Friday, November 6, 2009

Burglary SOB Mission In 10 Sector Of 14

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:00am. Today, it's 14's turned to be monitored. Today is supposed to be a sunny day with highs in the mid 50s. We'll see what takes place, and here's crime for today.

12:03am - Beat 1472 asks for a Burglary SOB mission in the 10 sector. Event number is 00033. With that, I'm gone for the night. See you all in the morning.

9:00am - I'm back. Good morning.

9:08am - 1) Burglary. 1631 N Paulina. Male Hispanic, 5'10, 150 lbs, dark balding hair, blue shirt with orange writing on it just broke into the apartment. He's going towards Wabansia in the alley. 2) Alarm. 2710 N Sawyer. At Alderman Colon's office.

9:12am - A unit just on viewed an accident at 2022 N Western. Another car is needed.

9:13am - A slow down is being given on Paulina.

9:21am - Beat car 1412 has a stolen car at 3242 W George.

9:23am - Check the well being. Diversey and Kedzie. Male Hispanic in a white van came up to a female and blocked her in. Now they're struggling with each other in the middle of the street.

9:24am - Traffic accident. 1816 N Spaulding. Two cars, no injures.

9:27am - A disregard is being given on the 9:23am. 1421 doesn't see anything.

9:29am - The 9:24am parties are heading into 14.

9:31am - Beat 1482 is doing foot patrol at North/Milwaukee/Damen. Event number is 04640.

9:36am - EMS run. Armitage and Milwaukee. Male, 70-80 yrs old, laying on his side. In front of Walgreens.

9:37am - Beat 1484 is doing something on the 2900 block of Lyndale.

9:52am - Beat car 1431 has a stop at Stave and California. Another unit requested.

10:01am - Domestic disturbance. 3432 W Cortland. Problem with the 16 yr old on house arrest. He's hollering at the caller.

10:06am - Beat 1495 has a flat tire at 2324 N California.

10:23 to 11:48am - I haven't been paying attention. Sorry. I'll cover this time period tomorrow.

11:58am - Assault. Armitage and Spaulding. Male Hispanic, 5'8, 200 lbs, black and badge clothing in a burgundy vehicle with a plate of H775669 threatened the complainant with a bat.

12:01pm - Suspicious person. 2720 W Cortland. Three male Blacks are coming out of a backyard with a bike. Anonymous caller suspects they stole it.

12:03pm - Traffic accident. Elston and Ashland.

12:14pm - Barking dog. 1623 N Kedzie.

12:18pm - Theft. 1922 N Washtenaw. Bike was just stolen.

12:26pm - Unit at the 12:18pm job is asking for a call back.

12:29pm - The 12:18pm bike is a brown mountain bike. It says "Logger" on it.

12:37pm - Criminal Trespass in progress. 3056 N Francisco. Landlord and contractor entered the apartment without permission.

12:44pm - Burglary in progress. 2414 N Kimball. Neighbor called the caller at work to say they hear noises in the caller's apartment.

12:47pm - Disturbance. 1951 N Western. At McDonald's. Male arguing with the manager.

12:50pm - Beat 1463Eddie needs a transport car at Fullerton and Lawndale.

1:11pm - Parker. 2500 W Wellington. U-Haul truck blocking the street.

1:16pm - Suspicious person. 2626 N Milwaukee. Three males in the rear of the Jewelry store, on a ladder, trying to get in. The store's closed.

1:27pm - Alarm. 2138 W Lyndale.

1:28pm - Traffic accident. Logan and Richmond.

1:36pm - Traffic accident. George and California.

1:38pm - Beat car 1422 has a traffic stop at Cortland and Kimball.

1:50pm - Suspicious person. Drake and Cortland.

1:51pm - Transport car needed at 3035 W Fullerton.

1:52pm - A unit asks for a DOC mission event number. Boundaries for the DOC are Armitage-Kedzie-Division-Western. The number is 09118.

2:09pm - EMS run. 2615 N Sawyer. It's over an hour old.

2:26pm - Disturbance. 3100 N Elston. Dispute with the employee.

2:33pm - Vicious animal. 2400 W Cortland. Tan dog roaming the area. Also, the 1:27pm job is now a Burglar report. Door was pried open.

2:39pm - Parker. Schubert and Whipple. Premits.

2:43pm - 1) Traffic accident. 2400 W Fullerton. 2) Burglar report. 2310 W Logan. At the Export company. Something about a car broken into.

2:48pm - Beat car 1412 is doing a gang and narcotics mission from Belmont to Wrightwood, Central Park to Sacramento. Event number is 10093.

2:49pm - Burglar alarm. 1807 N Honore.

2:52pm - Transport car needed at St. Louis and McLean.

3:01pm - The 2:39pm job is coded 6Paul.

3:05pm - Someone's got a traffic stop at 3111 W Armitage.

3:06pm - Suspicious person. Armitage and Spaulding.

3:11pm - Burglar alarm. 1838 N Elston.

3:20pm - Traffic accident. Cortland and Sawyer.

