Friday, April 19, 2013

Two Armed Robbery Offenders In Custody - Luis Quizhpe and Family Become Community Heroes

Cornell Mack
Keith Owens

Luis Quizhpe and his family were minding their own business in the family business on the 2200 block of North Western Avenue, on the border of Logan Square and Bucktown, located in Chicago's 014th police district, when these two men above attempted to rob him at gunpoint. These two robbery offenders got more than they bargained for when Luis Quizhpe brough a baseball bat to this fight, and won.

Although Mr. Quizhpe suffered some minor injuries, he is alive and well. The video below from ABC 7 Chicago tells the tale of a well known, well respected Chicago family whose dream would not be stolen:

Police officers in the 014th district responded and worked with Chicago Police Detectives from the Area North Detective Division at Belmont and Western in a timely manner, resulting in the arrest of Cornell Mack. News Affairs Officer Daniel O'Brien said Mack was in custody thursday, at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Mack suffered a gunshot wound during the robbery. Police say Mack was shot by Owens, and his (Mack's) bail has been set at $750,000

According to ABC 7 Chicago: "Mack has a long criminal history dating back to 1978. Court records show he has been arrested more than 22 times and has served time in prison at least five different times"

Once Mack was in custody, Detectives moved quickly to find and arrest his accomplice, Keith Owens. Owens is from Minnesota, and it is unknown how he came to Chicago or why he was here. Owens appeared in court Wednesday to face attempted murder and armed robbery charges.

The Quizhpe family came to the U.S. from Ecuador, and built their family business while building meaningful relationships in the Logan Square community where they have been a mainstay for several decades. Luis Quizhpe, his wife, two sons, one daughter, and other family have been committed to their community, and have been there for others on multiple occasions. In this time, they are being remembered by those who are standing to support them as heroes even before this robbery.

 Ask anyone in the Logan Square community and anywhere else who has gotten to know Luis and his family, and you will hear tales of laughter, compassion, character, discipline, love, and much more! The photo of Mr. Quizhpe above, with the welcoming smile, the warm, and friendly approach, is exactly what the community has known Mr. Quizhpe for, and what has been the main attraction at his family business. 

Photographs used in this article are courtesy of ABC 7 Chicago and the Associated Press. 


Anonymous said...

That's interesting that you are posting mug shots now. I do not recall you doing this before??

Anon ORD said...

Timmy and I are different writers. Each of us brings our own style and perspective to this blog. That's what makes this such a different blog and separates us from others, making us stand out.

lester Gillis said...

Not to sound racist but,why does it always seem to be black people commiting these crimes?