Friday, September 16, 2011

Large Crowd Cleared Out @ Fullerton And Avers

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:02pm. It's a chily and cloudy night, in the 50s. It's going to get to around 48 or 49 degrees for tonight. Anyway, as you all know, the Mexican Independance celebrations are taking place tonight. Annually, unfortunately, these celebrations cause lots of rowdiness and disorder in the area. So, I'm going to monitor very closely these activites taking place in the community. I do have more to say, but I want to get to crime, so here's crime for this evening.

7:13pm - Some units are clearing a large crowd off the corners at Fullerton and Avers.

7:58pm - 1) Criminal trespass. 28XX N Tripp. 2) Battery in progress. Diversey and Pulaski.

8:01pm - Some "roving" cars are needed at Fullerton and Kildare. Large crowd spilling out into the street.

8:03pm - Beat car 2523 gets a parker and an accident on the PDT.

8:08pm - Roving cars are needed now at Keeler and Fullerton. Large crowd.

8:29pm - DUI driver. Monticello and Wrightwood. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call.

9:16pm - Burglary in progress. 37XX W McLean. Male breaking into the caller's house.

9:19pm - Gang disturbance. Keystone and Belden.

9:21pm - A slow down is being given on the 9:16pm job.

9:26pm - Criminal damage. Armitage and Keeler. CTA bus.

9:30pm - Some roving cars are needed at the 9:26pm job. Got a large crowd forming.

9:32pm - A slow down is being given on the 9:26pm job.

9:41pm - Reckless driver. Kostner and Diversey. Several cars speeding around the park.

9:44pm - 1) Traffic accident. Diversey and Kilbourn. 2) Parker. 23XX N Ridgeway.

9:47pm - Traffic needs to be blocked off at Diversey and Kostner, heading west.

9:52pm - 1) An RD number is being pulled from the 9:16pm job. It's HT500332 with the event number of 17752. 2) Battery in progress. 17XX N Lawndale. Two males fighting. Event number is 18079. Police Heilcopter 2 is riding on this one.

9:56pm - 1) Disturbance. 36XX W Wrightwood. 2) Loud music disturbance. 24XX N Kostner.

9:57pm - Beat 2599 reminds all units that if they're detailed to this event, they are to stay on-duty until 2500 tells them it's okay to go home.

10:19pm - Shots Fired. Keystone and Dickens.

10:20pm - The 10:19pm job is being coded. It's fireworks.

10:25pm - Beat 2599 is getting reports of a large fight in progress at Armitage and Pulaski.

11:06pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 25XX N Harding. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call. 2) Loud music disturbance. 17XX N Lawndale. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call.

11:22pm - Gang disturbance. Koz Park and Diversey/Pulaski. Gangbangers throwing up gang signs. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call.

11:34pm - Burglar alarm. 29XX N Harding. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call.

11:45pm - Roving units needed at Fullerton and Lawndale. Bunch of male Hispanics hanging out. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call.

11:54pm - 1) Suspicious vehicle. 28XX N Ridgewway. Red SUV, parked just to side of dumpster. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call. 2) Open Fullerton all the way, release 14th and 12th districts with thanks. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call.


Mary LaNett said...

Wow, you should have seen the Mexican parade on Diversey, Fullerton, and Cicero. Those police just lost control of a bunch of teens. Saw many of the police cars get hit with eggs and beer bottles. They just gave up. I think they should perhaps force those police to start working out in the gym.
If the police can't control minor probl3ems, what will they do if something really big happens?

Chad McGibbons said...

Mary please shut up u have no idea what ur talking about the police were doing a great job with the illegal criminals parading in our country