3:25pm - Domestic disturbance. 3330 W North. Husband trying to take the baby with him.

3:26pm - EMS run. 3119 N Sacramento. Male slumped over the wheel in a white pick-up. The car's still running.

3:27pm - The 3:25pm complainant no longer wants police. It'll be coded shortly.

3:32pm - Person down. Belden and Drake. In the backyard.

3:33pm - A citizen at 3500 W McLean calls 911 to tell Beat 1463E a job well done on their investigation over there. It's excellent police work. Officer tells Dispatch to tell the caller to thank Jody Weis.

3:38pm - Burglary in progress. 3059 W Lyndale. Male White in his 20s just climbed into the window.

3:49pm - Burglar alarm. 2035 N Whipple.

3:54pm - There was just a Burglary somewhere on Cortland.

4:00pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 1743 N Humboldt. 2) Theft. Logan and Campbell. Son's bike was just stolen.

4:07pm - Threatening suicide. 2755 W Armitage. 22 yr old. Also, a parker at 2346 W McLean.

4:10pm - Beat 1484 is doing an "L" check @ the Logan Square Blue Line station.

4:11pm - An RD number has been pulled from 2401 W Logan. It's HR629786 with the event number of 11616. It was a traffic accident. The parties are in 14.

4:17pm - Domestic disturbance. 1707 N Washtenaw. Dispute with the son.

4:18pm - Beat 5528 needs some emergency assistance. Milwaukee and Washtenaw. A 14 yr old girl who committed Battery to police is going crazy in the back of their squad car.

4:19pm - A slow down is being given at Milwaukee and Washtenaw.

4:27pm - Disturbance. 2918 N Milwaukee. Problem with the landlord.

4:39pm - Disturbance. Nelson and Sacramento. Kids on the tracks.

4:42pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 2108 W Churchill. Alley blocked off by debris. Also, there's a traffic stop at 1643 N Spaulding.

4:48pm - Disturbance. Palmer and Maplewood. Group throwing unknown objects at people.

4:54pm - A unit is inquiring what time the assist call, and the time of the of the transport, at Milwaukee and Washtenaw. It was called out at 16:18 hours and the transport was done by Beat 1471 at 16:24 hours. The council time now is 16:54 (4:54pm) hours.

4:55pm - Beat car 1411 is doing something at 2565 W Fullerton.

4:56pm - Shots Fired. Cortland and Sawyer, Cortland and Kimball and 1850 N Spaulding. Multiple calls pouring in.

4:57pm - A slow down is being given on the 4:56pm calls.

4:59pm - Calls are still coming in, but it's being coded 19Adam. Beat car 1422 insists nothing is happening.

5:02pm - Wanted from the 4:56pm job is five male Hispanics. Four are in black hoodies and one is in a white hoodie. They fled towards Spaulding on Cortland.

5:03pm - Citizens are reporting that the males are possibly Latin Kings from the other side of the railroad tracks on Kimball.

5:04pm - EMS run. 1624 N Richmond. 14 yr old having an asthma attack and the entire family is in an uproar.

5:09pm - Beat 1405 asks for an event number for a park check at the skateboard park on Logan. Event number is 12677.

5:11pm - Disturbance. 1652 N Talman. Neighbor took the garbage cans and refuses to return them.

5:24pm - Disturbance. 2958 N Milwaukee. Couple of calls coming in. Several males are drinking, urinating, loitering and laying on people's cars. At the bank. How'd this call make it over to 14? This is in 25.

5:29pm - Gang disturbance. 2845 W McLean. 5 of them loitering between Richmond and Mozart.

5:32pm - Generic. 3065 N Rockwell. Narrative of this job is not being read out over the air.

5:36pm - Beat 6237 is executing a search warrant at 2417 W Lyndale. Event number is 13211 and the council time is 17:36 hours on the 6th of November, 2009. Also, there is a disturbance w/ a mental at 3031 W Armitage.

5:43pm - Wanted for Theft at the CVS, 2053 N. Milwaukee, is a car with Illinois plate of 9421062. It fled towards Armitage.

5:49pm - DUI driver. Fullerton and Sacramento. Heading eastbound.

5:50pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 5:43pm thing. It's HR629976 with the event number of 13496.

5:52pm - A unit is transporting someone to 3041 N Haussen. Council time is 17:52 hours.

6:04pm - Beat car 1412 is on a traffic stop at Milwaukee and Sawyer.

6:26pm - Beat car 1411 has a traffic stop at 2448 W Diversey.

6:30pm - Beat 1495 is getting some parkers on the PDT.

6:35pm - Burglar report. 2902 N Richmond.

6:37pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:00pm - I'm back.

7:07pm - Domestic disturbance. 2051 N Drake. Girlfriend won't let the complainant get his stuff.

7:08pm - Burglar alarm. 1945 N Francisco.

7:10pm - Gang disturbance. 2926 N Shakespeare. Loud group.

7:26pm - Suspicious person. Hermitage and Bloomingdale. Male Black, 14-18 yrs old, looking around at the houses.

