Friday, April 12, 2013

Traffic Signals Out @ Diversey/Kimball/Milwaukee Ave., Burglar Alarm On Bernard

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:37pm. It's a cloudy afternoon with temps in the mid 40s and it'll remain that way through the afternoon and evening. I'm monitoring 14 this afternoon from now until 6:32pm. I meant to come at 2:24, but had some other stuff to do. I'm sorry, guys. Actually, I'm really sorry for my lack of blogging in the last couple of weeks. I've been really busy and stressed out with school, although things should start slowing down after this week for a couple of weeks, then I'm going to have to really push to do well for my finals. May 9th will be my last day of the semester and I'll have a few weeks off. In June, I may be either taking a class on campus (I only plan on taking one class over the summer, Mondays and Wednesdays from 8am to 11am) or I may start working. I'll have to talk to the Financial Aid office this coming week about that summer class, and if I don't take the summer class after all, I'll be waiting to hear about a job. But either way, I plan on doing something over the summer. Anyway, today's my sister's birthday, so I'll be spending some time with her. With that, here's crime for this afternoon.

4:41pm - Traffic signals are out at Diversey/Kimball/Milwaukee Ave.

4:54pm - Burglar alarm. 25XX N Bernard.

5:36pm - Battery in progress. Western and Logan Blvd. Group of teens fighting.

5:37pm - Battery in progress. 2600 N Western. Teens fighting.

5:38pm - Multiple calls coming in at Western/Logan Blvd.

5:39pm - Battery in progress. Logan and Artesian. Group fighting.

5:40pm - Battery in progress. Elston/Diversey/Western. Large group fighting. Multiple calls.

5:41pm - Battery in progress. 2700 block of N Western. Big fight.

5:42pm - Multiple calls coming in along Western from Diversey to Logan Blvd. for this large fight. One caller says they're all in front of the AMC Theater.

5:43pm - They're still calling along Logan for these teens fighting.

5:44pm - Theft. 34XX W Lyndale. Three male Blacks and a male Hispanic stole a wheel off a person's bicycle.

5:47pm - Beat car 1432 is giving a slow down along Western for the large fight. Some of them are walking off and the rest are already gone.

6:08pm - Disturbance. 3142 W North Ave. At the Citgo. Male Black with a black sweater, red hat and jeans is bothering customers.

6:18pm - Assault in progress. McLean and Richmond. Several males arguing.

6:19pm - McLean/Richmond is also coming over as a "criminal damage in progress" call with three male Blacks tagging a building.

6:20pm - Battery in progress. Western/Logan Blvd. Three males beating up on one.

6:21pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 23XX W Wolfram. 2) Battery in progress. Western and Cortland. Man being beaten up on the street.

6:23pm - Shots Fired. 2400 N California. In the alley. Male Hispanic wearing a redish/grayish hoodie and black vest fired three shots and ran towards Altgeld in the alley.

6:26pm - Disturbance. 2851 N Milwaukee Ave. Problem with an irate customer.

6:32pm - I'm going to go for the day. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

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