Lyndale. He's being taken back to Hamlin.

9:18pm - Parker. 2136 N Avers.

9:22pm - Open door. 4118 W Armitage.

9:49pm - Disturbance. 2827 N Lowell. Several kids playing in front, being loud.

9:56pm - Beat 2566David has a traffic stop at 2545 N Kilbourn.

10:05pm - An RD number has been pulled from 2401 N Pulaski. It's HR628614 with the event number of 185XX.

10:26pm - Female search needed at Central Park and Dickens per 2561E.

10:27pm - Disturbance. 3639 W Shakespeare. 10 teens loitering in front.

10:33pm - Municipal ordinance violation. Milwaukee and Hamlin.

11:14pm - Police helicopter #2 sees something going on at 2734 N Kostner. The heilcopter is with us until midnight or 12:30am.

11:32pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3969 W Barry. In a dark colored vehicle parked in the alley, there are an unknown amout of people. They, and the vehicle, have been there for 45 minutes now.

11:58pm - Disturbance. 3909 W Belmont. At the restrauant. Customer causing problems.

12:00am - I'm finished monitoring 25 until Saturday.


Eric said...

I think it's cool you do this blog all the time. I don't understand all the police terminology so maybe you could have a list of definitions.

Good luck!


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thanks for the comment, Eric. However, what do you mean by police terminology?