Monday, November 9, 2009

Male Urinating In Backyard On Hamlin

Good evening, everyone, it's 4:51pm. Today was a good day for me. But I would like to address something with you guys. Something needs to be done about the Reily school kids at dismissal time. As I was coming down Central Park at Belmont heading home, I saw a boy pulling a girl's hair with others standing around, cheering on the boy. The other day, I saw a group of kids fighting in the street. And they're always rowdy as I pass them up. I know these are Reily kids because they have on the uniform. I suggest that more police patrol should be added up there. What do you think? So, here is crime for this evening.

4:59pm - 1) Disturbance. 3137 N Hamlin. Male urinating in the backyard. 2) Criminal damage. 2300 block of N Karlov. Two male Hispanic teens, one in a black hoodie and the other in a green hoodie, are tagging.

5:04pm - Criminal Sexual Assault in progress. 3150 N Springfield. Female tied up in the basement and she's drugged up. I guess she's getting raped.

5:12pm - A slow down is being given on the 5:04pm job. Police were on scene earlier for a Burglary. 30 seconds later, a total disregard is given. Dispatch comments that it's against the law to call police like that (she believes they were called for this job to get there faster or something).

5:25pm - Person w/ a gun. Fullerton from Keystone to Kostner. Male Hispanics in a dark blue van are flashing GD signs and they have guns. They open up the sliding door to throw up the signs and show off the guns. Nobody's been shot or shot at but they attempted to run over a kid.

5:35pm - Parker. On 2524's Beat.

5:37pm - Another call came in on the 5:25pm job.

5:40pm - The 5:25/5:37pm jobs are coded.

5:52 to 6:39pm - I fell asleep. Sorry.

6:46pm - Assault in progress. 2538 N Lawndale. Caller's getting assaulted.

7:58pm - Suspicious person call on Beat 2523.

8:00pm - I have to go. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Love to know where exactly the shooting I just heard was. It sounded aboutu a bloc away. 8 shots. I'm on the 3700 W Shaespeare block. We have gangs "escalating" their recent tagging and shooting activities. It's getting really bad. I'm an adult but I refuse to leave my home after dark without either a taxi waiting or at least a few other people with me.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

If you say it was a block west, I'd say it probably happened at Hamlin and Shakespeare or in the 2100 block of Avers.

I know what's going on in that area. Gangs are running rampant over there and yes, it is getting real bad. I don't even live in that area but judging from 911 calls, I can agree that it is getting bad.

I think what the problem is all of that Section 8 housing within the area of Armitage-Hamlin-Palmer-Central Park. I'm not saying everybody living in Section 8 is bad, but two blocks (just about) full of Section 8 is going to bring lots of crime. It's a simliar situation where I attend school at.

I think that you're doing the right thing by waiting for a taxi or other people to go with you after dark. It's gotten to that point in the neighborhood. Me, I try to avoid going outside after sunset at all costs but if I really have to, I go with a few people too.

Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...


On your question, all I can say is it appears the Belmont & Central Park area is woefully under-policed, generally. I guess maybe they didn't used to need to be there, but it seems like an area that's all of a sudden full of gangbangers and other stuff. I have to believe if cops were visible, this wouldn't happen.

I had a question for you, actually. You recently mentioned you weren't going to monitor 14 again until Dec. I was curious how you divvy up whether you monitor 25 or 14. I understand you live in 25 so I'm sure it's more interesting, but was just curious as it seemed like you were dividing up your time, but are now pretty much focused on 25.

Thanks as always!


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Odc, your observation is correct. It is under policed, but it seems to me that the cops in 17 are more focused on the Irving Park and Albany Park (both which they serve) neighborhoods. And those neighborhoods seem way safer than Avondale. And yes, that area has become full of gangs and what not.

As for the decision, well, since I do live in 25, I'd like to hear what's occurring in my area, naturally. And so would my family.

I guess I decide what district I'm going to monitor depending on weather, tempature, how much I have to do on a particular day and the types of incidents that are occurring.

I am focused on 25 alot more also since there's alot of violence on the west side of the neighborhood(s). For example, Beat 2523 (the Beat I live on), seems to be the most violent Beat in Avondale. On 14's and 17's sides of Avondale, things seem much calmer. There's been lots of violence breaking out on Milwaukee from Central Park to Belmont, the area of Belmont and Central Park, and of course the area of Armitage-Hamlin-Palmer-Central Park.

If I do hear of major incidents taking place in 14 between now and December, I will monitor it again for a few hours on a day.

And not a problem. Thanks for your comment :).

Anonymous said...

The shooting you heard last night (Monday around midnight) was at 2112 N. Lawndale. A car pulled out of the alley just north of 2107 N. Lawndale and started shooting at 2112 N. Lawndale. This is the third shooting in 3 weeks in the EXACT same spot. Coincidence? Hardly.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Was anybody shot from this lately shooting, anonymous 10:22?

And there was ANOTHER shooting before this one? What happened on that one?

I can't believe all of these shootings are being allowed to occurr in that area. It is really time to step up police presence within that area.

Anonymous said...

Near the corner of Lawndale/Dickens (more specifically in front of 2112 N. Lawndale and 2107 N. Lawndale) we have had 3 shootings in three weeks. October 25 - 6 gun shots were fired into a group of gangbangers hanging out, one guy was hit in the butt. November 2, 6gun shots - no one was hit. November 9, 6 gun shots - no one was hit. Amazing. More amazing are the residents of those 2 buildings harboring the gangbangers.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 8:21, that is just awful to hear. With all of those shootings over there, you'd think it's like the Austin or Englewood neighborhoods of the west and south sides of Chicago.

Dumb question, but have you guys reported the 2107 and 2112 Lawndale buildings to police and the city? 2107 N. Lawndale is so bad until where I think the building should be shut down. That buliding is harboring gangbangers, and then it's Section 8 on top of it (no offense to those who are good people living in Section 8, and I'm sorry you have to deal with this, but it's bad).

It's too bad I don't live on Beat 2525 (where all of this is taking place). I would really try to get 2107 N Lawndale shut down.

2112 N Lawndale surprises me a bit though. At that address, I've only heard of three domestic calls there and one gang disturbance call in the last year of doing this blog.

I'm sorry you guys living down there have to go through all of this. You have my support in whatever you guys try to do to make the area better.