7:37pm - Parker. 2800 block of N Spaulding. Premits.

7:52pm - Fire. 3037 W Belmont. Wall.

7:55pm - The 7:52pm job is bona fide. Traffic control needed from Albany to Sacramento.

7:59pm - Beat car 1412 took one in from 2700 N Milwaukee.

8:00pm - Parker. 2741 W Logan. Blocking driveway.

8:02pm - CTA buses on Belmont are being rerouted.

8:10pm - There are no displacements from the 7:52pm job. The 3 adults and their three children have places to go.

8:12pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 7:52pm job. It's HR630185 with the event number of 15788.

8:14pm - Disturbance. Winnebago and Moffat. 5 males throwing rocks at vehicles from the tracks.

8:24pm - Alarm. 2130 W Charleston.

8:30pm - They're calling back on the 8pm job.

8:38pm - Disturbance. 1938 W North. Someone is putting a boot on the complainant's car.

8:40pm - Domestic disturbance. 3531 W Cortland. 7 yr old niece was dropped off by the aunt. Caller wants to see police about it.

8:43pm - A woman is calling from the 8:40pm job, saying police are not needed.

8:44pm - Couple of calls on the board regarding a domestic at North and Damen.

8:48pm - Beat 1405 is doing park checks at Unity and Firemen. Unity's event number is 16893. Firemen's is 16895.

8:56pm - Battery in progress. Multiple calls coming in. 3400 block of McLean. Large crowd fighting.

8:57pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:56pm job. Sounds like the crowd is breaking off.

8:58pm - Battery in progress. 1700 block of N Spaulding. Male beating female in a blue vehicle.

9:02pm - Gang disturbance. 3512 W McLean. Males.

9:07pm - Traffic accident. 2401 W Diversey. At Citgo.

9:14pm - This was given out earlier, but there was parkers on the 2700 block of N Kedzie.

9:21pm - Loud music disturbance. 2653 W Logan.

9:22pm - Disturbance. 1938 N Richmond. About four males pacing back and forth in front.

9:29pm - Person w/ a gun. Campbell and Shakespeare. Near Congress Pizza. 13 males on the corner. One male behind Congress Pizza may have a gun.

9:31pm - A slow down is being given on the 9:29pm job. Congress Pizza is at least a block south of Shakespeare on Campbell.

9:35pm - Sounds like a high speed chase may begin. Here's what I got. Beat 5310 is at Milwaukee and Paulina, going about 10 mph, following a woman who won't pull over for her.

9:36pm - 5310's got her stopped at 1391 N Milwaukee.

9:48pm - Battery in progress. 2819 W Lyndale. People fighting.

9:49pm - A slow down is being given on the 9:48pm job. It's just parties from a traffic accident who are mad. Also, someone's on foot patrol and on a stop at 3575 W Fullerton.

9:52pm - Another car needed at 2819 W Lyndale. Seems the fight is starting up again.

9:54pm - A slow down is being given on the 9:52pm call for assist.

9:57pm - Disturbance. 2600 N Western. At AMC Theater. Traffic is blocked and people are yelling at each other. In the parking lot.

9:59pm - Sex offense. 3047 W Logan. Male is naked at a nearby hotel. He's playing with himself, watching porn and waves at the caller when they look out the window.

10:03pm - Loud music disturbance. 1627 N Humboldt.

10:09pm - Traffic is finally beginning to be opened up on the 7:52pm fire.

10:13pm - Loud music disturbance. 3104 W Dickens.

10:27pm - Generic. 1723 N Talman. Something about a son.

10:32pm - They're calling back on the 10:13pm job.

10:40pm - Battery in progress. 2440 W North. Male beating female.

10:47pm - Burglar alarm. 1838 N Wolcott.

10:48pm - A unit is doing a loitering mission at 2547 W Fullerton. Event number is 19118.

10:49pm - Suspicious person. Sacramento and Logan. Male in a black hoodie is heading west on Logan, checking out the cars and buildings.

10:50pm - Gang disturbance. 3551 W Cortland. There's nine of them threatening people and they're saying if people want their cars protected, they'd better give $10.

10:53pm - A unit was flagged down at 2721 N Milwaukee regarding a suspicious person.

10:56pm - Battery in progress. North and Throop. Near Home Depot, several male teens are beating on one.

11:05pm - Assault in progress. 21X9 N Milwaukee. People arguing after a traffic accident.

11:07pm - Gang disturbance. 1725 N Kimball. They're loitering.

11:15pm - Traffic accident. 2017 N Western.

11:22pm - Traffic accident. Ashland and Webster.

11:29pm - Female needed for a search on a stop at Armitage and Richmond.

11:41pm - Holding the offender. 2732 N Kedzie. At the Heartland. One male resident being held for narcotics.

11:45pm - The 10:27pm complainant now wants a supervisor.

11:55pm - Beat car 1431Robert is on a traffic stop at Homer and Rockwell.

12:00am - I'm done with 14 for tonight. I'll be back in the morning. Good night, everybody.


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